10+ Small Living Room Ideas (That Will Transform Your Space)

These days, many people decide to live in urban areas. As the consequent, every inch is always at a premium. If you are an apartment dweller, make the most of your space with our small living room ideas.
However, the limited area is typically synonymous with a cramped sitting room. In fact, the way you style your lounge area matters the most. You should see your living room as a canvas.
Regardless of the size of your living space, do not be afraid to dream big. As long as you are creative and use the elements right, the room won’t feel confined.

Open Air Living Room

Open Plan Small Living Room Ideas


Nobody states that the living room has to be boxed in. Stretch the limited space in your home with an open-air lounge. It offers a sense of spaciousness and openness.
Moreover, you can take advantage of crisp fresh air and ample natural lighting. By having the open-air sitting room, you do not need to invest in decorative elements. Because the outdoor views are your mesmerizing wall decor.
In the image above, comfy seating, soft rug, and throw pillows make the area feel like the part of your dwelling. They also bring a pop of soft colors to the living room and keep the monotony at bay.
Minimalist wooden coffee and side tables are such space-saving additions. The table lamps illuminate the whole lounge during evening hours. Indoor plants in terracotta pots create an organic setting and calming environment.

Customized Furniture Living Room

DIY Small Living Room Ideas on Budget


Since you are tight on space, avoid filling your living room with bulky furniture. We urge you to opt for custom-made units instead. They turn your small sitting area into a visually larger one.
Here, the cream built-in TV shelving unit is sleek and cool. It comes with flat-panel doors. This furniture also doubles as the home for your books and ornaments. It helps you to get the clutter out of sight.
Neutrals such as grey, sand, white, brown, and beige are versatile. These colors virtually expand your compact sitting room. As a result, your area does not appear full.
Complement the neutral palette with chevron laminate wood floor. It lends your space striking pattern, style, and smooth texture. Due to its various tones, it works as the decorative element. This room is far from boring, right?

Add Storage Near Ceiling

Country Living Space


When it comes to the small living room, many homeowners have a common issue, a limited storage space. For a smart organization, you can hang streamlined cabinets under the ceiling. This Small Living Room Ideas free up your floor space in a trendy way.
The white walls act as the backdrop for colorful framed artworks. They let the embellishments steal the spotlight. A wooden floating mantel holds potted succulent, alarm clock, letter sign, and golden decor.
Wood burning fireplace delivers authentic warmth and togetherness to the area. It carves a one-of-a-kind look. The L-shaped pastel grey sofa matches perfectly with the fireplace.
Wooden floor and coffee table evoke a rustic charm, but in a refined manner. Throw blankets and pillows lead to a boho statement. Palm tree and a vase of white flowers revitalize the room.

Maximize Space Under Stair

Storage Ideas


Living in a small home means all square footage is incredibly precious. That’s why we recommend you not to waste any space including the awkward area below your stairs. You can change it into a cozy lounge for you and your family.
• Paint ceiling and walls white. This neutral color will open up your space.
• Incorporate open shelves into the room. They showcase your books, vintage items, and framed artworks. Plus, they keep the zone organized.
• Install wooden floor and traditional metallic fireplace to give a sense of intimacy.
• Bring in dark brown leather sofa chairs for a homey atmosphere and luxurious air. The wooden side and coffee tables promote raw beauty.
• Use patterned table lamp, fabric, blue and leaf print throw pillows to add visual interest.
• Pamper your feet with a fluffy faux fur rug.

Natural and Neutral Idea

White Small Living Room Ideas


When thinking small living room ideas, neutral colors are a powerful way to make your space appears more expensive. They contribute to a comfortable, welcoming, and soothing lounge as well.
As the image shows, floor-to-ceiling white curtains convey depth and airiness. White pendant light injects a retro feel into the area. The framed artworks on the wall are the centerpieces.
This room is rich in natural textures too. Look at the wicker rug, wooden tables, rattan swing, and chairs. Big leafy plant and succulents provide bring a breath of fresh air to the zone. They transport you to a tropical paradise too.
Pastel grey sofa, white shag rug, and concrete floor give the area layers of textures. We are drawn to the wooden ladder that serves as the blanket rack. Lastly, white, grey and patterned throw pillows retain modernity.

Visually Manipulative with Mirror

White Small Living Room Ideas


If you ever wish your sitting room were larger, implement this idea then. A mirror is the best friend to a compact space. It prevents your lounge from appearing bare and confining.
In this example, the golden framed tall mirror virtually doubles the living space. It offers the interior new dimension. Your ceiling also seems higher than it is. All you have to do is leaning the oversized mirror against the wall.
Light brown rug, beige sofas, ivory walls, and throw pillows soothe the scene. A round dark wooden table exudes warmth and natural drama. It also softens the harsh lines and sharp edges.
Golden decor emanates a sumptuous air, while the framed photograph lends a personalized look. The huge glass windows let in daylight to the living room. Long stemmed orange tulips and greenery brightens up the space.

Bay Window Treatment

Decorating Small Living Room Ideas


You may think bay windows are outdated. In fact, they revamp your lounge, add character and invite in sunlight. Other than that, bay windows allow you to enjoy a stunning view while gathering with family.
The taupe sofa is located in front of the bay window. White wingback chair produces a traditional flair. Low wooden coffee table on wheels is easy to move. It carves a rustic aesthetic and saves the space.
Striped area rug gives comfort underfoot. It does a fantastic job of unifying the living room too. Cream walls and sand curtains exhibit a tranquil atmosphere. Wicker stool and side tables enhance a sense of rustic.
Aged galvanized metal container, floor, and table lamps lead to an industrial appeal. Snake plant, yellow flowers, and fun throw pillows liven up the room. Meanwhile, a zesty orange chandelier is a showstopper.

Simple Industrial Living Room

Modern Small Living Room Ideas


Industrial style is increasingly popular because it seems cool and stylish. The key to a terrific industrial sitting room is emphasizing on the furniture, instead of decorative elements and keeping the floor mess-free.
Here, the dark grey wall, sofa, area rug, and throw pillows evoke a masculine vibe. The two blackened metal tables are such space-savvy units. Metallic stool undeniably embraces the industrial design and develop a sophisticated look.
Black polished concrete floor elicits depth, elegance, and drama. Exposed brick accent wall introduces the rugged texture. A couple of fabric pendant lights radiate the entire area during nighttime.
A chalkboard-inspired sign leans against the brick wall. It makes a bold impression. Wooden cabinet exposes the raw goodness. Clear glass windows bring natural light into the area. Say goodbye to a dingy living room!

Small Arabian Living Room

Arabian Small Living Room Ideas


If you love the Arabian culture, try this idea at home. As you can see, the decorated ceiling and arch generate a sense of opulence. There are no full-size sofas that usually consume a lot of floor space.
The coffee table is replaced with a large blue square floor pillow. Purple and gold patterned cushions carve a festive mood. An area rug makes the floor sitting area more astonishing.
A chandelier suspended from the ceiling illuminates the area and creates an Arabian night-like ambiance. Dark wooden decor and flagstone side table brings outdoors indoor.
The blend of cream and deep brown is so pleasing. These neutral colors tone down the vibrant elements. Plant and vivid flowers emanate an oasis nuance. Arched windows add excellence to the space. What an amazing living room ideas!

Ultra Functional Living Room

Ultra Functional Ideas


For you who dwell in an apartment, design the living space that serves various functions at once. You can merge your lounge with the other rooms. We promise it still looks inviting and cozy.
Moreover, you should think of the movement flow. It is greatly affected by your furniture. As long as the units are well-placed, you can do all the activities within your area comfortably.
When speaking about color scheme, look no further than neutrals. As seen in the picture, black and white lend a modern flair. Since white becomes the dominant player, the apartment seems more spacious than it actually is.
This space also features a dining room, sleeping zone, library, reading nook, and mini kitchen. Olive green rug and pine throw blanket adds a burst of perky colors to the area. Meanwhile, the white ladders connect the rooms.

From the list above, you know now that small living room ideas to optimize your space are varied. You could apply the concept of open room, naturalism, industrial, or Arabian there. You could also do something simple with the furniture, mirror, and bay windows. In short, those small living room ideas can be your guide for the next home update. Feel free to play with patterns and colors. Just be sure they do not overwhelm your tiny lounge.

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