Best 29+ Small Kitchen Ideas (Will Maximize your Space’s Efficiency)

A compact kitchen is often considered as a place that’s not so comfortable to live in. That’s not true actually as long as you can find a way to deal with that. These small kitchen ideas provide you with tips and tricks that are very helpful for you.

They can solve the common problems of having a cramped kitchen and such. From creating ingenious storage, making use of the wall and choosing the right color, you’ll this article useful as you can apply these ideas to the kitchen.

Cube Kitchen Ideas

A small kitchen can be organized to whatever style you think it is suitable and makes you feel at home. Some problems appear when you don’t even know where or how to begin with.

Take it easy! Firstly, find what the main problem is when trying to solve the drawbacks of cramped space. Then you can start to figure out what the solution is, and that is how it works.

This kitchen adopts a cube style that seems to be a little bit different than common kitchen ideas for tiny space, but it can make you think that this style is pretty much stunning in a sense that everything looks neat and clean.

An island with a deep overhand is a good place to hide chairs under. The flooring has two different styles but looks well together that create harmony. The kitchen shows how well the set that everything seems to be in under control.

Storage Space Savers

Kitchen Storage Ideas

Every inch of space in a small kitchen should be maximized. Skills and creativity are obviously needed when designing a room that can contain lots of things. Creating storage that fits according to its category, size and shape are much recommended.

This storage, for instance, is so full of many things yet it looks well organized. From the top to bottom, each item has its own place.

This can be the solution that you’re looking for when dealing with a small room. You would have never guessed that such a small room can contain a large number of foods in it.

  • On top of the rack, you can see the plates nicely arranged. The middle one for big items while on both sides is for smaller stuff such as bottles or jars. On the bottom, you can also spot a lot of selected stuff is in there.
  • Create specific storage with precise measurement and put them on their places so that you can easily find them. Take them slowly so you won’t mess it up when looking for something

Use up the Walls Kitchen Ideas

Just look at how beautiful this wall has become! Walls are a part of the kitchen room that would look beautiful if could decorate them well. You can adorn them with anything, and match them with the surroundings to make it stand out in the kitchen.

The ceiling, wall and kitchen cabinet they are in white. It can be a good reason why the owner covers the other wall with black to back a contrast. The floor itself is in a neutral color and there’s also a black and white rug.

This wall can draw one’s attention with its unique way of arranging things. It doesn’t only look neat but it looks pleasant as well. Its black tone is also what makes it easy to be noticed.

This kitchen doesn’t look small with its clever way of setting arrangement. The flooring leaves a warm and welcoming atmosphere with its neutral hue. The hanging lamp is also in black which gives a subtle touch of beauty.

Open Up with Skylight Ideas

A gloomy room doesn’t only look creepy but it feels cold and dark, which makes you don’t really like it being there.

That’s why lighting is important. A good kitchen has some sufficient lighting, and that’s necessary so that you can do your job quite well as you can see everything clearly.

If you want to save some electricity, you can make a huge window from which you can let the lighting to shine through. Or, create an open room on the roof as seen in this picture.

  • The open roof is set precisely above the sink which allows you to see whether the dishes are clean or not when washed.
  • Beautiful flowers are added to beautify the room.
  • Hidden storage is under the countertop; there you can store kitchen utensils and appliances.

Backsplash Windows Ideas

A backsplash is said to be one among many kitchen ideas that you should include because it can give you a mountain of advantages. And in this small kitchen ideas article, it shows you why it should be applied in the kitchen.

This one comes with backsplash windows, which means all the liquids result from the sink will be thrown away out. It differs than any backsplash that typically used ceramic or wood, and this can be more efficient because the air will make the dishes dry in an instant.

  • You can have an island in the kitchen with large overhang as long as it doesn’t bother your movement.
  • The wooden flooring sparks a cozy ambiance in a way it makes your guest feel welcome.

Glass Wall Kitchen Ideas

The idea of having a glass partition is to make the kitchen look larger as you can see it through. But you have to check its safety first since you’re using a something that can break.

Small kitchen ideas with glass can make your kitchen looks stylish, and it’s also thin if compared with wood or brick.

The tempered-glass wall is strong, but you shouldn’t allow kids to play while running around it because they can hit it or throw something hard that can scratch it just in case.

This kitchen has a vanity and a washbasin. This floor is made of wood inside and outside. Outside the kitchen is a nice view of green plants that bring nature feel inside.

Adding Pot Rack Ideas

Kitchen utensils can take up some considerable space because they come in various sizes and shapes that have a different use for cooking. Hanging storage has some several benefits to the kitchen.

It can make a good decoration, save more room and is easy to be found as they are in plain sight. You can also include some pendant lights there to make it even nicer.

This kitchen has an island along with a sink and there are three wooden chairs with the unique design too. The terracotta wall tiles are in white which makes the kitchen have a bright color scheme.

Lacquered Ceiling Kitchen Ideas

What a stunning mosaic wall! It blends well with the green lacquered ceiling. It really does. Both are in a similar color that creates a bold green color scheme in this kitchen. The kitchen cabinet is also shiny that gives a nice impression.

Wooden materials create a warm and inviting atmosphere and they also look stunning here. The floor itself has a neutral color and really matches with the rest. The window let the lighting to light the room and make it even more fascinating.

With a table that faces directly to the window and a couple of chairs, this kitchen doesn’t look that small, and it really a nice area to eat something.

  • Green mosaic wall tiles are the right choice combined with the lacquered ceiling. It makes a big impact and really stands out.
  • The floor brings a different and calm vibe with its neutral color scheme.
  • The shiny surface of the wooden cabinet completes the look.

Saturated Color Kitchen Ideas

This kitchen looks so intimidating in a way it’s nice to look at in green. It almost covers everything here with green. Although small, you’re still able to move freely here when washing dishes or cooking some meals.

This is one of our small kitchen ideas that you can try to your kitchen. You don’t have to pick the same color though, but the idea of having saturated color itself that you should pay attention to.

Small kitchen ideas inspire many to give renovate or remodel their kitchens to be a little different than they were, which obviously brings some new energy and excitement in the kitchen.

Functional Small Kitchen Island

The last one has a monochrome style with a small kitchen island. It’s so simple but it can be very functional. This island is an open one, and it’s pretty slim and therefore it’s lightweight. It has a white surface with black legs.

When you want to clean the floor or renovating the whole kitchen, you can simply move it if you think that it’s being in the way. The wooden floor has quite a glossy surface and there’s also a neutral rug under the island which makes the kitchen looks warm.

The white color scheme is a basic color that’s chosen by many homeowners because it has a neutral and simple tone. Its timeless charm is what makes people apply it in their houses.

  • The door is the reason why this kitchen can be described as monochrome. It has glasses in the middle of it which allows you to see inside out.
  • The kitchen cabinet tone illustrates an everlasting charm that’s clean and spotless.
  • The flowers on the island spruce the kitchen up a little bit in a way it makes the room pretty.

In conclusion, the ideas to solve the possible problems of small kitchens are varied. Some of which is by shaping the kitchen into a certain shape, making use of the walls, installing a skylight and an island, and adding some pot racks.

Small kitchen ideas bring some enlightenment to your house with their good examples and can be applied in your kitchen. What makes you want to give a try one of these ideas in the kitchen?

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