6+ Best Small Bedroom Ideas (Maximize Limited Space)

There is nothing more pleasing than to come home from a long day to your comfortable bedroom. As a personal space, a bedroom should be relaxing and well-arranged to your needs. But, what if you have limited space? Without the right small bedroom ideas, your sanctuary might feel cramped and even uncomfortable.

No need to worry, we have collected some of the best small bedroom ideas for you to try. Now, take a look around the room, and see if one of these tips matches your decorating style.

Keep It Bright by Accommodating a High Ceiling

Small Bedroom Ideas with Bright Ceiling

A high ceiling can give a visual impression of a large room. A standard American house usually measures around 9 feet from ceiling to floor. You may need to remodel the room if you want to have a higher ceiling measurement. There are at least three ways to add the height to your room:

  • Vaulted Ceiling : One of the most common ideas is to vault the room which involves removing the ceiling up to the roof level. After remodeling, the shape of the ceiling would follow the arch of your roof, giving extra space to breathe. Decorating the new vaulted ceiling with rustic beams or industrial lighting may also be a good idea to give the room a bit of style.
  • Tray Ceiling : Another way to increase the ceiling height is to create a tray ceiling. The ceiling is recessed on the most part of it, forming a three-dimensional effect of a larger bedroom. With this kind of ceiling, you can play a lot with the paint color.
  • Coffered Ceiling : A tray ceiling has another variation known as the coffered ceiling where the recessed part is created in grids. Though it can be a great focal point for the room, sometimes a coffered ceiling reduces the space instead.

These small bedroom ideas aim for the ceiling to be remodeled to give the area more air and light circulation—establishing a feeling of a larger bedroom.

Apply a Dark and Bold Style

Dark Bedroom Color Schemes

Forget the myth that dark colors absorb lights, so it makes a room appear smaller. With the right combination, you can actually enlarge a room by applying a dark and bold style. For example, blue navy is a great color to combine with beige or white. In some cases, a darker paint color hides the fact that the room is indeed small. Paint the wall with the navy blue and keep the rest of the decoration bright to create a contrast.

If you want a more matured look, try a combination of coffee brown with a hint of grey. It adds intimacy and warmth to the room so it can still be small but extra cozy. The best thing about playing with colors is that you can actually change it whenever you want to. To help you decide the combination, use the color wheel of the paint brand you are using.

Make Use of the Storage under Bed

Bedroom Storage Ideas

Storage can be a problem when you have a lot of stuff to keep. To deal with this, you can create a bed frame with storage under it. You might think to slide in some plastic containers under the bed and keep it out of sight, but there are many ingenious ways to have both the function and the look of the storage.

  • Decorative Baskets : There are many types of basket materials that you can use under the bed. For example using wicker baskets made from pandan, rattan, or straw can give a tropical look to your small bedroom ideas. If you want something cleaner, try wire baskets in neutral colors like white or black. Letting the baskets exposed on open shelves under the bed would definitely decorate the room.
  • Sliding Drawers with Dividers : It is indeed easier to keep things in drawers than on shelves. Everything is hidden, so the room stays tidy all the time. While the space under the bed can be extensive, you may want to add dividers to keep things organized inside the drawers.
  • Bed Skirt for Coverage : You don’t want to spend a budget on bed frame replacement? Make the most of the space under the bed by using containers with a lid. To keep the room pretty, use bed skirts with the same color as the bed sheet as it covers the things perfectly.

Magnify the Room with Mirror

Bedroom with Mirror Ideas

One of the most heard small bedroom ideas is to place a wide mirror on one side of the wall. While this might be true, you don’t have to make the mirror as wide as possible. In fact, there are other ways to install the mirror in your bedroom.

Several tall and slender mirrors placed between particular distances on a wall can do the trick for the bedroom. Another idea is to create artistically tiled mirrors on one side of the bedroom wall—it can be squared, beveled, or an arrangement of hexagons.

Otherwise, placing a wide mirror behind the headboard can always be a good idea. There are actually many other ways to install the mirror. It can all depend on your bedroom style and a dash of creativity.

Add Creative Wallpaper

Bedroom Decoration Ideas

Creative wallpaper with bright colors and light pattern tend to illuminate the bedroom. It is advisable to keep the color combination simply consists of dark and light colors to add more depth. One to try is a subtle floral pattern with pastel colors combined with white. Look for a simpler type of floral pattern rather than the realistic flower pattern.

Black and white city line or white clouds on a blue background can also be some of the patterns to consider. With a bold pattern like those, it is better to place the wallpaper only on one or two sides of the bedroom.

Leveling Bedroom Ideas

Adorable Levelling Bedroom Ideas

Leveling can be one of the best small bedroom ideas for teenagers and adults. It is mostly applicable when you have enough ceiling height. Raise the bed up to the level of a bunk bed and make use of the space under it.

Space can be used as a working space, a walk-in closet, a reading nook, or a simple lounging area. With this kind of modern bedroom, you can have additional space for more than half of the size of your bedroom.

Have you decided which style you want to use? Remember, the key to remodeling a bedroom is to pick the most suitable one on your budget and taste.

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