22+ Small Bathroom Ideas (Optimize your Tiny Space)

Many people would think that they would have a problem dealing with small bathroom ideas. It’s because there’s very limited space available. So, you have to be smart to decide which one should be your priority. In choosing each element of the bathroom, you have to consider the space. Actually, there are still many things you can do in a small bathroom. Limited space can be a problem but with these small bathroom ideas, you will find the perfect way to deal with it.

Homogenous Tile Ideas

Amazing Tiles for Small Bathroom


One way to deal with limited space in the bathroom is to tile it all over. Having the small bathroom ideas with the same tile design all over the space, wall, ceiling, and flooring will create a new character to the bathroom. The design and pattern of the tile is the key to achieve a proportional and comfortable look. The same design and pattern would create the illusion of space to the room. It makes the room feels larger than it actually is. This bathroom has the same patterned green tiles with simple lines of artwork to accentuate and make the bathroom atmosphere more impressive. The pattern design makes things different for this bathroom.

Show Off your Shower

Best Shower Ideas with Gold Accent


Having a luxurious bathroom is really a must when you feel like you’re really rich. The element of gold is an essential part of the luxurious room. This bathroom has the gold elements as the accents. There are some golden accessories on each functional item in this bathroom. This bathroom wall is filled with white subway tile all over. The crisp white color gives a wide chance to the gold to shines at its best. In the middle part of the wall, one line of the tile is using gold. It’s a nice accent to the wall. It’s a good way to make an emphasis to this luxurious bathroom. This is one of the most luxurious small bathroom ideas you can apply in your house. Even though space is limited, but the price can be unlimited.

Add Some Mirror

Small Bathroom Ideas with Large Mirror


For your stylish house, try having this stunning design or your bathroom. Adding a mirror is like something you must do for a bathroom. It’s the essential thing in the bathroom. Usually, the mirror is a part of bathroom vanity. It’s always attached with a sink and cabinet. A bathroom mirror is mostly used for grooming, makeup, and other bathroom activity. Without a mirror, the bathroom will feel incomplete. Check out the small bathroom ideas in the picture. It’s got an unframed mirror with the lights behind it. The light became the seamless frame of the bathroom. It’s a sophisticated and modern approach to bathroom elements. The earthy gray color scheme of this bathroom exposes the minimalist style. It’s got a floating with a vanity that works harmoniously with the lighted mirror. The light is also worked to brighten the object in from of the window. The woven basket under the vanity becomes the functional accessories to fill up space. It makes a good extra decoration to play with the thin accessories on the vanity.

Stunning Skylight

Small Bathroom Ideas with Skylight


The natural light from the sky would really brighten the small bathroom in your house. It’s a great element to add in your small bathroom because it would make it airier than ever. You can add stunning skylight into the bathroom by having an open roof above the bathroom. You can cover it with glass to protect from the rain but still getting the light. In this bathroom, the skylight is set to be as stunning as possible. For this small bathroom ideas, the open roof is set above the walk-in shower area. It makes a big impact since the tile is applied high up to the roof. The white subway wall tile up to the ceiling really offers the dramatic atmosphere to your small bathroom. The narrow space inside the bathroom will be much more comfortable. During the day, the natural skylight and white tile will make it feels larger.

Don’t Block your Window Ideas

Give Your Bathroom More Sunlight with Window Ideas


It’s one of the unique tips of small bathroom ideas. Some people feel that they need to cover or block their window. It’s probably because of the privacy they need. Well, it’s actually a good thing not to block your window. Some designers think that natural light is too important for a bathroom especially the small and cramped one. Check out this stunning small bathroom. It’s got a dark brick all over the wall. That makes the bathroom really needs a lot of light. Natural light is the best option to have. Save some space on the wall for a window to provide the lights during the day. You can set it side by side with the mirror. Even though space is limited, this bathroom can still stun its owner. The position of the window seems to be the most important part of this bathroom. It decides the whole atmosphere in it. However, blocking the window is not wrong. You can add a curtain or a blind but make sure it won’t block the light you need.

Dark Nuance Small Bathroom Ideas

Dark Small Bathroom Ideas


Having a dark bathroom is probably something that most homeowner would avoid. A bathroom should be a relaxing place, not a gloomy one. Well, a dark room could be something you need as a homeowner. The dark nuance is not supposed to be applied in a small bathroom. Most designers would recommend avoiding dark colors in order to achieve space illusion for a comfortable place. However, the designer of this bathroom is quite brave. He chose the strong and powerful black color for the bathroom interior as the main color scheme. But, he made a smart move by incorporating the black with other vivid and bright colors. So, the result won’t give a scary feeling when using the bathroom. This dark bathroom is one of the most unique small bathroom ideas you can find out there. For the designer of this room, bathrooms are the place where you can experiment with because you don’t spend a lot of time a day inside. As you can see, this dark bathroom has enough amount of light. It still looks bright enough even without the natural light from a window because it’s got no window. If you need something calmer in your bathroom, black could be a good choice of color.

Down/Under The Stairs

Maximize Your Free Space with Small Bathroom


A space under the stair can be a good space to be used for a bathroom, powder room, or a toilet. But, space is so narrow down there. You have to make use of this space as comfortable as possible. Make sure all the flow is effective and efficient. If you think the space is too small, you can have it as a powder room or toilet for your kids only. I guess it’s one of the thoughtful small bathroom ideas. In designing a small house, you have to make sure that any space is useful and functional. The space down the stairs is sometimes left out or used as a storeroom. Well, you can make it more functional just like that. One thing you need to consider the small bathroom ideas in this space, you have to make sure that it’s generally high enough to be used by everyone. Then, make sure the size of the bathroom elements is suitable for this tiny bathroom. This bathroom has a small and thin vanity with its mirror and a regular size of the toilet. There’s a small thin glass shelf for a decor and towel hook beside the vanity.

Give Some Accent Wall

Bathroom Decor Ideas


An accent on the wall would give an interesting scene to your small bathroom. These kinds of small bathroom ideas are quite easy to apply. The matte black wall is there to dim the brightness of the white wall. Also, the natural wood flooring makes a perfect accent to make your small bathroom more impressive and interesting. Having a wall and floor accent would switch your attention from the limited space to the amazing accents. Any kinds of artwork could make a good impact on the wall in this bathroom. It’s got artwork of an old map. It adds color to the plain dark wall. The natural lights from the window emphasize the impressive look of the map.

Pick a Small Bathtub

Simple Bathroom with Small Bathtub Ideas


The important element of bathroom is the bathtub. You have to choose the right design and size of your bathtub to match it with your bathroom. For small bathroom ideas, it’s good not to waste a lot of space with a large or normal bathtub size. You can go with the small one. This small claw foot tub is one of the best small bathroom ideas you can opt for your bathroom. The narrow space won’t be a problem with this small bathtub. Why you should choose the small bathtub for your small bathroom?

  • It won’t waste a lot of space in such a narrow space.
  • The claw foot bathtub is movable or portable
  • It’s renovation friendly.
  • It comes with a more affordable price
  • it works perfectly in a minimalist style bathroom

More Small Bathroom Ideas

Don’t let a small bathroom be a barrier to creating your dream bathroom – we’ve got all the tips, tricks and expert advice you’ll need.  Have you decided which style you want to use? Remember, the key to remodeling a bathroom is to pick the most suitable one on your budget and taste. Have a great day!

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