Skylight Ideas that’ll Brighten Your Heart (Best 10 Designs)

Skylight ideas can be a powerful means to create a more open space. By installing a skylight, you let the area to have extra natural light which is the key to make the room seemed larger than it actually does.

A skylight plays a big role in providing you with luminescence both during days and nights. They help you to see things clearly. When nights come, you can watch the stunning stars sparkle with their beautiful lighting in the sky.

Rustic Ceiling with Skylight Ideas

Skylight Ideas for your Home Office

This room has a strong sense of rustic judging from the application of time-worn wooden flooring and ceiling. The furniture is in white but it doesn’t really bright.

It means the room would look dark if there’s no skylight installed on the ceiling. That’s why it can be said as a nice creation of a room with sufficient lighting.

Vaulted Ceiling for Perfect Skylight

Brighter Kitchen with Skylight

The width of the skylight decides the brightness of the room – the wider, the brighter. A vaulted ceiling has so many benefits. Not only does it have a great shape, but it also provides you with excessive lighting.

You can make your room even brighter by applying white color scheme on other surfaces such as the walls, furniture, or even ceiling, too.

Smart Compromise with the Window

Home Office with Skylight Ideas

Having a skylight on the ceiling can definitely make your room brighter. It means you can save some electricity bills. It can also be a clever way of decorating the room, especially the ceiling.

In this room, the skylights make a great combination with the windows. They allow you to enjoy the nice view of the ocean on the other side of the window from your room while working.

Unique Look with Skylight Ideas

Amazing Kitchen Ideas

This kitchen apparently has a stunning ceiling design with skylights, too. It is high enough for you to feel the airy atmosphere infusing some good energy. The skylights are precisely set above where it becomes a great source of natural lighting.

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