9+ Scandinavian Interior Design (Best Nordic Decor Ideas)

Is there anything as attractively simple as a Scandinavian interior design? Characterized by minimalism, functionality, and simplicity, the Scandinavian style has been one of the most popular trends in interior design nowadays.

This interior design typically includes the use of natural materials like wood, leather, and hemp. It’s also frequently affected by a connection to nature by combining natural shapes and abstraction.

If you’re interested in creating a Scandinavian design for your home space, here I’ve put together some of the best secrets to make the most of this style.

Lighting is Key of Scandinavian Interior Design

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Most Scandinavian houses include more than one lighting sources to deliver enough illumination in the entire space. It often enjoys natural light in at least seven hours a day. That’s why choosing the right lighting in Scandinavian interior is absolutely important.

Besides, lighting also helps set the mood in a Scandinavian interior. Here are some of my recommendations to get the most of it.

  • For extra lighting sources, consider adding some pendant lights above your coffee table, a standing lamp, or a few wall sconces.
  • For a warm, romantic, and cozy feeling, go with candle lights and candelabras.

Warm Textile Scandinavian Interior

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The use of warm textiles is also common when it comes to Scandinavian interior design. If you want to incorporate warm textiles into your home décor, they can come in the form of sofas, pillow or throws, and carpets which are made from mohair, sheepskins, or wool.

Accessorizing with warm textiles can also make your room feels warm and cozy, particularly during a cold winter.

You can consider choosing warm textiles in darker colors for beautiful contrasting.  As a result, these warm textiles can also help create a dramatic, impactful statement in your Scandinavian home décor that typically comes with white or light grey color scheme.

Large House Plant Ideas

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Introducing natural elements into a Scandinavian interior is a must! This way, you can make your interior seems more beautiful and livelier. At this point, indoor plants and fresh flowers will become a perfect choice.

With such big indoor plants, this room looks so much alive between the neutral-scheme spaces. For the other ways to include natural elements to your Scandinavian home décor, you can try these ideas:

  • For more splash of color, consider adding a vase of fresh flowers on your coffee table.
  • For less maintenance choice, you can opt for floral elements instead of fresh flowers. You can bring it in the form of floral prints.

Light Flooring of Scandinavian Interior Design

Light Flooring Scandinavian Interior homebnc.com

Instead of wall to wall carpeting, flooring made from light hardwood materials is more appealing in Scandinavian design. Laminated light flooring is one of the best ideas for your Scandinavian home décor.

This white laminated flooring can make any Scandinavian house to seem more spacious and look brighter. In addition, it can boast a more welcoming and modern atmosphere as well along with the other calm elements inside the room.

During the cold winter season, you can consider providing more warmth in the underfoot by installing heated tiles or a wool rug or carpet underneath your sofa and coffee table.

Classic Form Scandinavian Furniture

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Classic form furniture can also make the most of your Scandinavian interior design. With a pair of 3 feet coffee tables and a double sofa bed, this Scandinavian room looks elegant and so much inviting.

You shouldn’t forget those unique wall decorations as well that make the room exceptionally impressive. From lots of paper adhered in the corner of the wall to the portraits hang over the sofa, you can see some unique elements incorporated in this Scandinavian room.

In addition to the furniture, there are also a few pots of indoor plants added to the design, delivering a livelier touch to the whole design.

Neutral Color Ideas

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The hues of whites, grays, blacks, and browns are the most popular palettes associated with the Scandinavian décor. The neutral hues offered by these colors have made the most of Scandinavian houses.

That’s why when decorating a Scandinavian room, it is important to focus on the employment of these neutral colors to bring a clean and calming effect into your design. Here are some of my recommendations to blend these neutral colors.

  • For the walls and ceiling, you can paint them in white so that they can make your decorative elements and furniture stand out.
  • For the furniture, you can go with the one that boasts natural wood colors.

Clutter Free Interiors

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Making sure to keep your room clutter-free is one of the most essential parts of decorating a Scandinavian interior design. Any needless clutter should be avoided to create a clean, cozy Scandinavian room.

When it comes to Scandinavian design, remember that “less means more”. Once you follow this rule of thumb, you’ll be able to keep your space seem less messy and more visually calming.

This all-white living room makes a perfect example of its visually relaxing look. With minimal decorations on the wall and a few wide windows to pour in adequate natural light, this room looks so inviting.

Natural Wood Touch

Natural Touch In Scandinavian Interior Design pinterest.com

Adding natural charm to Scandinavian home design has always been a recommended idea by a lot of decorators. Instead of going with furniture that comes with wooden accents only, you can also add the one that comes with natural wood color.

The big sofa in this room makes a great focal point while delivering a natural touch to the while space. The sofa color also matches the other wooden elements in this living room, creating a warm, inviting space for everyone.

Besides, this room is also designed with exposed wood beams which provide a splash of color to the all-white ceiling and walls.

Graphic Wall Art

Wall Art of Scandinavian Interior idealhome.co.uk

It’s no secret that colorful art is something uncommon in Scandinavian interiors. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t incorporate some artworks to your Scandinavian room.

When it comes to Scandinavian interiors, adding graphic multiples like this collection of nature prints will be a perfect bet for you. You just need to make sure that the wall arts are matching your overall design so that the simplicity of the room is kept very well.

In addition, you can also add a few natural elements like this pot of cactus and indoor plants to make your Scandinavian room looks even livelier.

To sum this article up, there are various secrets to make the most of Scandinavian style. Some of them are paying attention to the lighting and flooring, placing house plant and wall art, applying neutral colors, and involving wood material.

Finally, you can use these nine ideas to create a stunning Scandinavian interior design in your home. Happy decorating!

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