15+ Patio Door Ideas to Help You Choose The Right Model

Sitting outside on your patio area is a nice thing to do in the morning or evening. Having some fresh air and enjoying the surroundings could make you feel re-energizing after a week of crazy schedule at work. If you need some patio door ideas, keep reading this article!

We provide you with some elegant patio door designs that you might want to look at. These doors are stunning and elegant at once, which make your home look even more attractive. Without further ado, let’s check them out!

1. Indoor Outdoor Living Patio Door Ideas

Indoor Outdoor Patio Door doityourself.com

These patio door ideas will enhance your current home look with their stunning feature from sliding, swinging and bi-fold, including other design that you consider applying any of them in your home.

We believe you would often spend your leisure time sitting in this patio because it has a nice environment with plants and it’s kind of breezy there.

The patio and the living room are connected with two white doors that can be opened inside. The doors don’t only have a beautiful look, but they also have four hinges each that make them durable.

  • The patio doors are in a white hue that strangely matches with the grey wall.
  • A perfect choice of having the flooring style in a neutral color. It looks elegant and appealing that leave a homey feeling

2. Sliding Patio Door Benefit

Sliding Door Ideas doityourself.com

There are benefits you can get of having a sliding door idea, some of which are: it makes your home have a stylish look and saves some space. It also makes your home looks slightly different for others that don’t have this feature in particular.

Sliding doors should have a smooth acceleration to make it easy for you to open. You should also take the size of the glasses into consideration because it’s important.

Imagine when your sliding doors get stuck and you use a force to open them. The glasses door would likely to break, and that’s why it’s not recommended for you.

  • This house has a sensational flooring tile all over. There you have a traditional look when combined with the sliding door color scheme.
  • The brick wall even intensifies the beautiful look to some extent.

3. Form Follows Function

Patio Door Ideas doityourself.com

We would say that this kind of patio door is somewhat unique. It can be fully pushed so that you can have a wide access in and out. It’s, of course, stylish and elegant in so many ways, but you may need some help for a pro when it comes to talking about the installation.

Having a patio door that can be widely opened means you will have some good air circulation and your living room will be breezy there.

The folding door also has a stunning tone which blends with the inside out flooring. The major drawback of having such a door will lie on its hinges. Make sure you choose good quality hinges that can withstand the door’s weight.

4. Create a Seamless View

Seamless View Patio Door hgtv.com

Glass doors are quite adored by many due to their aesthetic look and they’re not only applied for patios but other common doors as well. They literally create a seamless view with this enormous patio door which allows you to see from the inside even when closed.

It looks simple and durable, and it’s also easy to maintain at once because all you have to do is to clean it up. This house has beautiful flooring style in and out that makes it look inviting – they actually different though.

The patio seems to have the best scenic view here. The ceiling is concrete cement as well as the strong pillars.

5. To Screen or Not to Screen

Best Patio Door Ideas pinterest.com

This room has a bold and romantic view with patio doors in red. Not to mention the beautiful red flowers on the table. This patio door idea really makes a big impact in this room.

The doors apparently have two sides. They are a double door which means you can open the two doors while you can let the others get closed as seen in this picture. Above the door are small windows with white frames that make quite a contrast with the doors’ color scheme.

  • The room features a fairly big wooden table attractive legs design along with two wrought-iron chairs.
  • The table has the same tone with the wooden floors and they make a pretty nice blend here.

6. Sliding and Folding Door Combination

Patio Door Ideas milgard.com

If one style of a patio door doesn’t make you satisfied enough, you should try to combine two-door designs. This door patio idea, for example, is a combination of sliding and folding one.

Having a large patio door has many benefits such as when you want to take something out of the house it will make the work easier as it can be passed with many people when carrying some stuff, especially something that’s big and heavy.

The patio door has a cool, grey tone that fits the surroundings. There’s also an adorable round lamp that has a similar color as well.

More Patio Door Ideas

There, you have them: several ways to treat your patio doors! Some of them come in the forms of applying sliding doors, screen, as well as the combination of sliding and folding one. Choosing the best quality material for patio door ideas should also be well prepared first. Better to get a little pricey but it’s sturdy and easy to maintain.

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