9+ Scandinavian Interior Design (Best Nordic Decor Ideas)

Is there anything as attractively simple as a Scandinavian interior design? Characterized by minimalism, functionality, and simplicity, the Scandinavian style has been one of the most popular trends in interior design nowadays.

This interior design typically includes the use of natural materials like wood, leather, and hemp. It’s also frequently affected by a connection to nature by combining natural shapes and abstraction.

If you’re interested in creating a Scandinavian design for your home space, here I’ve put together some of the best secrets to make the most of this style.

Lighting is Key of Scandinavian Interior Design

Lighting Ideas of Scandinavian Interior pinterest.com

Most Scandinavian houses include more than one lighting sources to deliver enough illumination in the entire space. It often enjoys natural light in at least seven hours a day. That’s why choosing the right lighting in Scandinavian interior is absolutely important.

Besides, lighting also helps set the mood in a Scandinavian interior. Here are some of my recommendations to get the most of it.

  • For extra lighting sources, consider adding some pendant lights above your coffee table, a standing lamp, or a few wall sconces.
  • For a warm, romantic, and cozy feeling, go with candle lights and candelabras.

Warm Textile Scandinavian Interior

Warm Scandinavian Athmosphere pinterest.com

The use of warm textiles is also common when it comes to Scandinavian interior design. If you want to incorporate warm textiles into your home décor, they can come in the form of sofas, pillow or throws, and carpets which are made from mohair, sheepskins, or wool.

Accessorizing with warm textiles can also make your room feels warm and cozy, particularly during a cold winter.

You can consider choosing warm textiles in darker colors for beautiful contrasting.  As a result, these warm textiles can also help create a dramatic, impactful statement in your Scandinavian home décor that typically comes with white or light grey color scheme.

Large House Plant Ideas

Plant House Ideas pinterest.com

Introducing natural elements into a Scandinavian interior is a must! This way, you can make your interior seems more beautiful and livelier. At this point, indoor plants and fresh flowers will become a perfect choice.

With such big indoor plants, this room looks so much alive between the neutral-scheme spaces. For the other ways to include natural elements to your Scandinavian home décor, you can try these ideas:

  • For more splash of color, consider adding a vase of fresh flowers on your coffee table.
  • For less maintenance choice, you can opt for floral elements instead of fresh flowers. You can bring it in the form of floral prints.

Light Flooring of Scandinavian Interior Design

Light Flooring Scandinavian Interior homebnc.com

Instead of wall to wall carpeting, flooring made from light hardwood materials is more appealing in Scandinavian design. Laminated light flooring is one of the best ideas for your Scandinavian home décor.

This white laminated flooring can make any Scandinavian house to seem more spacious and look brighter. In addition, it can boast a more welcoming and modern atmosphere as well along with the other calm elements inside the room.

During the cold winter season, you can consider providing more warmth in the underfoot by installing heated tiles or a wool rug or carpet underneath your sofa and coffee table.

Classic Form Scandinavian Furniture

Classic Scandinavian Interior pinterest.com

Classic form furniture can also make the most of your Scandinavian interior design. With a pair of 3 feet coffee tables and a double sofa bed, this Scandinavian room looks elegant and so much inviting.

You shouldn’t forget those unique wall decorations as well that make the room exceptionally impressive. From lots of paper adhered in the corner of the wall to the portraits hang over the sofa, you can see some unique elements incorporated in this Scandinavian room.

In addition to the furniture, there are also a few pots of indoor plants added to the design, delivering a livelier touch to the whole design.

Neutral Color Ideas

Simple Scandinavian Interior hgtv.com

The hues of whites, grays, blacks, and browns are the most popular palettes associated with the Scandinavian décor. The neutral hues offered by these colors have made the most of Scandinavian houses.

That’s why when decorating a Scandinavian room, it is important to focus on the employment of these neutral colors to bring a clean and calming effect into your design. Here are some of my recommendations to blend these neutral colors.

  • For the walls and ceiling, you can paint them in white so that they can make your decorative elements and furniture stand out.
  • For the furniture, you can go with the one that boasts natural wood colors.

Clutter Free Interiors

Scandinavian Interior Ideas renoguide.com.au

Making sure to keep your room clutter-free is one of the most essential parts of decorating a Scandinavian interior design. Any needless clutter should be avoided to create a clean, cozy Scandinavian room.

When it comes to Scandinavian design, remember that “less means more”. Once you follow this rule of thumb, you’ll be able to keep your space seem less messy and more visually calming.

This all-white living room makes a perfect example of its visually relaxing look. With minimal decorations on the wall and a few wide windows to pour in adequate natural light, this room looks so inviting.

Natural Wood Touch

Natural Touch In Scandinavian Interior Design pinterest.com

Adding natural charm to Scandinavian home design has always been a recommended idea by a lot of decorators. Instead of going with furniture that comes with wooden accents only, you can also add the one that comes with natural wood color.

The big sofa in this room makes a great focal point while delivering a natural touch to the while space. The sofa color also matches the other wooden elements in this living room, creating a warm, inviting space for everyone.

Besides, this room is also designed with exposed wood beams which provide a splash of color to the all-white ceiling and walls.

Graphic Wall Art

Wall Art of Scandinavian Interior idealhome.co.uk

It’s no secret that colorful art is something uncommon in Scandinavian interiors. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t incorporate some artworks to your Scandinavian room.

When it comes to Scandinavian interiors, adding graphic multiples like this collection of nature prints will be a perfect bet for you. You just need to make sure that the wall arts are matching your overall design so that the simplicity of the room is kept very well.

In addition, you can also add a few natural elements like this pot of cactus and indoor plants to make your Scandinavian room looks even livelier.

To sum this article up, there are various secrets to make the most of Scandinavian style. Some of them are paying attention to the lighting and flooring, placing house plant and wall art, applying neutral colors, and involving wood material.

Finally, you can use these nine ideas to create a stunning Scandinavian interior design in your home. Happy decorating!

15+ Patio Door Ideas to Help You Choose The Right Model

Sitting outside on your patio area is a nice thing to do in the morning or evening. Having some fresh air and enjoying the surroundings could make you feel re-energizing after a week of crazy schedule at work. If you need some patio door ideas, keep reading this article!

We provide you with some elegant patio door designs that you might want to look at. These doors are stunning and elegant at once, which make your home look even more attractive. Without further ado, let’s check them out!

1. Indoor Outdoor Living Patio Door Ideas

Indoor Outdoor Patio Door doityourself.com

These patio door ideas will enhance your current home look with their stunning feature from sliding, swinging and bi-fold, including other design that you consider applying any of them in your home.

We believe you would often spend your leisure time sitting in this patio because it has a nice environment with plants and it’s kind of breezy there.

The patio and the living room are connected with two white doors that can be opened inside. The doors don’t only have a beautiful look, but they also have four hinges each that make them durable.

  • The patio doors are in a white hue that strangely matches with the grey wall.
  • A perfect choice of having the flooring style in a neutral color. It looks elegant and appealing that leave a homey feeling

2. Sliding Patio Door Benefit

Sliding Door Ideas doityourself.com

There are benefits you can get of having a sliding door idea, some of which are: it makes your home have a stylish look and saves some space. It also makes your home looks slightly different for others that don’t have this feature in particular.

Sliding doors should have a smooth acceleration to make it easy for you to open. You should also take the size of the glasses into consideration because it’s important.

Imagine when your sliding doors get stuck and you use a force to open them. The glasses door would likely to break, and that’s why it’s not recommended for you.

  • This house has a sensational flooring tile all over. There you have a traditional look when combined with the sliding door color scheme.
  • The brick wall even intensifies the beautiful look to some extent.

3. Form Follows Function

Patio Door Ideas doityourself.com

We would say that this kind of patio door is somewhat unique. It can be fully pushed so that you can have a wide access in and out. It’s, of course, stylish and elegant in so many ways, but you may need some help for a pro when it comes to talking about the installation.

Having a patio door that can be widely opened means you will have some good air circulation and your living room will be breezy there.

The folding door also has a stunning tone which blends with the inside out flooring. The major drawback of having such a door will lie on its hinges. Make sure you choose good quality hinges that can withstand the door’s weight.

4. Create a Seamless View

Seamless View Patio Door hgtv.com

Glass doors are quite adored by many due to their aesthetic look and they’re not only applied for patios but other common doors as well. They literally create a seamless view with this enormous patio door which allows you to see from the inside even when closed.

It looks simple and durable, and it’s also easy to maintain at once because all you have to do is to clean it up. This house has beautiful flooring style in and out that makes it look inviting – they actually different though.

The patio seems to have the best scenic view here. The ceiling is concrete cement as well as the strong pillars.

5. To Screen or Not to Screen

Best Patio Door Ideas pinterest.com

This room has a bold and romantic view with patio doors in red. Not to mention the beautiful red flowers on the table. This patio door idea really makes a big impact in this room.

The doors apparently have two sides. They are a double door which means you can open the two doors while you can let the others get closed as seen in this picture. Above the door are small windows with white frames that make quite a contrast with the doors’ color scheme.

  • The room features a fairly big wooden table attractive legs design along with two wrought-iron chairs.
  • The table has the same tone with the wooden floors and they make a pretty nice blend here.

6. Sliding and Folding Door Combination

Patio Door Ideas milgard.com

If one style of a patio door doesn’t make you satisfied enough, you should try to combine two-door designs. This door patio idea, for example, is a combination of sliding and folding one.

Having a large patio door has many benefits such as when you want to take something out of the house it will make the work easier as it can be passed with many people when carrying some stuff, especially something that’s big and heavy.

The patio door has a cool, grey tone that fits the surroundings. There’s also an adorable round lamp that has a similar color as well.

More Patio Door Ideas

There, you have them: several ways to treat your patio doors! Some of them come in the forms of applying sliding doors, screen, as well as the combination of sliding and folding one. Choosing the best quality material for patio door ideas should also be well prepared first. Better to get a little pricey but it’s sturdy and easy to maintain.

10+ Spectacular Bay Window Ideas to Brighten Up Your Room

A bay window in a house creates a beautiful layout that sticks out a little bit. Therefore, you can have some additional space in your home. You’re about to read our bay window ideas that will give you some imagination and inspiration as well.

You may already know that the idea of building a bay window doesn’t only to create some extra space, but it’s more like to show a different design with other homes that don’t have this feature in particular. Let’s have a look!

Bold Frame Bay Window Idea

Bold Frame Bay Window freshome.com

Look at how nice this bay window is. It literally has an excess of lighting since it’s surrounded with glasses from a different spot. This could be a bay window idea with a bold frame that you should consider giving it a go.

This one has a mattress and some pillows. The owner seems to know how to pamper himself by judging how comfortable this bay window design is.

Elegant with Custom Sofa

Elegant Bright Space Ideas pinterest.com

Filling the space around the bay window can be fun and challenging at once. This one was absolutely the right idea by choosing a custom-made sofa that suits the window just fine. Only a custom-made one can fill that space, and you may not find it at stores.

This room looks clean and well organized in a strong white accent. The wooden flooring is in dark color scheme which creates a beautiful contrast.

  • In this monochromatic room, there’s a sense of relaxed and roomy atmosphere that would make you wouldn’t mind spending your whole day working in it.
  • It has a remarkable layout inside that makes the occupant feel at home. The furniture setting and floor finishing of wood support the idea of this bay window.

Grand Room Look

Grand Look Ideas for Bay Window homebnc.com

A high bay window leaves an elegance and glamour feel in this room. The brown sofa enhances that feel with its soft and comfortable lines that look so classy. Round tables along with two chairs are added there.

The beautiful pendant light hanging above the table is a perfect addition in this room that blends well with the window. You can also enjoy the exotic view beyond the curtain when opened.

Jewelry Box Indoor Outdoor

Jewerly Boc Style pinterest.com

This jewelry-inspired bay window lives up to its name. The shape does look like a one. The outside surface is an exposed-weather brick wall that has a timeless beauty, despite being tortured by the extreme weather.

The inside looks like a 100% different. It looks so warm and inviting with soft and cozy white mattress in which you can lay down and hide inside the box.

Industrial Bay Window Idea

Industrial Bay Window Ideas shelterness.com

Bay window ideas come from a variety of different styles and designs that would help you renovate your house. If you happen to look for one, this window style might suit you.

This window brings the industrial style with its peculiar window frame. The grey bed with two red wrought-iron chairs sparks a sense of masculinity, including the old-fashioned lamp which elevates the industrial vibe here.

Maximize Bay Window Idea

Maximize Bay Window pinterest.com

A spacious space would leave you with many choices compared to the small one when it comes to talking about how it should be designed.

This one is designed with an enormous wooden window frame with large glasses that allow you to be able to see a wide area outside. It looks simple without curtains, but beautiful in a way it makes you want to just sit there while sipping a cup of coffee.

13+ Bookshelf Ideas That Will Make You Fall in Love with Books

Books are hailed as windows of the world from which you can learn many things inside the books you read. A collection of books will be a mess if you don’t know how to store them. Therefore, you need bookshelf ideas where you can exhibit your books collection.

A bookshelf can also make a nice partition wall or a unique decoration in your room. Check out these 13 extraordinary bookshelf ideas that will make you fall in love with books even more.

Bookrack in Wenge

Bookshelf in Wenge

This bookrack isn’t a common one that you see every day. It’s unique obviously, but can’t hold up a large number of books collections, unlike other bookshelf ideas. If you just want to show some of your books collection, this one will do.

  • You can arrange to the pins to create the space for each book that you would like to hang.
  • It’s also possible to have your books hung with different size and position.

The Invisible Bookshelf Ideas

Invisible Bookshelf

Wow, is that magic? Nope, it’s not. It’s another creative bookshelf that you can choose for your room. It’s also quite simple if you’re wondering how to make one like in this picture.

Well, here’s the trick. Just attach an L-shaped metal plate and screw or nail it on the wall. How many you’re going to put or stack up books there depends on how strong the plate is stuck on the wall. Voila!

Industrial Corner Pipe Shelf

Industrial Bookshelf Ideas

This could be something that you might not imagine it before, right? Yes, these are pipelines. I, myself, wouldn’t come up with this brilliant idea of making a bookshelf out of pipelines.

In this picture, it’s shown how you can put your books there. You can create your own design with some more pipelines if you’re worried that the books would fall. The weathered-brick wall adds the exotic element of this one, which also works as a nice background.

Equilibrium Bookcase

UNique Bookshelf Ever

The creator behind this equilibrium bookcase sure loves to balance things in a satisfying way. This bookshelf masterpiece is proof. This style is might be not for you if you have a large number of books because it won’t hold all of them there.

Workstation and Bookshelf Ideas

Bookshelf and Workstation Combo

Whoever creates this amazing bookshelf idea must love to see everything according to its exact size and place. Without books being displayed on it, you may have no idea that this is a bookshelf due to its creative shape that sure is stunning and elegant.

Bookseat Combos

Amazing Bookseat Ideas

This one has a distinctive style that it looks like a rocking chair. This isn’t just an ordinary bookseat, and I would call it as an artwork. It’s simply satisfying to see this bookseat displayed in your room.

Skateboard Shelf

Skateboard Bookshelf

Having a skateboard-themed bookshelf, everyone? Yes, don’t throw your broken skateboard way. Instead, turn it into a bookshelf will be much a better idea. You don’t need a huge one if you only have some books, because it can take up an excessive amount of space.

Retro TV Ideas

Retro TV Ideas

Technology is changing through time. What’s in now can soon become outdated the following day. Make the good use of your broken TV by taking off its screen and use it as storage in which you can save your favorite books.

Little Tree Ideas

Book Tree Ideas

A tree with lots of branches can inspire one to create this fascinating bookshelf. You may also ever see such a design with being attached to a wall with a different position, which is vertical. Both are amazing in a way it draws your attention.

US Bookshelf Ideas

Amazing Bookshelf

Another yet amazing bookshelf is present here. Can you guess what it is? Yes, it’s the map of the U.S. and it looks so real with its detail. You can show to your friend that you can have such a genuine idea of a bookshelf like this.

Stair Bookshelf Ideas

Staircase Ideas

What a brilliant idea of creating a bookshelf along with the stairs! This design is definitely out of the league. This staircase function isn’t only as stairs with which you go up and down, but it also has another function which is as a bookshelf.

This idea of putting these books in plain sight is probably to remind anybody who passes this stair to read as reading different subjects will make you a knowledgeable person.

Open Shelves in the Kitchen

Kitchen Island Ideas

A living room or bedroom is a common place where one might keep his books. But it’s not strange anymore to put them in open shelves in the kitchen.

This will also make your kitchen to be a little bit more interesting. You can wait for the meal ready while reading page by page to get yourself to keep occupied.

Room Divider Bookcase

Room Divider Ideas

Dividing a room is another advantage to have a bookshelf. It can work as a partition wall as well, and it makes a great decoration in the room. That’s what makes people love about having a bookshelf in their homes.

Your room will look much cleaner and cluttered-free rather than to have your books scatter all over the place if you don’t put them on it.

Those are our impressive bookshelf ideas that we’ve compiled for you who have been looking for some ideas to get your room organized and to spruce it up. The ideas are varied, aren’t they?

Either to do some DIY projects or make one customized, you could have a fun bookshelf. Unexpected things like pipes and skateboards could also be involved to be the building material. What fascinating bookshelf ideas, right?

10+ Home Theater Ideas That Would Encourage You to Have a One

When you’re a movieholic but not really fond of going out to the cinema, you can’t go wrong about creating a movie theater in your home. Check out these home theater ideas from a small space to a spacious one with a variety of different styles.

Feel new experience when watching movies in these home theaters. You can feel the same vibe there with only a small number of friends or family that can make even stronger intimacy with them.

Mediteranean Home Theater

Mediteranian Home Theater Ideas

This home theater is inspired by Mediterranean style, and it has a spectacular ceiling design with stunning lamps that will draw the audiences’ attention while watching movies.

The seating is arranged just like a real theater to bring the cinematic feel into this room. This home theater idea is for you who admire the Mediterranean vibe.

  • The ceiling really stands out with the hexagonal patterns that make the focal point here.
  • The walls look pretty with sufficient lighting from those lamps stuck on them. Combine the white and yellow lights from the ceiling, walls, and floor to imitate the nuance of the real movie theater.

Mega Mansion Home Theater

Mega Mansion Ideas

A basement is a perfect place for a home theater unless you own a huge mansion where intentionally built for one. In this mega mansion theater, bold red and brown colors are infused, which results in the Mediterranean color scheme.

The ceiling has a similar color but a little bit darker that gives a dramatic look. The chairs have soft and clean lines that look comfortable whereas the top seating has a banister that gives a soothing touch of elegance.

Modern Minimalist Style

Modern Minimalist Home Theater

A modern style is often connected to a minimalist look. This mini theater absolutely lives up to its name. Take a look at this lovely ceiling with a nice layout and lighting. It looks cool and calm with such a lovely tone.

This one might not that spacious, but you can sit or lay on the floor if the chairs are all occupied. That wouldn’t reduce the fun and happy moment that you get when watching your favorite movies with friends or families.

Small Home Theater Ideas

Best Small Home Theater

A small room shouldn’t stop you from having a home theater. In fact, many people wouldn’t mind having a mini theater in their homes. How big the space doesn’t really matter at all when talking about home theater.

It may only have a few chairs but it still functions well. This one is for you who want to experience watching movies in a private theater.

Rustic Home Theater

Rustic Home Theater

Wooden walls combined with antique lamps create a sense of a warm and welcoming atmosphere in this room. Beam woods are featured in this home theater to leave a rustic ambiance.

Cozy chairs are also included to give you a wonderful experience in this cave-like home theater idea. And that surely is spectacular.

Fantasy Fiction Inspired

Fantasy Inspired

Futuristic is one of many home theater themes that you can choose. This setting will make you feel like in a spaceship. Some sci-fi movies often show such epic space room decoration with advanced technologies in it.

This interior has a perfect design that it looks so real and it’s hard to distinguish with what you see in the movie.

Home Theater with Bar

Bar in Home Theater

Some people are kind of infatuated with a bar-like theater, so they inspired to create one that just looks like it. It has a countertop with two white chairs that are quite tall.

And there’s a collection of drinks in the fridge. A movie poster is seen on the wall to spread a theater atmosphere. Above the fridge are open shelves on which some glasses are displayed. The floor looks bold in grey hue both inside and outside the bar.

Two Ways Sofa

Two Ways Sofa Basement Ideas

Features a two-way sofa, this theater looks stunning with its sky-like ceiling that has a red line. If you think the sofa’s position is just too close, you can choose the seating behind it so that you will get the best position in this room.

Some accessories like action figures are seen on the wall with white lighting that decorates the room to some extent.

Sophisticated Basement Idea

Futuristic Basement Ideas

You would turn your basement when it gets crowded with unused things inside. Home theater won’t be a bad idea. Take a look at this picture for an example. This will cost you some money, though, but after seeing the result it really was worth trying for.

It looks futuristic with such a remarkable ceiling layout with a white color scheme. The chairs are in white brown hues that have a subtle of elegant touch with clean and soft lines.

Elegant Blue Black Home Theater

Elegant Blue Back Basement

To create an elegant look, this room features less furniture. It has two major color schemes which are blue and black.

The wall has a stunning surface in blue with squares. When the lights are turned off, the room will look fantastic with those blue glossy walls. The ceiling and furniture are in black which makes a good pair with the rest.

In conclusion, there are countless ideas of home theater to adopt from and this article has proven some of them. From applying a certain style like the Mediterranean and modern minimalist to throwing specific schemes such as blue and black, the ideas are surely plenty.

These home theater ideas would encourage you to have a one on your own. What more fascinating is it doesn’t always require a proper room, but your mere basement would do. Don’t forget to ask for a professional’s advice and assistance also, dear readers!

10 Ingenious Home Office Ideas for Ultimate Workspace

A pleasant home office will surely bring positive vibes. Decorating a home office to your liking should be a top work-life priority. When you enjoy the space, you will certainly become more productive. You can start to create your dream workspace by looking for home office ideas.

Whether you have only a small space or large space, there is always a way to decorate your workspace in a way you love. Here we have collected 10 home office ideas to help you get started creating a workspace to your exact specifications.

Industrial Bookcase Style

Industrial Workspace Ideas

An-industrial-bookcase-style is an ingenious option for anyone who wants to pair modern minimalism with a space that is organic and inviting. Industrial style provides textural elements and interesting visual that make your home office more elegant and cozy.

Lighting above the desk brings your home office more industrial touch. Furthermore, adding a wonderful wall texture, mottled wooden floor, seating, and cabinets is good to give a more industrial feeling.

If you want to make your workspace stands out from the crowd, consider using a wooden accent. You can also use exposed brick walls or heavy metallic elements to do so. But you need a few transactional pieces as the bridge between these divergent surfaces.

The main point to set an industrial feeling to your home office is the evasive balance between these immensely different elements!

Sophisticated Dark Home Office

Dark Home Office Ideas

A comfortable place to work is the main point in designing a home office. You can add a built-in shelf and desk to help you work efficiently. Also, add a television and bar cart to make you easier turning into hosting mode or relaxation.

Rich textures, dark tones, and vintage beverage memorabilia make a unique combination for your workspace. It gives a sophisticated den experience.

Consider a dark tone wallpapered ceiling to give rich textures in the room. But you need to make sure that it fit the rest of the room. For the wall and furniture, choose a dark color and paint so it won’t contrast to the ceiling.

Creative Use of Space

Creative Space of Home Office

If you don’t have more space to use as your workspace, consider the forgotten corner. You can turn a small attic, stairway landing space, and even a room under the stairs into a small workstation.

Using a bit of draft design and creativity, you can utilize the room under the stairs as your small home office like this idea. One thing that you should remember is you should use furniture that doesn’t occupy too much space.

Your space is limited so you need to set it as wide as possible. Wall-mounted cabinets, floating desk, under desk cabinets, and proper creation help immensely.

Traditional Classic Tune

Traditional Ambience of Home Office

A traditional home office is identical with antique wooden furniture. If you want to give it a more traditional and classic feeling, adding a rich wood floor, a colonial antique desk, and an ancient dark hanging lamp will be a nice choice.

Here are some tips to make your traditional classic home office feel more comfortable as working space:

  • Having a window in the workspace allows you getting natural light to blend with the artificial sources on the inside.
  • The right office chair is a must. It can help you to keep up productivity. So you need to make sure that although it is traditional in style, it still comfortable to use.
  • In earlier times, there is no phone, internet, or even a computer. They only use a typewriter that has no wires. So if you want to put wires device into your home office, make sure to buy a multi-plug power strip to keep it neat.
  • Adding greenery is best to strengthen the available oxygen supply.

Unusual Home Office Ideas with Skylight

Skylight Ideas for Home Office

Natural light or skylight may reduce your energy consumption. Based on research, people who work in skylight have fewer eye problems, sleep better at night, can absorb more vitamin D and more productive. Moreover, using skylight can reduce your electric bill.

Making an unusual shape as the skylight resource is an incredible idea. It will make your home office one of a kind. Combining white color and the wooden accent is also great to give your home office a rustic and warm feeling.

Open wall shelving paired with wall cabinet offers you many storage options. You can put your personal items in the open shelf and your documents in the cabinets. Keeping your personal items in an open place can bring more inspiration and make you feel good.

Make it More Personal

Personal Home Office Ideas

If you haven’t a spacious area for your home office, consider a minimalist approach. Using the space between the rooms in your house is also possible. Here are some tips to decorate your small space home office:

  • Keep it clean by not putting distracting touches in your desk space. Clean desk space will help to keep your head clear although it is not spacious.
  • Having green wall or plants can help you feel relaxed after looking at your cell phones or computer screen and more connected to nature.
  • Adding some wall shelves is the best option if your home office is not spacious but you need to put all your work material or your personal items aside from your desk space.
  • Adding your personal items in your home office such as souvenirs or artwork-something that you loved, may inspire you to keep working hard and provide inspiration.

These home office ideas show that size doesn’t matter. Even if your home office is not spacious, you still able designed it to your liking. So you will have a loveable workspace and feel at ease when working.

Scandinavian Home office ideas

Scandinavian Home Office Design

Scandinavian can blend with modern décor easily. So you don’t need to change the entire appeal of your workspace. Scandinavian style mainly focuses on the bare minimum and simplicity. Unnecessary accessories are seen as a distraction.

If you want to pull of Scandinavian style into your home office, consider a backdrop with white or black color. It is the main characteristic of this style and remains until today.

The main point to get a Scandinavian look is minimal décor, a calming backdrop, and frugal use of bright colors. Using acrylic chairs, floating desk, and sleek floating shelves will be a good idea if you want to pull off these Scandinavian home office ideas.

Contemporary Home Office Ideas

Contemporary Home Office Ideas

Do you know a color that has captivated mankind eternally and used in the most contemporary of settings? It is gold. Gold gives polished and elegant looks. It also fills your home office with neutral hues some much-needed dazzle.

You can incorporate gold accents by keeping the backdrop as neutral as possible and in the form of the lighting fixtures, accessories, or furniture.

You can also add an accent to your home office to make it feel more contemporary. Consider natural vibe with natural scenery outside the windows, floral print, or nature-centric motifs. Combine it with the wood accent to bring additional rustic looks.

Hidden Area for Work Utilities

Hidden Storage Ideas

The best way to keep your home office neat and tidy in an easy way is by storing the work utilities in a hidden area. So your desk will be clean from any distractor such as a printer, box file, documents, etc.

The best option to make a hidden area is in the cabinetry. It can blend smoothly with the rest of the room. If cabinetry under the table doesn’t enough to store all your work utilities, you can add one above the table too.

Making your desk mounted onto the wall and facing a window is a great idea. Not only it can provide your workspace natural light but also add some greenery view. It is best to make your eye relax after working in front of a phone or computer in a long time.

Attic Home Office Inspiration

Attic Home Office Inspiration

You don’t have any room to use as a workspace but an underutilized attic? Then just turn it up becomes one. You can use an attic in your home as a cozy workspace with proper decoration.

Because it is small in size, you need to maximize it as smart as possible. Using floating shelves mounted onto the wall and adjust it in order to the shape of your attic can be helpful. Not only can it save space but also great in design.

Setting up a window in between the floating shelves is also great. It can provide your home office natural light. You can also maximize the ground area to put your precious artwork when there’s no more space in the wall.

Upgrading your home office to your liking is important to make you keep productive and pleasant. You surely want not to work in an unfriendly and messy environment that blocked away all your inspiration, don’t you?

Whatever your preferred style is, keep in mind to make it functional and comfortable. It is the key. Choose the right furniture according to the size of the workspace and the style of your home office is also necessary to make it great in design.

We hope our home office ideas can help you to choose the right space and furniture according to your style and taste.