10+ Best Outdoor Kitchen Ideas to Spark Your Inspiration

Having an outdoor kitchen seems like a good idea. Enjoying the nice weather outside while cooking with friends or neighbors is sure fun activity. Check out these outdoor kitchen ideas that will inspire you so that you can have an idea on how to build a nice one.

From a simple outdoor kitchen to a little bit fancy one, this short list of outdoor kitchen designs will make your small party lively. You can throw a party either in the daylight when the weather is nice or in the evening while enjoying the beautiful stars in the sky.

1. Modern Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Modern Outdoor KItchen Ideas frehome.com

A modern kitchen offers you with high efficiency and stylish design. This kind of style typically has a minimalist style that doesn’t include any unnecessary stuff. This is for you who love a kitchen with a simple design.

You’ve got a grill that you can use for a barbecue and meal to be served to your guests. The rest will how you would keep your guest to stay entertained while waiting for the food to be ready.

The countertop has the same neutral color as the floor. While the meals are being cooked or grilled, you can sit there on the blue chairs while drinking some cokes and start the conversation asking “What’s new?” to your friends.

  • A modern kitchen is a perfect choice for you who are fond of simplicity. Lining up all the kitchen units on one side is one of the ways to practice it.
  • Less is more. This kitchen would be what you’re looking for as it practical and can give you more with a simple design.

2. Rustic Outdoor Kitchen Ideas


This one is quite the opposite of the first one. The rustic feel can strongly be felt here as you see the red brick walls here. This outdoor kitchen seems to have a warm and welcoming appearance that will make the feast more than just fun.

The stainless appliances also make a great combination with the brick walls, and it’s certainly something that you can show off to your neighbor. I mean, the food isn’t the only thing on the kitchen that can attract people’s attention, but the kitchen tools itself.

  • The brick wall and floor really bring the rustic feel and they look attractive as the way they are.
  • There’s a big fan on the ceiling to drive away from the rising temperature and pungent smell in the kitchen.

3. Outdoor Kitchen with Romantic Bar

Romantic Outdoor Kitchen Ideas homebnc.com

What a romantic outdoor kitchen! Merging with nature is probably the right word for this outdoor kitchen. The flooring stone and the wall with the wooden roof are a spectacular design for this one.

The romantic nuance comes from those unique lamps that light this place with its warm lighting. You can really feel comfortable and exciting about this place while munching the food. The togetherness will sure add a happy feeling at the same time.

The roof has a unique shape and it looks astonishing when the lights are on. There are also some chairs with dark tone there. The beautiful surroundings are a bonus for you that will make you feel at home

4. Outdoor Kitchen with Clay Pizza Oven

Outdoor Clay KItchen Ideas hgtv.com

This clay pizza oven in this outdoor kitchen ideas is in pink and it has a bizarre shape in particular, which can be easily be spotted in distance. This one will suit well for you who would love to cook soft, yummy and tasty pizza in the kitchen.

The cone-shaped oven can be something that what draws people’s curiosity before tasting the meals. The oven and countertop are made of concrete cement and requires some skills to make one.

It’s also operated with woods as its main fuel which means it’s like back to nature. Hence, it will give you delicious food and free from smelly gas.

  • The oven has overhang functions as storage where you save woods and it also provides a countertop on which you lay the pizza.
  • This kitchen also has a sink which allows you to wash food, vegetable or the dishes with ease.
  • Other kitchen tools are present to allow serving different cooking using a different technique.

5. Outdoor Kitchen Bar with Retractable Windows

Outdoor Kitchen Bar Ideas pinterest.com

A unique way of designing an outdoor kitchen is shown in this picture. This bar-inspired kitchen has windows that can widely be opened up. This one doesn’t look like an outdoor kitchen though because it has a roof and it looks like a hut.

It’s completed with three beautiful wooden chairs with wrought iron legs that make the bar nuance become stronger and they fit in a way that it looks like a real one.

The retractable windows come in handy and they live up to their names as they can reduce the high temperature inside when opened, and let the air flows through. You can sit on the chairs and order something to eat while enjoying the amazing outdoor kitchen ideas.

  • Wooden materials are stunning and long-lasting and they create a cozy and welcoming vibe. It includes the wood finishing for the flooring. The time-torn wood flooring adds beauty, and it’s typically what you would get for using wood materials.
  • The lamps will warm your evening up with their dim light.

6. Outdoor Kitchen with Beautiful Patio

Patio Kitchen Ideas netluxury.com

What else do you want for a perfect outdoor kitchen? This one would be more than enough, wouldn’t it? It comes with a beautiful wooden patio, to begin with. It doesn’t look that big or small either. Showing this adorable outdoor kitchen at night is a good idea.

You can actually see the beauty of its design when all the lamps are turned on and look at how beautiful it is. The flooring style spreads a natural look as it’s made of stone tiles, as well as the kitchen itself.

Another feature in this kitchen is that it has a fire pit that makes it look like a campfire, which gives beautiful lighting. Those flowers and plants make it looks much more appealing.

The patio sure is beautiful with detail wooden roof that really stands out. It looks simple but it will really draw people’s attention with its lovely design

7. Outdoor Kitchen with Dining Area

Outdoor Dining Room Ideas countryliving.com

A spectacular design often costs a lot of money, but it is fine if the result is just as good as you expect to be. This kitchen is going to make your friends jealous once they come to join the party.

It’s huge and it has a dining area with an enormous table with lots of chairs under the stunning semi-circular roof. If you don’t mind to spend your money on this beautiful outdoor kitchen, you’ll find yourself satisfied with it.

It sparks a natural atmosphere that comes from the stone tiles and those plants that surround it. There are also two different lamps to enliven this place.

  • The table is huge in size and it has the same color scheme as the chairs, which suit well with rest.
  • Stainless steel tools will always have a luxurious impact in any place. And they blend well with stone tiles.

8. Hideaway Style Ideas

Hideaway Outdoor Kitchen Ideas housebeautiful.com

When hosting a small number, this hideout-themed kitchen will be enough to serve them food. It’s designed like a hideout and it looks stunning in many ways with a dark brown tone. A wooden outdoor kitchen with a window can function as a roof, too.

Adjacent to the kitchen, there’s a small table with four chairs with metal legs along with three bowls whereas the concrete flooring has thin rectangular lines. Above the table, the ceiling looks attractive with black pattern and there’s also a lamp on the wall.

The kitchen comes in a fairly tiny size that makes it look adorable. When cooking on the daylight, you won’t feel that hot as it’s surrounded with threes

9. Deck Countertop Ideas

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas pinterest.com

This could be an alternative for an outdoor kitchen. With its simple design, this certainly can host a huge number of people who are hungry. It’s an open space where everybody can see what you’re cooking there.

This deck countertop shouldn’t too difficult to build and to run. This kind of design is what gives the kitchen efficiency when cooking or preparing meals for the guests. You can invite anybody to come here and enjoy the togetherness with eating barbeque.

This open area is a breeze and that can handle the temperature even there’s a crowd in the kitchen. You can work together with your partner chef to cook lots of food because it has a large countertop. The owner chose the wooden flooring, which looks stunning.

10. DIY Corrugated Metal Material

Rustic Metal Outdoor Kitchen Ideas idealhome.co.uk

An outdoor kitchen doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money. You can still make one out of everyday items that are affordable because the main thing of cooking outside is to have fun while celebrating something that a little bit special.

And this corrugated kitchen can be a good example for you. This pergola has a metal material as one of its main construction while the rest is just wood. It doesn’t look that high or wide, but not that small either.

Light bulbs are decorated on the ceiling which will give you the lighting you need and it will look lovely when turned on at night in particular. A set of glass can be seen on the rack behind the countertop.

There’s a room that can fit for one when cooking. There are two countertops that you can use as your workspace.

In conclusion, there are several ways to own a nice outdoor kitchen. You could apply a certain style like modern or rustic, install additional units such as oven and retractable windows, as well as build supported space like a bar or dining area. These outdoor kitchen ideas give you a choice that you can choose which is most suitable for you. You can also match it with your budget when creating or renovating one.

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