Top 7 Master Bedroom Ideas (Amazing Tips and Inspiration)

What’s a master bedroom ideas should feel like? For some people, the bedroom is their safe place. It should look good as well as providing all the things they need to relax. Thus, it is essential to really put a thought in decorating the master bedroom.

To help you in creating that comfortable feeling on your bedroom, here are some amazing master bedroom ideas that you can apply to your home:

Liven Up the Wall

Wallpaper for Master Bedroom

Wallpaper is not out of date. It can still be something that brightens up the room. Instead of imagining a bedroom with old style wallpaper, there are actually thousands of patterns, colors, and textures to choose. Soft flower patterns, geometrical lines, or Mediterranean style are some of the patterns that you can try.

To start with it, pick a wall that would be your focal point. It can be behind the headboard or on the window side. Not applying wallpaper on all sides of the wall creates a subtle touch rather than overwhelming the bedroom with the pattern.

Colors like soft lavender with a touch of grey or pearly white may give the room a delicate shine. If you are planning to place it on the headboard side, try to match the colors so that the furniture blends well with the wallpaper.

Pick a Lux Carpet

Lux Carpet for Master Bedroom

One of the master bedroom ideas to apply is to place a suitable carpet for it. A perfect carpet installation can definitely add personality and depth to the bedroom. There are other benefits that you can get in carpeting the whole bedroom area:

  • Sound Insulation : placing a carpet in the bedroom dampens the sound that may be a nuisance for your resting time. This can be effective especially if you need a quality sleep and the bedroom is located upstairs.
  • Adds Warmth : if you are living in an area that has extreme weather change in winter, having a carpet would warm up the bedroom. The thicker the carpet is, the warmer your bedroom would be.
  • Soft for Children : having little children means that you have to pay extra attention to their movements. While ceramic or parquet flooring can harm the children if in case they fall down, the carpet would provide an adequate cushion, so you don’t have to worry about it.
  • Easy Maintenance : different from wood or vinyl floor that needs to be regularly stripped and polished, carpet can be easily vacuumed to clean. However, you need to keep a carpet cleaner solution to handle more stubborn stains.

Stylish Headboard

Stylish Headboard Ideas

While a conventional headboard might function just as a headboard, being creative with it could create an amazing focal point for your master bedroom. More modern and contemporary headboards can be one of your master bedroom ideas.

  • Hanging Rug : Create a stylish headboard by hanging a patterned rug on the wall. It gives a soft yet bold look for the focal point behind the bed. For comfort, make sure that the rug does not have too much texture and easy to clean from dust.
  • Floating Bookshelf : Are you a bookworm? Having a couple of books ready above your head might be a good idea. A floating bookshelf would be the perfect choice to apply the idea to your headboard. Plus, nicely organized books lining on a shelf is a delightful view for anyone who likes to read.
  • Fabric Panel : Whether you are buying or making it by yourself, a fabric panel never goes out of style. You can create a contemporary mosaic, use a modern pattern on the fabric, or tuft it with big for a different and unique look for the headboard.

Bright with Natural Light

Best Natural Light Ever

What can be more peaceful than to feel the sun straight into your bedroom every day? Natural lighting will not only brighten the room, but it is also healthier for you. To have this luxury in your bedroom, add some large windows to your bedroom.

One basic rule in having windows in the bedroom is not to place it on the opposite side of the bed unless the window is facing a terrace or balcony. To add privacy, keep layers of a sheer curtain and opaque drapery. On sunny days, you can let the sun come in through the sheer curtain without losing any comfort.

Cozy Sitting Area

Beautiful Sitting Area

Extra space in the master bedroom can be transformed into a cozy sitting area. Place in a couple of sofa, chaise loungers, or a small sofa in one corner of the bedroom to add function and spice up the area.

If you are the kind of person who loves to read, installing a reading light or a coffee table beside the chairs should be an amazing addition. Some people also like to throw a blanket on the sitting area in case you fall asleep while enjoying a book or the view from the bedroom’s window.

However, it is not recommended to force creating a sitting area when the space is actually limited. If it is possible, you may want to have a sitting area on the balcony or the terrace that connects to the bedroom.

Paint it White Master Bedroom

Elegant Master Bedroom

White is not always boring. In fact, it is a neutral color that gives a sense of serenity and coziness. While a plain white shade might be too bright for the room, you can actually opt for other shades of white for your master bedroom ideas.

Colors like rosy white, ivory white or linen white should have the effect of brightening the space without blinding the whole ambiance. Rosy white, for example, is easy to match with other soft hues of pink and taupe.

Meanwhile, ivory white has the slightest shade of yellow to add brightness and warmth to the bedroom. Some linen white paints even have the texture to live up space. you can combine it with soft brown and white to keep it on the same theme.

The perfect master bedroom ideas would be the one that matches with your personality. If you already have a partner, you can combine each of your taste and needs to create a comforting space for both of you.

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