10 Cool Master Bathroom Ideas for Ultimate Relaxation

At the end of the day, all you want is taking a bath. Getting a good bath helps free yourself of the nervous tension. This activity also soothes your sore muscles and increases happiness levels. Those are the reasons you should never underestimate a cozy master bathroom. A great bathroom is not just functional but also has the aesthetic value, because unattractive interiors can disrupt the tranquility of your space. If you plan on designing a show-stopping bathroom, luck is in your hands. We curate remarkable master bathroom ideas for your next redo. You obviously feel pampered spending your time in such a spacious and divine retreat.

Chic Modern Industrial Bathroom

Modern Bathroom Ideas


Think that modern industrial spa is cold and uninviting? Think again. This master bathroom ideas is incredibly splendid. The wall is paneled with hammered metal. Its surface reflects the light from wall sconces.

A freestanding rectangular bathtub sits on the medium-toned wooden floor. It teams gorgeously with the metallic wall. White shag rug is really fluffy and plush. It dries off your feet after a bubble bath.

The floating wooden vanity is super stylish. Plus, it creates a sleek and clean look. It keeps your rolled towels and bath essentials organized. The exposed brick wall adds texture and unique character to the room.

A full-width mirror hung above the subway tiled backsplash offers dimension and depth. The light fixtures cast a bright glow after the sun goes down. Nothing makes the room industrial quite like exposed metal pipe.

Rustic Touch Master Bathroom

Rustic Master Bathroom


Do you love something unforced but opulent? Chances are you will fall for this rustic-style grand bathroom. The shower and bath areas are tastefully separated. As a result, the space is mold free. It also avoids unwanted accidents.

In the shower area, there is a bench made up of concrete and fieldstone. The river rock floor and fieldstone accent wall bring raw natural goodness to the zone. Flagstone shelves display the shower products.

The mirror is beautifully framed with fieldstone. Whitewashed bathroom vanity, black granite top, and sandstone tiles raise a sense of rustic. They give the space rich textures as well.

Unpolished window frames and overhead log beams warm up the entire room. An oval-shaped standing alone tub is backed by an ivory wall, while the orb pendant light steals the show in an elegant manner.

Classy Farmhouse Style

Farmhouse Style Ideas


Who says farmhouse master bathroom can’t be luxurious? As you can see, the French country bronze chandelier hung from the ceiling carves a traditional flair. Silver faucet and tub fittings inject pure luxury into the area.

The neutral space scheme dominates the scene. Mirror makes the space feel bigger than it actually is. Pastel grey farmhouse vanity creates a relaxed feel and a fashionable statement.

Basket-weave white and dark grey pattern floor tiles introduce a visual interest. A white freestanding claw foot tub is such a perfect addition. It lends the bathroom a touch of classic too.

Glass windows let your area bathe in sunlight. Marble floor and vanity’s top boost the room’s splendor. The open cabinet showcases towels and ornaments. White curtains add privacy. What a personal home spa!

Royal Flush Bathroom

It is one of the lavish master bathroom ideas. You’ll encounter in this space as if you are a royal family member. It features a corner tub built near the glass windows. You can enjoy a scenic view while bathing.

The carved details on the pillars, mirror frames, bathtub, and vanity are beyond astonishing. They instantly catch the eye. Golden silk curtain emanates the regal setting.

White and cream are the major players. These neutral colors infuse a serene atmosphere and romantic vibe into the area. Classic wall sconces, downlights, and crystal pendant light illuminate the entire room after dark.

Golden tub fittings, tissue box, faucet, plate, and Moroccan decoration lead to a fancy character. An antique alarm clock offers a personalized feel. Vases of white flowers spice up the area. Don’t you want this sumptuous retreat?

Wonderful Bathroom Wallpaper

Bathroom Decorating Ideas


Looking for awesome master bathroom ideas? This one is obviously worth a try. Here, the upper walls at right under the ceiling are enchantingly sheathed in black floral wallpaper. It brings drama and definition to the space.

Moreover, the wallpaper prevents the bathroom from being just another stark area. It draws the eye up. The dark wallpaper featuring white peonies and pink roses also emanates the feminine nuance.

The walls are covered in white marble effect tiles. They are durable, elegant and deluxe. Most importantly, you do not have to pay a fortune. Along with white sinks, toilets, and bathtub, they open up the space.

Black and white floor tiles stand out. The frameless glass doors set a modern vibe. If you have jaw-dropping cityscape views, place your freestanding tub in front of the round window. You can gaze outside while soaking in the bathtub.

Homogenous Tile for Master Bathroom

Small Master Bathroom Ideas


In case your bathroom is small in size, you must install geometric patterned tiles from ceiling to floor. They add a pop of lively color to the area as well as produce a uniform appearance. Homogenous tiles result in a visually larger bathroom too.

Furthermore, the eclectic tiles dramatically elevate the bathroom’s design. Needless to say, they make a bold statement in no time. They lend the master bathroom a modern flair.

Since the understated tiles come in deep green shade, use the glass window to keep the area sunny and breezy. It connects you with surrounding nature as well.

Oval-shaped freestanding bathtub and sink contrast with geometric tiles in a captivating way. Stainless-steel shower set promotes an industrial edge. Meanwhile, the downlights provide ample illumination during night bathing.

Focal Point of Tub

Bathroom with Tub


This traditional master bathroom impresses us. It features floor-to-ceiling wooden cabinets with glass doors. They keep the space tidy and clean. Not to mention, the storages introduce a warm and welcoming aura due to their brown tones.

Instead of opting for regular bathtub, you should install the round-shaped one. The camel mosaic tiles on the tub offer the mesmerizingly intricate details.  Both soaking tub and recessed ceiling produce a cohesive appearance.

The orange and brown rolled towels on tray and in basket bring a spa-like ambiance. Then, orange flowers and greenery embellish the bathroom naturally. The space gets daylight from glass window.

Wooden table and stools create a cozy spot for a small gathering with your family. A black metal chandelier suspended from the ceiling develops old-world glamour.  Candles evoke a calming effect; while downlights radiate the dry area.

Extra Storage in Bathroom Island

Bathroom with Storage Ideas


You certainly want a mess-free master bathroom. That’s the importance of having storage space to hold all your bath essentials. As the image shows, the bathroom island comes with open shelving units. They allow you to grab the items easily.

Moreover, the blue and pink rolled towel on granite top bring a fun atmosphere and invigorating splashes of color to the zone. Big custom-made wooden cabinets keep the space from getting cluttered.

Limestone floor, wooden vanity and concrete frame around bathtub embrace the rustic style. An oversized mirror bounces the available light and makes the area more spacious. Two vintage chandeliers cast a yellow glow.

A built-in fireplace is the only heating source in the area. It doubles as the centerpiece. With the presence of fireplace, the bathroom becomes a soothing refuge. Green wall decorations and framed artwork jazz up the space.

Rich in Sunlight Idea

Elagant Master Bathroom Idea


Your master bathroom is on the narrow side? Fret not! In this tiny bathroom, the windows are replaced with skylights. You can use the extra space for wall arts.

The skylights do not only bring the sunlight in but also serve as a wow factor. They make the whole area more comfortable and airy too.

Furthermore, the grey tiles on the floor and walls spectacularly turn the bathroom into a stylish escape. They help the room achieve a minimalist aesthetic and dramatic look.

Floating vanity, white wall decor, ceiling, and standing alone clawfoot tub pair well with the tiles. Wooden storage takes the chill off the copper towel racks. Leafless tree artworks give the room plain beauty.

Walk In Shower Master Bathroom

Master Bathroom Idea with Walk In Shower


Walk-in shower is practical for modern life. It provides functionality, elegance, and comfort at the same time. Other than that, your bathroom feels more expansive than it truly is. If you like this bathroom, here’s how to replicate it.

  • Clad the floor, shower’s wall, bench, and bottom half of the wall in black slate tiles. They add depth and rough texture to the master bathroom. Their low sheen results in a sophisticated appearance.
  • Paint wall and ceiling white. Plus, mount a tankless toilet on the wall. They contrast strikingly with the black tiles.
  • Use glitzy golden hardware to exhibit a sense of grandeur.
  • Install glass windows for a breezy ambiance.
  • Hang floating wooden vanity on the wall to get warmth and coziness.
  • Place the potted indoor plant on vanities top. It rejuvenates the whole area.

Modern industrial, rustic, farmhouse, and royal are several concepts you could apply to your master bathroom. Meanwhile, you could also fiddle with the bathroom aspect, like wallpaper, tile, tub, and storage. Investing in a master bathroom is a wonderful idea because this feature improves your home’s value. Do not hesitate to try our master bathroom ideas. We believe you can’t be prouder of your personal oasis.

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