21+ Living Room Color Schemes That Express Yourself

When you have some guests visiting, they will often mill around the living room. It can pretty much tell the characteristic of the house and its owner. Color schemes definitely play some parts in shaping up this room. Thus, the living room color schemes will be our main topic for today’s reading.

Beautiful Pink Living Room

Beautiful Living Room Color Schemes


Pink is often considered as a color of compassion, care, and love. As a result, this brightly lit pink living room can be easily interpreted as a welcoming living room for whoever visits your home.

Combined with the dark and light gray with brown and lighter shade of pink, this living room color scheme is meant to reflect happiness, warmth, and hospitality. Your visitors would be more than happy to visit you every time.

Strong Color from Art

Strong Color Living Room


This brightly colored living room may tell how upbeat and joyous the host is. People who like having vibrant theme colors are known to be cheerful, motivated, friendly, and creative, so it will not be a surprise if the host is the exact kind of person. This room also subtly exerts old school, retro vibe.

This living room color scheme may be seen as a form of art. Despite its multiple bright contrasts, this color combination blends so well together that visitors will not be able to help but get mesmerized. Plus, it can make your house feels much more lively as well.

The Pop of Living Room Color Schemes

Pop of Living Room Color Schemes


While most of the colors that compose this living room give an impression of peace and serenity due to its dim and calm composition, the maroon red is the one that stands out.

  • Thanks to this color combination, this living room exerts a very prominent classy and vintage vibe.
  • The bright color scheme, combined with the layout of this room will invite the guests and the host to stay here for a while and can possibly make them lost track of their time. It is a very conducive atmosphere to be chill, having conversations while sipping drinks, especially when it is hot outside.

A Calming Sea of Blues

Calming Living Room Ideas


Blue and silver make up the composition of this living room and it is refreshing as it looks. Additionally, blue is said to represent intimacy and people who make blue as their favorite colors are said to display admirable loyalty.

This predominantly blue living room is where people can have some deep, engaging, and serious conversations. No matter how heavy the burden is, the color scheme of this room is also what helps the guests and the host relaxes as if they are in the sea.

Defining Space with the Accent Wall

Small Living Room Ideas


The opposite and contrasting colors in this living room may mean many things, but it also tends to show that the homeowner may be a pretty cautious person. That does not mean they are not welcoming, however. Even then, these colors make a pretty unique living room.

The black and silver can also indicate the host’s artistic style and sensitive soul. Granted, the unique color of choice may make the guests can’t help but admire, but for the host, they feel right at home and everything is just right.

Neutral isn’t Boring

Amazing Living Room Ideas


Most people may think bright, plain colors such as white and silver are rather dull, even more so when they are combined together. But if they are mixed with other colors such as turquoise, the resulting color combination makes a very chilling and calm atmosphere.

This color combination in the living room is a perfect encouragement for the visitors to feel the very least at ease, as if they are in their own homes, especially if it is their first time to visit your home, then being in the living room would almost instantly calm their nerves and no longer be nervous.

Colorful Equilibrium Living Room Color Schemes

Small Living Room Design


A very striking color scheme for a living room, this combination helps in balancing the dim and bright light. The shade of turquoise and violet represents free spirit and supportiveness. With only the floor is violet colored, the old gold and turquoise coloring on the rest of the room stand out more.

The combination of color schemes and the plant in this living room makes it more homely and gives an impression of very welcoming hospitality. It is very balanced.

Coffee with Cream Inspiration

Coffee Theraphy Living Room Ideas


People whose favorite color is brown are said to be confident and calm. This color is also very commonly used in many furnishings, and with the right color combination, such as cream, and grey makes this living room appears classy.

The color scheme of this room exudes friendliness and warmth. It also makes the guests feel welcome as if they are the host’s family member. It is natural since in terms of color personality; brown is the color of a homebody, which always prioritizes family.

Planet and Sky Living Room Color Schemes

Sky Sensation of Living Room Ideas


This living room is called so since its color composition appears to be reminiscent of sky. The combination of light blue with dark and light grey emphasizes freedom, serenity, and creativity.

Additionally, with the right decorations, one can completely makes this living room into a more spatial themed, exerting an impression of a habitable sky. With this color scheme, this living room encourages you to relax and live the present.

Happiness Atmosphere Style

Happiness Living Room Athmosphere


The all-brown living room composition exerts an impression of classic, olden days. The color composition in this room encourages the guests and host alike to be happy and treasure everything that happens in the present. As such, it also has nostalgic, distant memory feels.

Besides giving your living room—and overall house layout—more personality, these living room color schemes also affect how the guests perceive the interior of your home. With the right color combination, everyone may feel many things at once, by just being in the living room.

After all, color is more than just a thing to enrich the experience of something and a thing of beauty; it also represents the personality of people, and you can even express yourself with your living room with these rich, beautiful, and vibrant color schemes.

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