26+ Awesome Kitchen Remodel Ideas (Recommended Style)

You will start to think of having a new look for the kitchen usually when it’s been around for years. When the moment comes, you’ll look for some unique kitchen remodel ideas that can be referred to.

Wanting some changes in the kitchen is quite natural for any occupants or homeowners. It can be caused by so many factors, one of which is boredom. When the kitchen starts to get old, the color faded away, that is when some changes are required.

Kitchen Island Remodel Ideas

Kitchen Island Remodel Ideas


Owing to its substantial benefits, an island is considered a must in the kitchen. Adding one will help you finish your tasks faster. How so? It’s because an island provides you with a large amount of space for food prep.

Therefore, you can have plenty of room to put some ingredients, vegetables, or fruits on it, where continuing the task with ease is allowed.

It can also be a hangout spot and a nice addition to your kitchen where you can have an everyday conversation to people waiting for the meal to be ready while their stomachs rumbling. The other highlights of this kitchen listed as follows.

  • The island comes in a white hue which becomes an easy focal point in this bold grey kitchen.
  • The storage is on the left side which is an ingenious idea of designing an island. It’ll be a lot easier for everyone on both cook and dine sides to access the utensils rather than having the storage facing one side only.
  • The kitchen appliances look so luxurious and classy which bring an elegant ambiance.

Kitchen Flooring Remodel Ideas

Kitchen Floor Remodel Ideas


It is a fact that the flooring style is one of many elements in the kitchen that is deserved to have your full attention. The floor, being everything you see, is the place where your kitchen sits. And it may also be the first thing you would like to impress your guests with.

The island comes in white with some brown chairs to let your guests enjoy your hospitality as well as the nice outdoor view, thanks to the glass partition. The other fascinating facts about this kitchen are:

  • The floor has the exact same dark brown color with the wall, making the kitchen has a bold chocolate-like look.
  • Besides the large partition, there’s still another window on the ceiling that brings bright lighting, which is good because it looks fairly gloomy here.
  • The kitchen is a little bit breezy since it has a spacious space.

Kitchen Backsplash Remodel Idea

Kitchen Backsplash Remodel Ideas


Installing a backsplash is essential to your kitchen especially to the wall. Not only to protect, but it can also prevent the wall to get easily tarnished by liquids. It makes your kitchen look even nicer to some extent as well.

Some options are available when it comes to the materials. You can choose variedly from ceramic to brick or even wood. Pick one that suits your kitchen the most and enhances the look to the whole concept as well.

In this kitchen, the backsplash comes in white with a unique, flower-like pattern that adds some beauty to the wall.

4. Kitchen Countertop Flair Idea

Kitchen Countertops Ideas


Having a glossy surface, this countertop looks so classy with a set of the dark electric stove in the middle. It also has a unique shape that makes the kitchen practical. The sink is located near the window which comes in handy to fight away the boredom while doing the dishes routine.

This kitchen has a strong white accent, so applying a dark color will make a gorgeous contrast and create a monochromatic style.

The built-in island will also give you some benefits, too. Its bench tops allow you to have large space for food prep and it is considered as the best design with high efficiency.

Optimize Overhead Kitchen Storage

Kitchen Storage Remodel Ideas


Kitchen remodel ideas can help you redesign the kitchen with a better layout that can improve your efficiency. Anything in the kitchen you think requires a new transformation should be changed then.

This storage, for instance, is a clever way of transforming your kitchen storing space. Optimizing overhead storage will save some room underneath as you can put more kitchen appliances there, which is very helpful.

A kitchen should be clean and clutter-free and this floor has it. It looks so spotless that you might still be fine lying your body down on it. It also has the same color as the island that infuses a cool look.

  • By optimizing the overhead storage, you can have a nice decoration that is needed when remodeling the kitchen.
  • Adding some plants will bring natural atmosphere here.
  • The floor is finished with ceramic in a grey accent that leaves a relaxed feeling and blends well with the surroundings.

Brainstorming Original Storage

Kitchen Storage Ideas


Some stuff doesn’t take up so much space when it comes in little number, but the amount will gradually increase in days and you will need bigger storage then. This is when you need to think about a new way of storing.

Making use of the room under the sink could be a nice way to tackle it. Creating small boxes that can hold those everyday items as seen here can help you tidy up the kitchen.

This storage comes in handy considering its usage for hiding tiny items without taking a large amount of space. Don’t load it with too many things in it, though, or the hinges will get broken.

7. Add Open Shelving Idea

Open Shelving Kitchen Ideas


Don’t let the corner wall empty, you can try to install some open shelves there. This picture literally shows you how to do that. It looks so well-arranged and so much more interesting.

You have to measure each of its space before sticking them on the wall with brackets that can withstand the weight. Don’t put some heavy stuff because it will collapse down.

The plates, bowls, and jars are nicely set up there according to its sizes, colors, and types. And there’s a plant that gives a subtle touch to this kitchen and creates a tranquil look.

  • You can have some more storage by creating open shelving that can be used for storing kitchen utensils. Paint it with a different color and make a contrast to emphasize it.
  • The shelving really makes this kitchen a clutter-free space and leaves plenty of countertops left for other uses.

Appliance Kitchen Garage

Smart Kitchen Garage Ideas


A kitchen won’t look so special if it isn’t supported by some great appliances. If your kitchen only has a beautiful layout and decoration without having the tools that can enhance your work, that will be pointless.

When cooking meals, you are going to need them to make your task becomes much easier. You should also consider putting those appliances in the right place so you know where to go whenever need them – not too close or far from your reach, either.

This kitchen already has a good layout and spacious space which makes it have an airy feel. You can even put an island there if needed. But if you think it isn’t needed, then, you don’t have to. Do not fail to see these highlights also:

  • With the dark grey flooring, this kitchen seems to have a calm and relaxed atmosphere that blends together with the rest.
  • The windows have a unique design that you can open to let the air flow through.
  • Those two lamps with dim lighting merge with the cool tone of grey and deep green in this kitchen.

Smart Kitchen Workspace Idea

Kitchen Workspace Ideas


The workspace is something that you should put into consideration, too, when remodeling the kitchen. How could you cook or do your job well if a good workspace doesn’t exist? That is why you should pay attention to it.

Make sure the workspace is enough to allow you to put some kitchen appliances, utensils, or ingredients while cooking. When you are in a rush, bad things like spilling liquids out of the pot or blender can happen if you don’t organize the workspace quite well.

Decorating it to have a nice look is also something you shouldn’t forget. With a stunning kitchen look, it will make you enjoy the whole cooking process as it has a lovely, entertaining appearance.

Upgrade Your Appliances Idea

KItchen Remodel Ideas


Kitchen appliances will get obsolete through time, which is why they should be upgraded so that you can have a better experience in cooking. Though it may cost you a fortune, the upgrade is obviously necessary.

Upgrading kitchen appliances can be a nice move, and it is also one of many kitchen remodel ideas that you should follow. Don’t be reluctant to spend some of your savings on new tools to get the kitchen upgraded or renovated.

This one has plank wood flooring while the kitchen cabinet, ceiling, and door are in white. The wall, however, is painted with a yellowish hue and has some unique pattern on it that nearly reach the ceiling.

  • With no island, the kitchen has some considerable amount of space left that makes you free to move around.
  • The floor has wood finishing which brings a warm and welcoming ambiance to the home.
  • The kitchen would look beautiful if you could add some plants or flower to elevate the aesthetic feeling.

To sum it up, remodeling your kitchen could be done by adding an island and open shelving, paying attention to the flooring and backsplash, optimizing overhead storage, or upgrading the appliances.

Kitchen remodel ideas can influence one’s thought on deciding what looks that would fit the whole area. It’s not wrong if you want to discuss it with your spouse before picking one that will suit the most.

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