10+ Best Kitchen Lighting Ideas for Heart of The Home

The idea of applying dim light in a certain room where is associated with a romantic thing, for example, dining room and bedroom, maybe is the brilliant idea ever. But it can be a big catastrophic if you implement the wrong kitchen lighting ideas. When it is too dark, then it can be dangerous for you.

On the other hand, too much light also not a good idea. That is why lighting ideas for the kitchen are essential. Besides safety reason, lighting also becomes the biggest part of the decoration that you should consider. Here are the best kitchen lighting ideas, special for you.

Modern Kitchen Lighting

Kitchen Lighting on Your Ceiling


If you are into modern design, choose minimalist ornament and trinkets. Same with the lighting don’t pick too many trinkets like a heavy chandelier. Otherwise, simple lighting like recessed downlight offers additional interest and warm finish touched

If your dominant color is black or dark, utilize small pan and crockery cubby will take a cozy look, thanks to the internal lighting. A handle-free lamp into the background area of the kitchen island is grabbing the attention though.

Industrial Style Lighting

Industrial Kitchen Lighting Ideas


Talking about industrial style is always related to the steel surface, brickwork, and bulky vintage equipment. With this uniqueness, no wonder why this style relatively suits with individual personal taste.

Another reason why many people choose this style is that the atmosphere of transforming an old object into something new can build a nostalgic moment.

A pendant light is usually used in industrial style kitchen. The simple, monochromatic, and sleek design can give finishing touch of modern industrial style. It looks so striking when you hang it for two or three above the dining table or bar area.

The canopy of the lighting can be in half-round shaped in black metal steel material. But if your overall kitchen style uses black as the dominant color, the light wooden panel that hangs like vines from the ceiling will offer you a warm complement atmosphere.

Vintage Lighting Ideas

Vintage Lighting Istyle


There is an undeniable fact in term of the aesthetic world: nothing can last forever. However, almost every trend of design is just a full circle. Today’s trend is inspired by the past and will be the same in the future. And vintage is one of the examples.

The first trick to present the vintage vibe is through warm lighting. The light spectrum ranges from warm light (reddish yellow light) to cool light (bluer kind like natural daylight). Choose warm light to give you a classical approach instead of cool light that brings you a more modern atmosphere.

Have both of that taste? Buy light bulbs that the color can change. It makes you easy to arrange the light based on your taste. Professional designers are usually pondering two types of general lighting: direct and indirect.

The difference between both of them is how the light comes through the fixture to the target. When a number of bulbs disgorge lighting straight down to the kitchen room, so it is considered as direct.

Otherwise, if the room is illuminated by several upward-facing shaded lamps, this is what we call as indirect. Better for you to choose the second one to make the vintage style becomes bolder.

Kitchen Island Lighting

Kitchen Island with Uniqeu Lighting


If you think a kitchen is a room for cooking only, then you never understand the phrase “kitchen is the heart of a home”. In fact, many families utilize the kitchen as a place to have informal and heart-warming chit-chat, take breakfast, or just read the latest book recipe.

That is why kitchen island is one of the important things to be concerned. Pendant lighting is good for your decorative needs. Try to use a larger size to upscale the kitchen’s style.

A cluster of smaller pendants which is arranged in a traditional line or various hanging height can give an adorable display for the island. More linear and larger chandeliers or recessed lighting can be another alternative if you are bored with pendant light.

When you choose the hanging light for your beautiful island, take note that it is hung at least 28 to 34 inch above the island. Put it in the center is the most common one based on the reason for lighting distribution.

Kitchen Cabinet Lighting

LED Downlight Kitchen Cabinet Ideas


Under cabinet lighting can illuminate the countertops with a high-class taste of design and functionality. While ambient lighting is useful for navigating throughout the kitchen, don’t let shadows appear in the area that needs more light focus.

The installation is also a piece of cake. You can do it by yourself at home. First, think about the plugin and direct wire lighting. What are you going to choose between both of them? Plug in is easier than direct wire.

But direct wire can be more comfortable for a wall switch. Find some handymen if you are not familiar with electrical work.

Chandelier Lighting Style

Beuatiful Chandelier Lighting Design


Put a pretty centerpiece of modern lighting can give you perfect touch of the entire kitchen interior design because chandelier is beyond the source of light. It is part of the design itself. That is why; follow these several tips to choose the best chandelier for your kitchen room.

First, measure the width and the length of your kitchen before pointing finger on your favorite chandelier. To determine the proper diameter, slightly too big is still okay rather than too small. Then, calculate the length of chandelier. If the ceiling is high, the chandelier shall be tall also.

A foyer chandelier is in ideal height when it is hung about 7 feet off from the floor. The chandelier is a complement of the design, so don’t detract the theme by it. In term of picking the model or color, you have to consider what theme you want to uphold in your existing kitchen.

If you want to make rustic vibe, you can make it from twigs or faux antlers. If you love shabby chic, you can pick chandelier with black or white finish with additional antique glass sconce shade.

Downlight Kitchen Ideas

Super LED Downlight Lighting


Applying downlight for kitchen ideas is a sophisticated way to brighten your room. If you are into clean lines design with simple lighting, it will be your best option. Moreover, it saves your space though. Before you are sure, think about several things.

First is the height of the ceiling. The light in the downward direction is in a cone shape. That cone shape of light is usually crossing for approximately 30 inches from the floor. That is why you have to carefully calculate the height to maximize the effect of dramatic light.

The taller of ceiling you have, the brighter lamp you will need. The location of downlight from the wall also needs to be considered. It needs roughly two feet away from the edge of the wall upon the ceiling.

It will be better if you can avoid any shadow. Then, give space to your downlights evenly across to the room for establishing a balanced look.

Exposed Wires Ideas

Exposed Wire on Kitchen Lighting Ideas


Last but not least, choose the bulbs. Many types are available in the market for you. You can choose LED bulbs since the efficiency to reduce energy consumption is unbelievable.  LED tape light is also a great option. It can be used for under the cabinet. Besides the easiness to install, you can cut it to make it fit.

The ultra-low profile will be beneficial for accent mirror or another wall hanging. The available color is white, color and color changing strips. Xenon bulbs, fluorescent, and dimmer can be chosen to bring you warm tone vibes. The incandescent of xenon gas bulbs can be prolonging the bulb’s life.

You can mix xenon bulb or fluorescent for your dim light. The function of using dimmer is you can easily control it and pick a color of light that is suitable for your mood.

Kitchen Lighting with Skylight

Kitchen Lighting Combo with Skylight


The ceiling is basically not the main attention in term of interior design, whereas kitchen skylight can be great practical addition which offers you another layer of light. And the kitchen is a room where will get the most benefit from this because the kitchen requires ambient and enough lighting.

And skylight can reduce your dependency on artificial light. Besides the necessity of decent light, the other function of skylight is creating an illusion from a small and narrow kitchen onto brighter and more cheerful.

Even though the function is slightly the same, but skylight can’t be normal window replacement. It is because the distribution of sunlight is way more equal throughout the room. There are several styles you can use for skylight kitchen design.

  • A slopped and vaulted ceiling is a wonderful idea if you want a dramatic look and timeless appeal. Not to mention if your attic feels so congested because of your slanted ceilings, the only way to open it up into the view outside and to make it well ventilated is through skylight.
  • You can put one of plenty of creative ideas to make your skylight not so boring. For example, get the rustic vibes by traditional kitchen with heavy wooden beams surrounding skylight.To make it more modern, combine simple skylight with kitchen shelves on the worktop will make it chic with abundant of light.
  • Want to add up skylight on your existing kitchen? It is still possible as long as you consider the insulation and placement of your workstation. Don’t make your source of light ruin the ambient.

In conclusion, there are various ideas of how to install kitchen lighting. Applying a certain style, installing at specific space, choosing a particular type, or complementing with an additional feature are some of the ideas.

So, which one of these kitchen lighting ideas that you’re going to pick?

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