31+ Kitchen Island Ideas (Enhancing your Kitchen’s Functionality)

If your kitchen is lacking display, storage, or function area, try to go for kitchen island ideas. This design can solve all those problems and beautiful doing it. Putting a kitchen island is the best choice for anyone who wants to have great storage, display, and functionality at the same time.

Besides that, having a kitchen island also offers you a lot of benefits such as extra seating, adding more kitchen amenities, adding storage area in addition to cabinetry, etc.

Moreover, you don’t need to worry about the cost and design because the material options for kitchen island are endless and there’s a lot of kitchen island ideas. Here we’ve collected some that may interest you.

Double Duty Modern Kitchen Island

Double Duty Kitchen Island


This double-duty modern kitchen island is perfect to put in your kitchen if you have a small kitchen layout and want a modern kitchen looks with the island. It is an effective solution for storage, cooking, and even as a dining table.

The combination of wood on floors, steel from furniture’s frame and fixture, and hanging lamps will surely bring a country and rustic feeling to your kitchen. Meanwhile, it also brings a cozy look and warmth.

Marble as the material for countertop and stool also makes it even great and give luxurious look. Modifying your kitchen island by providing more space and storage will make your kitchen looks more efficient and multi-function.

Beauty Farmhouse Kitchen Island

Farmhouse Style Ideas


Blending calm feeling of vintage and natural feeling of farmhouse style will make your cooking activities delightful. Furthermore, it will be more entertaining and perfect if you also add great natural lighting into your kitchen.

Wooden kitchen island and open shelving is a great option if you want to give farmhouse and rustic feeling to your kitchen. The beige color of shelves paired with the white color of the wall, furniture, and cabinets also gathered vintage flair.

Moreover, the island has a towel holder, shelves, and cabinets to hold all your essentials. There are numerous storage options that give you a place to store all you need when cooking or preparing a meal.

This kitchen island idea is best for you who want to have a rustic, farmhouse, and vintage look in the kitchen. The island has wheels so you will able to move it in other rooms. Adding plants as the final touch is also perfect to enrich all those styles.

Minimalist Kitchen Island Ideas

Minimalist Kitchen Decor


A minimalist kitchen island is the best option for anyone who wants to have a simple kitchen. Mostly, there is two option of the minimalist kitchen island. Those are design wise and space wise. You can choose one of it or combine them.

This one is a minimalist design and space. The island has a sleek design with under counter storage system. The sleek design makes the island minimalist in both models and space.

Moreover, the island is extended in one side as a dining table. The seating enhances the main function of a table while the island still provides its function.

Great combination of wood and concrete as the material of countertop gives your kitchen more characteristic and helps you to divide space configuration in the table.

Luxurious with Marble Material

Marble Kitchen Island


If you have enough money to spend on your kitchen, you can go with this idea. Marble countertop adds a luxurious look to your island and gives value to your home. Moreover, marble is durable and tough. So it can handle any extreme cooking situation.

Marble countertop is famous for its resilience of the stone. Although it is a bit pricey, it will last a lifetime if you properly cared for it. So you can’t go wrong with marble for its durability and gives home value.

Combining marble with wood as the worktop gives it a rustic look to your island which functions as a dining table. The island has the same finish with the rest of the kitchen. So it looks cool in design and has a good sense of balance.

Large Airy Kitchen with Wheeled Ideas

Kitchen with Wheel


Are you tired of the same old cabinets in your kitchen? Then, adding this island into your meal haven and cooking will be a nice idea. You don’t even need to worry if your large kitchen will lack space if you added it because it is movable. It has wheels!

Not only movable but it also has a place to put the seating away. So it will save space and keep your kitchen neat. You can pull out the seating when needed and enjoy your meal there.

A large airy kitchen with a wheeled kitchen island is an inventive idea for space maximization and flexibility.

Kitchen Island with Extra Storage

Kitchen Storage Ideas


An island is the best choices if you think your kitchen is lack of storage and space. Add an island makes you get many benefits and solves your problem both in storage and space.

If the main problem in your kitchen is lacking storage, this idea is perfect for you. It has many options for storage area. Under countertop, there are three layers of storage area which able to hold many things and you can even use countertop too.

In term of design, the island made of marble and wood. While the wall and rooftop have a wood accent which bring the kitchen an intense rustic feeling.

The eating area also makes the island become multi-function. It can be the storage, preparation, and dining area at the same time.

Functional Kitchen Island with Sink and Stove

Functional Kitchen Island


Mostly, an island has a function as an additional space for the meal preparation process. But, this kitchen island ideas offer you more than just a prep area. It provides a lot of space to do almost all you need in your kitchen.

  • The existence of sink and stove : The main activity that people commonly do in their kitchen is cooking. This idea provides you cooking and prep area so you can do those jobs on the kitchen island.
  • Prep area and eating area : Creating a kitchen island with dining table is great to enhance your family bond. This island style has a prep area that also allows you to use it as a dining table. You only need to add a stool or chair that suits the other decorative element.
  • Storage space with shelves : Adding an island to your kitchen also means that you have more space to utilize. The space below countertop is normally used as a storage space. You can design it to store all your stuff.

Attractive Round Shape

Round Kitchen Island Shape


Craving other shapes of kitchen island besides rectangle and square? This round island may interest you. The round shape is the best option to choose if you want to make your island as kitchen centerpiece and being stand out.

Not only being stand out but also round shape island make your working flow in the kitchen more flexible. It’d be even better if one side of the island used as a dining area.

Hence, the family member will be able to face each other and have a small conversation while one is preparing the meal and the other is waiting to eat together. It surely will give you a fascinating cooking and eating experience.

Foldable Kitchen Island Ideas

Foldable Kitchen Island


Looking for simple and cheap kitchen island ideas? Then this one might inspire you: a small foldable island made of wood with wheels. You can’t get better than this.

It has three layers. The countertop offers you prep area and shelves under countertop allow you to put your essentials. It even has a towel and knife holder although has a small size. Having this foldable island will be a plus for you who like to do outdoor cooking.

Because it is light and foldable, you can bring it anywhere without many efforts. It even doesn’t need large spaces to store. The best options for anyone who wants to have a practical and multifunction wheeled island.

Professional Kitchen Look

Amazing Kitchen Ideas


An island made of wood and marble with prep area, baking area, and cooking area is really amazing. You get not only one area for your kitchen but three. It also provides under countertop cabinets that allow you to store all your cooking essentials.

Make it even awesome. All of those areas and storage gives your kitchen a professional look like in a restaurant.

Even professional with the existence of stainless steel appliances paired with warm marble floor, hanging storage of cooking equipment, and stainless steel cooker hood.

The wooden wall open shelving also able to blend goodly with the rest of the kitchen area and make the design looks even great. So, if you want to make a kitchen island with a professional and luxurious look and have enough budgets, consider using this idea.

Having an extraordinary kitchen island is one of the best opportunities to make your kitchen one of a kind. Nowadays kitchen island gains much interest of the people. They are attracted to the appeal of the kitchen island, for example, of its looks and functions.

Before looking for kitchen island ideas, it would be better if you calculate how many budgets that you have. Considering that is the major thing that you should concern. Hope these kitchen island ideas that we’ve collected may inspire and help you to crave your dream kitchen island.

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