10+ Awesome Kitchen Cabinet Ideas That Will Long Last

When designing or remodeling the kitchen, most homeowners tend to overlook kitchen cabinet ideas. In fact, they are an important part of the kitchenette. They house pantry essentials and affect the look of your cooking area.

If you find your kitchen dull and uninviting, it is the right time to replace old cabinets with something new. They make your meal preparation easier and transform the space from drab to fab.

Picking out the cabinets may be a tricky and daunting affair. No worries. We have gathered up some marvelous kitchen cabinet ideas below. We believe you get the functional storage that meets your expectation.

Blue Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Blue Kitchen Cabinet Ideas


As the timeless color, blue navy always works nicely on the kitchen cabinetry. It produces natural drama, elegance, and sophistication. Plus, it seems stylish and glamorous. This dark blue shade won’t get out of style.

Here, the sleek navy cabinets are tastefully attractive. They make a bold impression too. Along with white cabinetry, they create a nautical flair. The contrast between the navy and white cabinets is super astonishing.

White ceiling, backsplash, countertop, kitchen island, and walls develop a clean setting. Metallic refrigerator, faucet, and cooking stove showcase high gloss. They give the area an industrial edge.

Wooden cutting board, floor, open shelves, and stools warm up the space. Three pendant lights radiate the room in an ambient way. A vase of white flowers perks up the entire space. This cooking area is so fresh, right?

Simple White Kitchen Cabinet

White Kitchen Cabinet Ideas


It is one of the kitchen cabinet ideas that we truly admire. You probably think white cabinets are stark and lifeless. But, they will become a hot trend for years. Not to mention, they go well with any color and style due to its versatility.

In this picture, the milky white cabinets carve a modern appeal. They expand the small area. As a result, the kitchen visually looks more spacious. The cabinets lend an airy and a sunny atmosphere too.

The white subway tiles on the backsplash add personality and texture to the kitchenette. White ceiling and walls convey openness, purity, and serenity.

Glass window allows the sunlight to brighten the whole room. The silver hardware promotes an industrial charm. Wooden floor, beige granite countertop, and white flowers embellish the kitchen.

Two Tone Kitchen Cabinet

Two Tone Kitchen Cabinet Ideas


In case you get bored with your existing kitchen, why not give it an improvement? Having two tone cabinets is definitely the best way to abandon uniformity. They deliver a splendid twist to your cooking area.

You can use a light color on your upper cabinet and a rich shade on the lower one. The pastel grey and teal blue cabinets catch the eye in a split second. They generate a lasting and stylish appearance.

The backsplash, ceiling, countertop, and walls are painted white. They let the cabinets take the center stage. A black kitchen appliance pairs perfectly with the teal cabinet. But, it contrasts with white countertop.

Golden hardware boosts a sense of luxury. Metallic orb pendant light, stainless-steel faucet and electric kettle lead to the industrial aesthetic. Meanwhile, medium-toned wooden floor exhibits an intimate ambiance.

Modern Kitchen Inspiration

Modern Kitchen Design


If you want to own a modern culinary space, forgo dark-stained wooden cabinets because they result in a traditional style. We recommend you to opt for exotic wooden cabinets instead.

As seen in the image above, the grey wooden cabinets have alluring striped grain. They do not only offer smooth texture to the kitchenette but also create a focal point and high-end appearance. The units also freshen up the area.

Pale grey laminate wood floor teams fabulously with the streamlined cabinets. White ceiling and countertops and cabinets make for a ravishing contrast. The limes add a splash of energizing color to the space.

The kitchen is also outfitted with stainless-steel backsplash and highly polished appliances. They are chic and sumptuous at the same time. Plus, you can clean up the splatters, spills, and grease easily.

Black Industrial Kitchen

Black Industrial Kitchen


For you who are not a faint-hearted person, give this idea shot. Black is a big thing these days. It goes with everything. That’s the reason you should enter the dark side. We guarantee it won’t disappoint you.

This culinary space blows our mind. Look at those black cabinets. They bring a healthy dose of drama to the room. Other than that, the units introduce depth and elegance.

The cabinets act like the cool backdrop for metallic hardware. White worktop, wall, and cabinetry contribute to the refined interiors. They complement the kitchen appliances, stools and floor as well.

A couple of retro pendant lights cast a radiant glow after dark. The glass door, windows, and skylights keep the area bright. Corrugated metal ceiling evokes an industrial charm. What a welcoming and cozy room!

Rustic Kitchen Style

Rustic Style Ideas


Deciding between classic and rustic designs is a hard job. So, why not incorporate them into your kitchen? In this picture, the pastel grey aged wooden cabinets with molding promote a farmhouse vibe as well as country cottage atmosphere.

Pastel grey handles offer an old world charm. Drinkware collections inside the kitchen cabinets are such perfect additions. Since the cabinets come with glass doors, you can notice them quickly.

The wooden floor and countertop emit inimitable warmth. They flatter the cabinets nicely. The ceiling and exposed wooden beams magnify a sense of rustic. A vintage chandelier steals the spotlight.

Underfoot is a French-style floral rug. It pampers the feet and spices up the cooking area at once. Chinese blue & white porcelain jars and plates bring the ancient feel to the zone. Well, the kitchen is rich in textures and cultures.

Grey Kitchen Cabinet

Grey Kitchen Paint Ideas

Speaking of kitchen cabinet ideas, grey is the leading and desirable neutral hue. It even has got more popularity recently. If you love something chic and soothing, but still make a mesmerizing statement, these are our tips.

  • Paint your kitchenette’s ceiling and walls white. This color helps open up the space. So, the room does not seem cramped and gloomy.
  • Install wooden floor. It injects a casual and warm atmosphere into the room.
  • Hang pastel grey cabinets on the wall. For the lower cabinets, you must get them up of the floor.
  • Cover the backsplash with white hexagonal ceramic tiles. They make the area more interesting.
  • Put a geometric grey rug on the floor. It creates a coordinating look.
  • Place a potted plant on the countertop. The greenery provides a natural setting.
  • Illuminate the area during the nighttime with downlights.

Scandinavian Mood Kitchen

Scandinavian Booster Mood


The Nordic design is taking the whole world by storm. If you plan on using this style in your culinary space, we fully support you. We promise you will enjoy cooking in such a clutter-free kitchen.

Here, the kitchenette features white flat-panel cabinets. Their well-defined lines and sharp edges embrace a modern flair for certain. The ceiling and grid-like backsplash look simple yet charming.

The glass window lets the daylight stream into the cooking area. Downlights, under-cabinet LED strip lights, and hanging bulbs radiate the kitchen when the dark falls. Monochrome patterned square floor tiles act as the centerpieces.

Minimalist black armchairs can be tucked away under wooden dining table. The open shelves and butcher block countertop are beautifully rustic units. Potted succulent and greenery invigorate the room. What a tastefully organized kitchen!

Under The Stairs Kitchen Cabinet

Unique Kitchen Cabinet Design

Dwell in a small home? Don’t fret! You can create functional storage by adding cabinets to the awkward space under your stairs. We guarantee you will think your kitchenette is not that confined.

From ceiling to the floor, all are made up of wood. Unlike the other kitchens, you can adorn your culinary space with an unfinished wood because of its clean and rustic look.

The kitchen island and staircase on the casters are easy to move. White countertop and glass worktop pair pleasantly with the wooden furniture.

A unique pendant light keeps the cooking area from feeling ill-lit and unattractive. The oversized windows connect you with nature; while a vase of blooming flowers titivates the area.

Stylish Contemporary Ideas

Contemporary Kitchen Design


Are you a big fan of contemporary design? This idea won’t fail to amaze you for sure. You can fill your kitchenette with color cabinets. They lend the cooking zone a personality and modernity.

The matte black open cabinets add definition, depth, and drama to the entire room. Plus, they give the space an airy ambiance. There are red and metallic cooking appliances. Since the cabinets come in the rich tone, the other elements stand out.

A roll-out red cabinet is located between two black cabinets. It instantly brightens up the entire area and exudes a happy mood. This furniture also stores dishes, small kitchen appliances, and spice jars neatly.

Vibrant yellow serving tray and red drinking glasses are popping up against the grey countertop in a striking way. White floor, wall and slim cabinet handle rival the bold elements. A combination of deep and bright colors couldn’t be lovelier.

There you have some wonderful ideas for your kitchen cabinet! The ideas range are apparently wide, from applying certain colors, like blue and white, to giving a touch of a particular style, such as modern and industrial.

Hopefully, our kitchen cabinet ideas tempt you to upgrade your cooking area. Keep in mind that you must consider your family’s needs, budget, kitchen’s shape and size before revamping the kitchen. Let’s achieve your dream kitchenette!

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