37+ Brilliant Kitchen Backsplash Ideas (Upgrading your Cooking Mood)

Backsplash, especially in the kitchen, can increase the enjoyment ratio while you spend your time there. Only a simple tiny decoration but brings significant effect for you. Nevertheless, the method to apply it is simple and will not bother you. The problem is, sometimes people are a little bit confused on specifying which pattern of backsplash that will perform best on the existing kitchen design. This kitchen backsplash idea will help you to do so.

The backsplash has diverse materials you can choose, from weeny glass mosaic tile to the more traditional way. If in the past you needed many experts to build your dream come true kitchen because of the difficulties level, but right now you can do this backsplash by yourself like your personal project.

Modern Wood Style

Wood Kitchen Backsplash Ideas


Almost all kind of wood and plywood are widely used in home décor or architecture structure. I am sure you have been familiar with the wooden staircase, hanging wall accessories, and furniture. But maybe you will not agree if wooden stuff is used for the kitchen due to the vulnerability of humidity.

Fortunately, modern finish and various types of plywood can handle this issue. The usage of sleek wood backsplash provides you contemporary look and natural feeling with extra warm ambiance. Shades and textures are available in so many variations.

You can maximize the small space of backsplash with contrast idea between rustic glamorous touched and wooden backsplash. Additional light toward the cabinet and make it matches with the countertop shelves will support your outstanding backsplash.

Artistic Fabric Backsplash

Fabric Kitchen Backsplash Ideas


Sometimes the more rarely idea, the more they will be interested to try. It happens also with backsplash idea. Have you ever imagined fabric underneath glass is something that can be astonishingly beautiful?

If you want a simple idea that can be done by yourself, then it is truly your opportunity, especially if you are an out of the box person on earth.

Does your kitchen relatively have one solid dominant color? If yes, you can choose big motives of fabric or full flower image. If your kitchen uses a monochromatic theme, then you can be freer in term of choosing the motives. Let your backsplash be the most notable center of attention!

Marble Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Marble Kitchen Backsplash Ideas


Who says that marble is only suitable with grandma’s house? Even though it is considered as old school, but this eye-catching look can be a great alternative to the ubiquitous high-end kitchen.

The uniqueness of the motive combined with green cabinets and raw wood shelves will produce rustic farmhouse atmosphere that we ever can’t get enough of.

To avoid the too complicated and too busy impression, you can finish the countertops and the backsplash with light white and grey marble color. Using the same material between countertops and backsplash can maintain the continuity and give the opportunity to other elements inside the room shine.

Simple Ceramic Kitchen Backsplash

Stunning Ceramic Kitchen Backsplash Ideas


Since the main idea of using kitchen backsplash is to protect the wall around sink and stove from acid or any other dirty stuff, so it has to be fit in every budget allocation. If you are in love with stone but facing the trouble of price, ceramic tile will be better for you.

Different from natural stones that almost bring the same vibe, ceramics offer you countless opportunity to explore your idea. From sophisticated minimalist to chic vintage, rustic to futuristic, you can find everything you want. Don’t be afraid to choose the most outrageous option because this is going to be essential to define the entire look of your lovely kitchen.

Before you choose the pattern, better for you to mix and match it with the current style of your kitchen. Thanks to technology that will not let you confuse with this problem. Ceramics right now can be designed to favor metal surface or marble to get classy specific looks but still on budget.

  • Pay close attention to the basic cuts, designs, and styles of ceramics. Diagonal tile gives you unique looks but will require more tiles to be applied into kitchen backsplash. Prepare the additional cost carefully. Laser cut tiles can give you different feel when it is joined elaborately like jigsaw puzzles. And lastly, the most popular one is subway tiles that offer you clean-cut look.
  • Since the varieties of designs are available to be chosen, don’t forget to consider the harmony between countertops shelves, floor, wall, and furniture. There are two tricks you can follow. First, pick the surrounding décor then stick with it.

For example, reddish tiles will perfectly blend with brown cabinet. Second, opt out from the dominant design and choose the sharpest contrast as an outstanding ornament. Blow everyone mind every time they come to your kitchen.

Mirror Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Mirror Kitchen Backsplash Ideas


Are you obsessed with mirrored wall like French café or just want to add up illusion of more space? Yes, mirror for kitchen backsplash idea is the answer.

The accent of mirror will perfectly work with various difference of aesthetic because of its ability to create dimension, emphasize texture, and reflect natural light.

If small mirror is enough, you can make it fun by using a colored mirror as complementary your palette. It still reflects the light, though, which is great to manipulate smaller kitchen to look bigger. Choose a hue which works with your color palette, gives warmth and richness than an ordinary plain mirror.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

stainless steel kitchen backsplash ideas


Take a look at your kitchen very carefully. Is it dominant with steel surface, bulky vintage equipment, and brickwork? If yes, then your kitchen is categorized into industrial ideas. To make it perfect, additional stainless steel backsplash will help a lot.

Stainless steel kitchen backsplash idea absolutely reminds us with ordinary restaurant or professional master chef kitchen. The function of implementing stainless steel is to make it into wet free space, especially in the sink area that always has high humidity.

Even though it looks luxurious and glamorous, actually it has an affordable price compared to stone or tile backsplash.

The durability of stainless steel material fits for you who always seek for long-lasting product; particularly the ability to reduce the risk of fungi or mold will strengthen its durability without requires any hassle maintenance.

Basic Brick Backsplash Inspiration

Brick Kitchen Backsplash Ideas


Natural stone like travertine, granite, limestone, slate, or onyx is an overwhelmed popular choice to upgrade your kitchen looks. People choose stone rather than any other option is usually because of the variety of aesthetic colors, diversity of finishes, and quite long lasting wearing.

Most people spare more space behind the sink until the stove to provide satisfactory protection to the wall. Although the quality to make the wall more protected is usually unquestionable, but some types of stone will absorb more moisture than others. That is why not every type of stones is ideal for sink and stove that frequently get wet.

In term of color, it usually ranges from cream or pale white to reddish brown. To keep the harmony of color, you can establish a uniform effect with stone which has close similarity color within large section. Other facts that you need to consider more before picking up one of those stones are:

  • Choose stone kitchen backsplash idea only if you want to get a professional designer looks. It can be fallen over that offer you more sophisticated smoother look, rustic, brushed and polished touch. This finishing look provides incomparable effect for your kitchen.
  • As long as you clean it regularly, this stone will not give you additional problem. Especially for natural stones which are so susceptible to acid in food and beverages. Use a soft stone cleaner which has the ability to remove grout and dirt without damaging the stone

Solid Glass Kitchen Backsplash

Glass Kitchen Backsplash Ideas


Solid glass tile expresses a strong message of delicate urbanity. Especially if your ideal kitchen style is modern style, you need to consider this. Don’t worry if the solid glass will be out of date in the future because glass never out of style.

The style that is being a trend in Europe currently is hitting exposure and popularity across the US. If you hire a contractor to do your home renovation, probably you will get offering in color variation. Instead of solid color, you can opt to clear glass custom painted.

It will minimize the risk of damage or chip once applied. Besides avoiding damage, clear glass is the perfect option if you want your sink to be visually clean and shiny.

Actual Chalkboard Backsplash

Chalkboard Kitchen Backsplash Ideas


From long decades ago, the chalkboard has already well known to be part of home décor tricks and proven to be applied everywhere. If you want another option that is budget friendly and beyond unique, you will be happy to consider this option.

On the other hand, chalkboard can become your personal space in the kitchen. Draw anything you want, write recipe or list as you want, or just playing with your kids by utilizing this bright idea.

Besides the easiness way to decorate backsplash with cheap material, you can clean and repaint it anytime you want. It helps a lot too to remind you what spices that need to be bought soon, or label the jars name on your kitchen.

More Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

To sum it up, the range of kitchen backsplash inspirations are so wide. You could opt for one of these materials: marble, wood, fabric, ceramic, stainless steel, brick, and solid glass. You could even choose to install mirror or chalkboard to be the backsplash.

So, have you chosen one of the kitchen backsplash ideas above? In a nutshell, even though the function of backsplash is to maintain the wall from water but it doesn’t mean we can let it be boring without any decoration. It is your time to make your kitchen more astonishing than another room in your home!

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