Indoor Pool Ideas with Amazing Artistic Touch (Best 10+ Designs)

Having a swimming pool is probably one of the most must-have-list when it comes to building a home. It’s an exceptionally a good idea to stay in shape without having to go to public swimming pool, and even better if it’s indoor. And so, we offer you a handful of indoor pool ideas to see.

Balancing Nature inside Pool

Pool Ideas with Natural Touch

If you think swimming as one way to get close to nature, this one would be a perfect fit for you. This indoor pool design takes one step further in bringing nature indoors. This is one swimming pool that nature lovers would surely adore.

The red brick wall on the edge of the room covers the most of the room, and the floor, except the pool’s edge, is painted in green, giving you an impression that there is grass planted in this room. While there is no real grass, this indoor pool also comes with several trees.

You may enhance the beauty of this natural indoor pool by adding more plants to your liking. But if they are real, make sure to take good care of them by watering them frequently. This indoor pool is luckily also double as a greenhouse thanks to the glass roof, allowing the sunlight to come through.

Additionally, the pool itself has two sections; one is the shallow pool, and the other one is deeper. If you want to relax, go for the shallow one. It’s also safe for children so your whole family can relax here when you feel like it.

Underground Indoor Pool

Underground Indoor Pool Ideas

Thanks to its spiral staircase and silver painted walls, this underground pool looks gorgeous, elegant, and luxurious. Not to mention, private. The glass wall on the right side of the pool also gives you the privilege to practice other kinds of exercise, especially if you want to check out your form.

This pool is also relatively spacious and does not have that many accessories or decoration, hence the privacy. You also may use this room to think or relax after a long day of routine.

Minimalist Indoor Pool

Minimalist Indoor Pool Ideas

Another literal indoor pool, this one can be described as modest. Much like the underground pool design before, this one really is meant to use to swim around. But that does not mean there is not much to do. If you want to sit down and relax, there’s a comfy chair with a pillow.

The pool in this room is also noticeably bigger and deeper than the underground one, and so, perfect to practice your swimming skills. The lights in this room also would make you feel like you are somewhere else, so if you feel like getting away somewhere, just head to this pool.

Modern Pool Waterfall Featured

Modern Pool Ideas

This is another pool that combines both outdoor and indoor feel. The uniqueness of this pool lies in the fact that it can be accessed straight from the living room. There is also a pathway that leads straight to the front porch. With that in mind, this pool design is perfect to throw parties in.

Besides the living room that goes straight to the pool, this one’s main attraction is the mini waterfall on the wall. When you are tired of swimming but still craving the feeling of water on your head, just head to that waterfall and relax.

Generally, this pool is suitable for gathering around and having fun, be it family or friends, or both. Any kind of celebration you have in this pool would surely be unforgettable because they would not be able to resist jumping into the pool.

Skylight Indoor Pool

 Skylight Indoor Pool

The green shade that surrounds this indoor pool would likely make you think of a secret lagoon with the dome-shaped ceiling decorates the room. The wall that is designed to be reminiscent of the cliffs usually found along the coastal lines is clearly meant to emphasize the nature aspect of this pool.

This indoor pool, aside from its obvious use to swim, can also be used to relax and lounging around. It can house many people thanks to the pool bed loungers that surround the edge of the pool. Make yourself feel relaxed while simultaneously being at home and nature.

Stunning Pool with Pillars and Lamps

Large Pool Ideas

Imagine a pool inside a mansion. This one indoor pool would be sure to look fit. This indoor pool is very spacious, not to mention gorgeous. The design of this pool appears to be catered to you who enjoy the lavish and esteemed lifestyle.

The pillars and lamps that decorate the wall, with three chairs below them in each of the section separated by the pillars, give you the privilege to sit down and enjoy the scenery. One may also consider that this pool is not really meant to be used for swimming due to its beauty, but it’s up to you.

The large window at the end of the pool means you can swim while enjoying very stunning scenery, especially if this room is built on higher floor. Basically, you are in for a treat. If you like elegance and swimming, this one would help you swim in grace and style.

Incredible Lighting Pool

Pool with Amazing Lighting Ideas

Want to go on a vacation on a secret island? Look no farther, you can just head down to this indoor pool. This pool is designed with tropical islands in mind, with crags, palm trees, and even a waterfall flowing down from those crag walls. Even the floor resembles a sandy beach shore.

Gorgeous as it looks, this indoor pool is flexible as it can be used in quite a lot of occasions; pool or beach party, private relaxation, honeymoon “vacation”, or even just a formal event, providing that no one is tempted to jump into the pool, that is.

Having this design as a pool is a very bold and worthwhile move, as it can really spruce up the beauty of your home. Make sure to have enough space to bring this “island” to your house, however.

Enlighten Indoor Pool Ideas

Indoor Pool with Amazing Skylight

While we can agree that outdoor swimming pool does have its charm, and it feels exhilarating to swim around while the sky is clear, under the sunlight, there is an alternative to this, especially when you want to swim but the sky does not seem friendly.

This swimming pool combines the elements of indoor and outdoor in one design. It breaks down as follows.

  • For starter, there is a glass canopy and a large double door that leads to outside, which gives you an outdoorsy feel, even though you are not technically outside. If you let the doors open, you can feel a breeze.
  • The glass canopy allows the sunlight and warmth to shine through the pool, while also provides you some protection from the elements, like rain.
  • It also helps that the surrounding of the pool is covered in white paint, providing a neutral atmosphere to the pool.

Small Indoor Cades

Small Indoor Pool cades

Feeling modest? This indoor swimming pool may suitable for you. Here you can relax on one of those pool bed loungers or just swim in the pool. And if you want to warm yourself up, there is a fireplace in the brick wall.

The interior design of this room might give you an impression of a villa, and if you plan to build this design, then you already have a private swimming pool villa of your own.

In conclusion, there are various ideas of building an indoor pool. Several of them are applying a certain style like minimalist and modern, installing additional features like skylight and lighting, and having it built underground.

With these indoor pool ideas, anyone can swim in style. It also adds an entertainment value at your home, so when you feel like you want to have fun without going out, just head to your indoor pool. After all, swimming is a good exercise for you.

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