10+ Hot Tub Ideas You Can Steal Today (Secret of Pro Designers)

If you are looking for inspiration, we collected these magnificent hot tub ideas. Whether you like a modern hot tub or the traditional one, there is something that fits your preference. After a very hectic day, you definitely want to soak in a hot tub. It lowers your stress, melts your tension away, and relieves muscle pain.

That’s why you must integrate the healing and relaxing hot tub into your landscape.The key to an inviting hot tub is to make use of your own space smartly.

Before installing the hot tub, you should put the utility, budget, optimum accessibility, structure, and lifestyle into consideration.

1. Amazing Lighting Ideas

Amazing Tub Ideas


No hot tub will complete without the good lighting. It illuminates the dark areas of your backyard. Plus, it helps highlight your hot tub.

Two fire pits, up-lights and LED lights keep the backyard area from looking dingy. They also add a sense of drama, sophistication, and warmth to the entire area.

In the picture above, the circular hot tub is mesmerizingly connected with the swimming pool. This kind of spillway is perfect for you who live in a warmer climate.

You can easily notice the water features in the backyard too. The trickling water sound really calms your anxious mind.

Multicolored mosaic tiles on the sides of hot tub create a contemporary feel. Planted palm and taro trees exude the tropical vibe. They bring some energy and life to the space too.

2. Beachside Retreat

Awesome View of Pool Ideas


If you happen to have a house by the beach, this idea is surely worth to try. Here, there is a sunken hot tub in the sheltered deck. The unfinished wooden platform surrounds the hot tub stunningly.

Furthermore, the minimalist armless chairs are comfortable to sit on after taking a dip in the hot tub. The colorful throw pillows make the hot tub area more attractive. They lend a cheerful ambiance as well.

A straw pendant light is hung from the ceiling. It offers a rustic charm and rich texture. The tiki hut reminds you of an unforgettable vacation in the tropical country.

The pool with stone edge is such a nice spot during summertime. Grass, palms, orchids, and the other plants are landscaped around the outdoor space. Just imagine lazing your day away in the hot tub while seeing the panoramic beach views.

3. Greek Inspired

Greek Hot Tub Style


This is one of the spectacular hot tub ideas. The hot tub on a raised platform is beyond chic and gorgeous. Two-tone mosaic tiles make for a divine siding. They also accentuate the hot tub.

Move over the floor, the travertine tiles provide a timeless appeal and comfort underfoot. The pillars are so Greek as if the hot tub is constructed in the classic era. They also transport you to historical buildings.

The wooden roof is rustic in nature and produces a cozy atmosphere. It still allows you to enjoy the clear blue sky. White-colored curtains are hung from the roof. They develop a breezy and an airy setting.

Gravels and planted greeneries round out the hot tub zone. When you hit this plush hot tub, you instantly feel like a stunning Greek goddess.

4. Hot Tub Ideas for Guest

Great Backyard Hot Tub Ideas


Do you need space for entertaining your guests? You can design a hot tub that features a large gathering spot. As the picture shows, the fire pit, seating, bold throw pillows, and pergola lead to a welcoming outdoor area.

The circular seating, as well as fire pit, softens the straight lines and sharp edges. They let all your guests join the conversation comfortably. Moreover, they convey togetherness.

Wooden screen, pergola, floor, deck, and multi-level stairs emanate the intimate nuance. They warm up the whole space. Blooming flowers in terracotta pots amplify the beauty of the area.

The reclaimed wooden fence promotes the unpretentious style. It also offers privacy. Interestingly, the backyard escape is equipped with a built-in bench and table. You can throw dinner parties and chill out at the same time.

5. Indoor Hot Tubs Ideas

Best Indoor Hot Tub Ideas


Who states the hot tub is always located in the outdoors? If you want an indoor oasis, then go for it. We promise it is as alluring as the outdoor one. Other than that, no one peeks you.

The recessed wooden hot tub comes in the round shape. It balances out the clean lines in the room. Even though the hot tub is simple, it still grabs the attention. Medium-toned wooden floor creates a wonderfully cohesive look.

Furthermore, the ceiling and walls are clad in black mosaic tiles. They showcase ornate details and lend the area smooth texture. The tiles add elegance, drama, and luxury to the zone too.

River rocks, plants, concrete container, and posts bring the outdoors indoors. Plenty of glass windows keep the area sunny and open. Plus, they connect you with surrounding nature. What a peaceful retreat!

6. Look Like Cave

Look Like Cave Hot Tub Ideas


Searching for hot tub ideas? This can be an inspiration for all hot tubers. In the example above, the sunken hot tub reminisces about the amazing ancient period. Unlike the regular hot tubs, it resembles a cave.

The hot tub is also encased by natural stone tiles. You definitely fall in love with its textured ceiling and walls. They result in a rustic aesthetic. The neutral space scheme leads to a serene and soothing zone.

Three potted plants titivate the cave-like hot tub. They prevent the area from getting overly cold and stark. The LED lights illuminate the whole area during evening hours.

The TV mounted on the wall gives you hours of entertainment. You can watch your favorite TV shows while having a long soak. A wooden bench matches charmingly with the rest of the room. This hot tub leaves you speechless, right?

7. Make It More Personal Hot Tub

Fence and Hot Tub Ideas


Just because you are short on space, does not mean a cozy hot tub is out of reach. As you can see, the compact hot tub gets an instant design facelift from black metal vintage lanterns on the deck. They cast a soft glow after the sun goes down.

The planted bamboo trees and topiary in the metallic pot add natural beauty to the outdoor area. They exhibit a tranquil ambiance effortlessly. Greeneries and decorations personalize the hot tub too.

Multi-level deck carves a modern flair. You can place a drink, food, and a towel on it too. That means you save a lot of space. The raised two steps also help you to enter and exit the hot tub.

Trendy wooden screens give the space additional privacy and safety at once. The bench and throw pillows turn your deck into an outdoor living room. We guarantee this hot tub never cease to fascinate you.

8. Mediterranean Style Hot Tub Ideas

Mediterranean Hot Tub Ideas


Do you put Mediterranean countries on your bucket list? Chances are this idea entices you. This glamorous hot tub allows you to relax in the great outdoors, enjoy the water, and sunbathe. Here are some tips to get the same look.

  • Build the fence made up of flagstones. The natural stones set a rustic edge.
  • Install concrete floor. It teams nicely with the fence.
  • Opt for an elevated platform for the hot tub.
  • Paint the pergola’s roof and pillars milky white. This color creates an open and bright look.
  • For the swimming pool and hot tub, coat them in turquoise paint. Do not forget to accent them with blue tiles too. These two colors are not just refreshing, but also evoke a coastal calm atmosphere.
  • Drape the pergola with sand curtains.
  • Add proper lighting to the space.
  • Grow pink flowers to embellish the area.

9. Serene Atmosphere Ideas

Backyard Ideas with Amazing View


This outdoor area is so dreamy. Look at the hot tub and infinity swimming pool. Needless to say, they provide peace and maximum relaxation. Since they are built in the open space, you can see a 360-degree breathtaking view.

We also love the captivating natural setting. Thanks to stone bricks, boulders, and rocks around the round hot tub as well as pool. They have rugged texture but appear to be an art form.

The pink flowers are planted in the concrete raised beds. In no time, they pretty up both hot tub and pool areas.

Additionally, the elevated deck features steps for easier access. The daylight brightens the whole space before dark, while light fixtures cast a yellow glow during nighttime.

10. Zen Garden Center

Neutral Zen Hot Tub Ideas


When stress grinds you down, it is time to restore your mind. Nothing sounds more delightful than soaking in the hot tub. You can create a Japanese-style garden escape.

Here, the mocha-colored soaking tub unwinds the restless mind. On the hot tub and black wire mesh basket, there are colorful rolled bath towels. The black faux stones on its sides carve a rustic look without spending a lot of money.

You can include five feng shui elements such as water, fire, earth, metal, and wood. They make your backyard garden more appealing. Plus, they increase your property’s value in the future.

The topiary plant and flowers connect you with Mother Nature. This garden sanctuary obviously channels your inner Zen. Who doesn’t want to hop into the relaxing tub?

In conclusion, the ideas you could opt for your hot tub vary, from the lighting installed to the style applied, whether you get the inspiration from Greece, Mediterranean, or Japan. The ideas also work to entertain your guests or for your own satisfaction.

We hope you do not get overwhelmed by those hot tub ideas. Just opt for a few ideas of your choice, and then put a personal spin on the design. Let’s construct the hot tub and feel pleasure!

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