10 Ingenious Home Office Ideas for Ultimate Workspace

A pleasant home office will surely bring positive vibes. Decorating a home office to your liking should be a top work-life priority. When you enjoy the space, you will certainly become more productive. You can start to create your dream workspace by looking for home office ideas.

Whether you have only a small space or large space, there is always a way to decorate your workspace in a way you love. Here we have collected 10 home office ideas to help you get started creating a workspace to your exact specifications.

Industrial Bookcase Style

Industrial Workspace Ideas


An-industrial-bookcase-style is an ingenious option for anyone who wants to pair modern minimalism with a space that is organic and inviting. Industrial style provides textural elements and interesting visual that make your home office more elegant and cozy.

Lighting above the desk brings your home office more industrial touch. Furthermore, adding a wonderful wall texture, mottled wooden floor, seating, and cabinets is good to give a more industrial feeling.

If you want to make your workspace stands out from the crowd, consider using a wooden accent. You can also use exposed brick walls or heavy metallic elements to do so. But you need a few transactional pieces as the bridge between these divergent surfaces.

The main point to set an industrial feeling to your home office is the evasive balance between these immensely different elements!

Sophisticated Dark Home Office

Dark Home Office Ideas


A comfortable place to work is the main point in designing a home office. You can add a built-in shelf and desk to help you work efficiently. Also, add a television and bar cart to make you easier turning into hosting mode or relaxation.

Rich textures, dark tones, and vintage beverage memorabilia make a unique combination for your workspace. It gives a sophisticated den experience.

Consider a dark tone wallpapered ceiling to give rich textures in the room. But you need to make sure that it fit the rest of the room. For the wall and furniture, choose a dark color and paint so it won’t contrast to the ceiling.

Creative Use of Space

Creative Space of Home Office


If you don’t have more space to use as your workspace, consider the forgotten corner. You can turn a small attic, stairway landing space, and even a room under the stairs into a small workstation.

Using a bit of draft design and creativity, you can utilize the room under the stairs as your small home office like this idea. One thing that you should remember is you should use furniture that doesn’t occupy too much space.

Your space is limited so you need to set it as wide as possible. Wall-mounted cabinets, floating desk, under desk cabinets, and proper creation help immensely.

Traditional Classic Tune

Traditional Ambience of Home Office


A traditional home office is identical with antique wooden furniture. If you want to give it a more traditional and classic feeling, adding a rich wood floor, a colonial antique desk, and an ancient dark hanging lamp will be a nice choice.

Here are some tips to make your traditional classic home office feel more comfortable as working space:

  • Having a window in the workspace allows you getting natural light to blend with the artificial sources on the inside.
  • The right office chair is a must. It can help you to keep up productivity. So you need to make sure that although it is traditional in style, it still comfortable to use.
  • In earlier times, there is no phone, internet, or even a computer. They only use a typewriter that has no wires. So if you want to put wires device into your home office, make sure to buy a multi-plug power strip to keep it neat.
  • Adding greenery is best to strengthen the available oxygen supply.

Unusual Home Office Ideas with Skylight

Skylight Ideas for Home Office


Natural light or skylight may reduce your energy consumption. Based on research, people who work in skylight have fewer eye problems, sleep better at night, can absorb more vitamin D and more productive. Moreover, using skylight can reduce your electric bill.

Making an unusual shape as the skylight resource is an incredible idea. It will make your home office one of a kind. Combining white color and the wooden accent is also great to give your home office a rustic and warm feeling.

Open wall shelving paired with wall cabinet offers you many storage options. You can put your personal items in the open shelf and your documents in the cabinets. Keeping your personal items in an open place can bring more inspiration and make you feel good.

Make it More Personal

Personal Home Office Ideas


If you haven’t a spacious area for your home office, consider a minimalist approach. Using the space between the rooms in your house is also possible. Here are some tips to decorate your small space home office:

  • Keep it clean by not putting distracting touches in your desk space. Clean desk space will help to keep your head clear although it is not spacious.
  • Having green wall or plants can help you feel relaxed after looking at your cell phones or computer screen and more connected to nature.
  • Adding some wall shelves is the best option if your home office is not spacious but you need to put all your work material or your personal items aside from your desk space.
  • Adding your personal items in your home office such as souvenirs or artwork-something that you loved, may inspire you to keep working hard and provide inspiration.

These home office ideas show that size doesn’t matter. Even if your home office is not spacious, you still able designed it to your liking. So you will have a loveable workspace and feel at ease when working.

Scandinavian Home office ideas

Scandinavian Home Office Design


Scandinavian can blend with modern décor easily. So you don’t need to change the entire appeal of your workspace. Scandinavian style mainly focuses on the bare minimum and simplicity. Unnecessary accessories are seen as a distraction.

If you want to pull of Scandinavian style into your home office, consider a backdrop with white or black color. It is the main characteristic of this style and remains until today.

The main point to get a Scandinavian look is minimal décor, a calming backdrop, and frugal use of bright colors. Using acrylic chairs, floating desk, and sleek floating shelves will be a good idea if you want to pull off these Scandinavian home office ideas.

Contemporary Home Office Ideas

Contemporary Home Office Ideas


Do you know a color that has captivated mankind eternally and used in the most contemporary of settings? It is gold. Gold gives polished and elegant looks. It also fills your home office with neutral hues some much-needed dazzle.

You can incorporate gold accents by keeping the backdrop as neutral as possible and in the form of the lighting fixtures, accessories, or furniture.

You can also add an accent to your home office to make it feel more contemporary. Consider natural vibe with natural scenery outside the windows, floral print, or nature-centric motifs. Combine it with the wood accent to bring additional rustic looks.

Hidden Area for Work Utilities

Hidden Storage Ideas


The best way to keep your home office neat and tidy in an easy way is by storing the work utilities in a hidden area. So your desk will be clean from any distractor such as a printer, box file, documents, etc.

The best option to make a hidden area is in the cabinetry. It can blend smoothly with the rest of the room. If cabinetry under the table doesn’t enough to store all your work utilities, you can add one above the table too.

Making your desk mounted onto the wall and facing a window is a great idea. Not only it can provide your workspace natural light but also add some greenery view. It is best to make your eye relax after working in front of a phone or computer in a long time.

Attic Home Office Inspiration

Attic Home Office Inspiration


You don’t have any room to use as a workspace but an underutilized attic? Then just turn it up becomes one. You can use an attic in your home as a cozy workspace with proper decoration.

Because it is small in size, you need to maximize it as smart as possible. Using floating shelves mounted onto the wall and adjust it in order to the shape of your attic can be helpful. Not only can it save space but also great in design.

Setting up a window in between the floating shelves is also great. It can provide your home office natural light. You can also maximize the ground area to put your precious artwork when there’s no more space in the wall.

Upgrading your home office to your liking is important to make you keep productive and pleasant. You surely want not to work in an unfriendly and messy environment that blocked away all your inspiration, don’t you?

Whatever your preferred style is, keep in mind to make it functional and comfortable. It is the key. Choose the right furniture according to the size of the workspace and the style of your home office is also necessary to make it great in design.

We hope our home office ideas can help you to choose the right space and furniture according to your style and taste.

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