10+ Unique Headboard Ideas for Your Amazing Bedroom

Impressive headboard ideas can entirely transform the look and vibe of your bedroom. As you might have been already aware of, the headboard can also be the focal point of your bedroom along with the bed.

The good news is that your choices are countless when it comes to headboard! You can go for such a simple, store-bought kind of headboard or opt for an affordable DIY one to make an instant change in your room.

If you feel puzzled, don’t panic! Here I have 10 best headboard ideas to help you get started!

Full of Memory Headboard Ideas

Quick Easy Headboard Ideas


If you love to collect your photos and want them to be part of your bedroom decoration, why don’t you make them as your headboard? Instead of the usual store-bought, upholstered kind of headboard, it will give your room more personalized charm.

More interestingly, you have limitless choices on how you hang the photos, making it a perfect decoration for your whole bedroom. From lots of possibilities, I have some fun ways to do so:

  • You can go with this heart-shaped photo college and use black frame and black-and-white photos or shape it in the form of the letters of your name.
  • To make it simpler, make a photo collage poster instead. It will be perfect if you don’t have much time to assemble those photo prints manually.
  • For more unique decoration, hang the photos with wooden planks. You can simply tie the photos to the planks and hang them vertically over the head of your bed.

Chevron Reclaimed Wood Headboard

wood headboard ideas


If you want to bring the warmth of rustic style but can’t give up the modern beauty of your bedroom, this chevron reclaimed wood headboard will be a good option. For a cheaper option, you can try a DIY to create this headboard from used materials.

Imagine how wonderful it is to have some abandoned wood pallets to transform your bedroom into something exceptional in your own style. To create this kind of headboard ideas, you can start by forming the headboard frame and then assemble the pallets into a chevron pattern.

Luckily, there are lots of online articles and videos detailed on how to create this type of headboard. You can look to those tutorials first before getting started.

Creative Mural Headboard

Creative Headboard Ideas


A creative and unique wall mural can make a great headboard in your room. With matching color like this one, you can trick the eye for a real rattan headboard. If you don’t have any time to paint the mural yourself, you can consider getting wallpaper sticker as an alternative.

To get the most of your headboard, there are some factors you need to match between your bedroom and the wall mural:

  • Consider using some decorative details to fit the style of your wall mural.
  • Keep the wall mural style match the rest of your bedroom elements such as bedding and furniture.
  • For more stylish vibe, match the pillowcases with the wall mural as well.

Quilted Leather Headboard

Headboard Ideas


This extra long headboard isn’t only a décor piece, but also a functioning piece of furniture. If you want to go with a more traditional yet exceptional one, you can try this quilted leather headboard. Its design is perfect to deliver elegance, comfort, and casual charm.

You can explore this kind of headboard by matching the color with the shades of your bedroom. You can opt for a darker color to add a nice contrast in your dominant-white bedroom.

For the upholstery’s material, you can go with linen or velvet instead of leather. No matter king or queen size, small or large bedroom, ad addition of extended headboard can always boost the elegance of your space.

Femininity Headboard

Headboard Ideas for Girl


Bring a sense of femininity to your bedroom by adding a lovely floral pattern on your headboard. This idea will be ideal for girl bedroom or for your bachelorette bedroom!

Don’t be afraid to infuse your personal taste to design this kind of bedroom. To help you create one, here are some recommendations that I have.

  • For an inexpensive solution, consider buying a floral-patterned fabric and then install it on the headboard. In addition to the fabric-made pattern, you can also add floral artwork as a lovely headboard.
  • For less maintenance and seasonal change, employ a fake flower to enhance your feminine side.
  • If you like neutral shades, but want to bring some floral vibe to your room, try to fit flower appliqué on your headboard.

DIY Wooden Headboard

Reclaimed Wood Headboard Ideas


Give a vintage charm to your bedroom by fitting in a wooden headboard! This extra large headboard will become a significant object in your room, creating a chic focal point for the rest of the space.

You can explore the kind of finishing you’ll want to apply depending on your taste. You can simply let the wood show up its natural charm or stain it in the color that you like.

There are a lot of tutorials on how to build this kind of headboard ideas on the internet. Here are some of my recommendations on the headboard design to consider.

  • For a more extraordinary look, use wood rounds instead of the pallet to create the headboard. It is very simple since you can simply arrange the wood rounds over a plywood frame.
  • For a splash of color, create a colorful, rustic plank headboard. You can design it to take up the whole wall above your bed for a big statement in the bedroom.
  • For a less expensive option, consider repurposing barn doors to create a rustic headboard. It will be an easy beginner product which is budget friendly too!

Vintage Furniture Headboard

Vintage Headboard Ideas


This is another good idea for you who want to bring vintage flair to your bedroom. Instead of a brand new headboard, this idea encourages you to repurpose an old bed frame for your modern bedroom.

There are unlimited choices on what kind of old bed frame that you can apply to your bedroom. You can also consider whether to refinish the frame or let it be to show its vintage character. To make the most of it, make sure the size of the bed frame fits your bed’s wide.

Besides, you can also bring one or two décor pieces that match your new “old” headboard. If you prefer other styles than rustic, you can go with French-style headboard instead. You can simply use brass headboard to deliver a big touch of antiquity while keeping it simple.

Sporty Headboard Ideas

Headboard Ideas for Boy


Do you or your boys love sport very much? Then, why don’t you bring something in this fun theme to the bedroom? When there can be a lot of ways to infuse this theme into the bedroom, implementing the idea through a headboard will be an extraordinary choice.

From physical sports gear to the bed-to-wall sport’s artwork, there are many ways to implement any kind of sport to your headboard ideas. Here are some recommendations that I can give to you for this idea:

  • For a more physical idea, you can use unused gears for your favorite type of sports to design a headboard. You can assemble the headboard by employing hockey sticks, paddles, or baseball sticks.
  • For boosting the style, you can select an exciting and lively color for the other elements inside the room including your beddings and furniture.

Hanging Rug Headboard Ideas

headboard ideas DIY


Just by simply hanging a rug or another tapestry, you can dramatically change the mood of your bedroom thanks to the detail of the cloth. Besides, it’s also a perfect way to display it if you’re looking for a way to maintain your rug’s condition.

When choosing the rug, you should remember to get the one that fits the size of your wall and bed. Besides, you may need to use another thing than the nail to hang it since it can damage the rug by the time. Here are my recommendations on how you should do it:

  • You can utilize store-bought carpet clamps to hang your rug on it.
  • You can take advantage of casing and rod. Stitch a fabric on the backside of the rug first to accommodate the rod’s size. Then, slide the rod through the fabric and hang it on the wall.

Bookshelves That Double As Headboards

Book Rack Headboard Ideas


Calling for all bookworms who need an additional place to store their favorite books! Transforming a bookshelf into headboard will be perfect to maximize the space of your bedroom.

In this case, you just need to make sure that the bookshelf is wider than your bed. Here I have two choices for installing a bookshelf as your headboard.

  • Existing: you can simply put a wall-mounted bookshelf on where the headboard should be and attach it by using brackets to the bed.
  • Alternative: if you’re willing to have a bit of work, attach the bed and bookshelf to the wall to create a nook for your headspace. Then, combine the bed and the bookshelf.

That’s all the 10 best ideas to bring your headboard to the next level. Now, it’s time for you to choose one of these headboard ideas and design your own eye-catching headboard. Happy decorating!

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