30+ Elegant Dark Living Room Ideas (Dramatic Paint Inspiration)

While the living room is commonly bright, making sure that both the hosts and guests to feel at ease, welcomed, and energetic, it is not uncommon for a living room to be dark. In fact, the dark living room stands out more than the rest because of its uniqueness and offers a new feel and sensation.

Dark living rooms are characterized by its modern furniture, and of course, dark wall paint. These attributes create a dramatic, yet luxurious and sophisticated character to the room interior design. To plan a dark living room interior design can be considered a bold move.

Even so, dark living room, besides comfortable, is quite a sight to behold. Although the paint job is mostly dark coloring, it can be seen in-name-only, since it is not entirely dark or dimly lit, after all. This dark living room has many varieties that one may choose to spruce up their homes.

Dark Hued Room with Unique Pendants

Dark Hue Living Room Ideas livingetc.com

This living room comes with pendant lamps that are hanging on the ceiling. These lamps are what provide some contrast to the dark living room, as the source of light during the evening and night time. In daylight, the natural lighting does the job, preventing it from being completely dark.

Dark living rooms like this one provide an opportunity to show unique decorations, especially if they are in a different color from the rest of the room, as they can stand out more. For this one in the picture, a cactus looks eye-catching since it is the only green object in the room.

Modern Living Room with Rustic Touches

Dark Living Room with Rustic Touches pinterest.com

The rustic feel is embodied by the presence of wooden furniture (coffee table), decorations, and the door. To enrich more experience, you can also style the sofa or chair to make it look more rustic with wood-like textures or nature-themed patterns.

This dark living room is specifically designed to resemble the interior of a lodge, similar to the actual buildings that have been built in the middle of the woods. This living room is perfect for those who look for a secluded, quiet retreat. You can sure to relax and get refreshed quickly in this room.

Dark Chocolate Living Room Ideas

Dark Chocolate Living Room Ideas elledecor.com

This living room can best be described to be a room made entirely of chocolate; the resemblance is there. Like its name, this room is heavily decorated with dark chocolate brown wall, floor, and table. The gold furniture provides a contrasting bright color for the mostly-chocolate covered room.

We can tell that this living room is particularly catered for you who appreciate modern, sophistication, and luxury, and also, a fan of chocolate.

Grey Walls with a Modern Large Artwork

Dark Living Room with Large Artwork curbed.com

With the dark grey coat on the walls and wood-like floor texture, this living room is specifically designed to be as natural as possible. It also fits for people with creative minds or anyone who wants to be close to nature.

The natural lighting from the window prevents this room from being too dark, despite its wall paint of choice. The main attraction of this room design is the large artwork on the wall.

Greenery also decorates the room, keeping you refreshed while enjoying the comfort of this room. And if you are looking for somewhere to work or study, this room is perfect since it also has a desk next to the artwork, a perfect station to brainstorm and find your muse.

Minimalist Living Room Ideas

Minimalist Living Room Ideas bocadolobo.com

This living room utilizes a concept of black and white. At first glance, it resembles a grey morality, but there is more to this spacious room.

Since this room is dominantly composed of black and white which induce peace and calm, this living room is most suitable to be used as a place to rest and unwind. With plenty of soft and comfortable couch, and chairs, complete with pillows it won’t be surprising if you fall asleep here.

Oversized Photo and Carpet Ideas

Oversized Photo and Carpet Ideas mydomaine.com

Almost similar to the dark living room with large artwork in it, this one is designed to be a room for recreational purposes, especially with family. The large painting decorates the room just above the coach, providing you with some sight to behold. What highlight this room are these factors:

  • The large carpet on the floor allows you and your family to relax, even on the floor, without even worrying about feeling cold.
  • Besides the table, there is a bookshelf here where you can store not only books but also other things, preferably small sized objects. Simply put, this is the room where you can enjoy reading with comfort, while also spend some time with your family, friends, and even guests.

Dark Living Room with Antique Fireplace

Navy and Black Living Room Ideas pinterest.com

At windy, cold nights, warmth is always something to go to. In this room, you can keep yourself warm while sipping some hot drinks. The fireplace, of course, is the core of this room. This room is most suitable for houses that are located somewhere in cold weather.

The dark paint on the wall is even more evident at night when the chandelier is lit. With the comfort that this room has to offer, you may find yourself really feel calm and at ease here. Go get some drinks, light up the fire, take a seat, and just relax.

Graphite Living Room with Yellow Sofa

Graphite Living Room Ideas pinterest.com

This dimly lit living room is shined with the vibrant yellow sofa in the middle of it. Since everything else is mostly dark in comparison, this sofa beacons people to sit on it while enjoying the nice company. Fortunately, the sofa is as comfortable as it is bright.

This room has some bold and serious characteristics in it. Therefore, when you are feeling of having a private talk or serious discussion with someone, this living room is a perfect fit.

While having dark living room is an unconventional choice, considering how the room is supposedly a place to gather around and have some moments together, it would make sense if it’s more vibrant, but having dark colors as the dominant color has its own appeal.

Dark colors, especially black, have been long associated with mystery, seriousness, and authority. Therefore, you must be a very bold person who loves to take a risk if you are interested in these designs.

The living room may be dark or not as bright as other parts of the house, but it’s far from scary. If anything, it is sophisticated, luxurious, and most importantly, comfortable. These dark living room assert dominance, signifying your position as the one in charge of the house, without intimidation.

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