32+ Amazing Closet Organization Ideas (The Secrets of an Organized Room)

Have you ever woken up in the morning, preparing to go out, and later got frustrated because you can’t find that favorite dress or shirt of yours? That kind of problem may never happen if your closet is well organized.

Still, an orderly closet organization ideas would depend very much on how much space you have, and how many dressing items you want to put inside. Before you start rearranging your closet, take a look at these tricks below.

Light It Up

Good lighting makes up an closet organization


Good lighting makes up an area. It creates depth and dimension while making it easy to find stuff inside. Your walk-in closet may have the size of a small bedroom, but with more hidden spaces. Thus, a single main fixture at the center of the ceiling may not do the job well.

There are at least three types of lighting you need inside the closet:

  • Main Fixtures : Since you will have much stuff inside the closet, you may want to put several fixtures on the ceiling. Ideally, the fixtures are placed every 4-by-4 foot space. The best type to choose is the recessed fixtures so that it doesn’t interfere with any shelving installation.
  • Shelves-Illuminating Lights : There should be shelves and racks on your closet. To help you find things easier, place several illuminating lights above each installation. Consider using wireless LED lightings to avoid the use of too many electrical wirings inside the shelves that can be dangerous.
  • In-Floor Lighting : Some closet may have lower racks for shoes and bags. To light these spots, you can use in-floor lightings. These types may also be wireless so you can easily tape it on the floor on the low shelving area.

Open Shelving Closet Organization

Open shelving gives a clearer view of what is inside the closet organization


Open shelving gives a clearer view of what is inside the closet. One thing to remember, you need to put the right measurement for these shelves. It’s not only about how much space the shelf can hold but also your comfort in reaching out for stuff.

It is advisable to make the shelves not any deeper than 14 inches to avoid losing things far on the back of it. The standard height of 10 inches may be enough to keep most fashion items. Since it consumes less space, the use of open shelves is definitely better than having too many drawers in the closet.

If you don’t want to struggle to find items, it is better to keep the shelves above the cabinet heights than to place it down below. The spaces lower than your knee can be used to place clear containers for the things that you don’t really use.

Seating Area for Dressing

Seating area on the area would give a luxurious feeling


Once in a while, you may need to sit to put on some shoes, or picking up dresses. Placing the seating area on one corner of the closet or in the middle of the area would give a luxurious feeling. Furthermore, the seat itself may double-functions as storage.

The seating area can be placed in the same spot with a body-length mirror. Otherwise, it can also be arranged near the vanity. There, you can check your appearance before going out. If you live with a partner, more seating area might be needed especially when both of you have the same routine of getting dressed. In that area, you would want brighter lighting, so using bright white bulbs around the mirror should do the trick.

Mirrored Closet Organization Ideas

Mirrors on the cabinet doors can be a great idea


What’s a dressing room without a mirror? If you have enough space, you can definitely spare a corner for a large mirror. Otherwise, placing mirrors on the cabinet doors or side can be a great idea.

For a more modern-looking closet, there is no “too many mirrors”. Besides serving its purpose, mirrors in a closet organization also illuminate the whole area. It gives an illusion of a larger space for a cramped closet. Whether you are choosing a framed or borderless mirror, both of it can work the same function for your closet.

Dressing Island Point

A dressing island may function as storage


An organized closet can utilize a dressing island especially when it has space. A dressing island may function as storage for accessories like belts, ties, socks, watches, and jewelry. Some people who keep luxurious items on their closet also use the island to keep their valuable item. Remember to install a safety lock if you want to use it the same way.

To keep everything simpler, the top of the dressing island can also be made as a display with pullout trays for accessories. You can find the items easier, and the accessories are free from dust.

Though this type of furniture is rarely sold in stores, you can always find the right design on the internet and ask a handyman to make it for you. Design a particular storage system for each accessory you have so that everything is organized in its place.

Color Coordination

Coordinating the colors in your organization would make it way easier to find matching things


Ever heard of “put alike things together” in organizing items? Coordinating the colors in your closet organization would make it way easier to find matching things. For example, coats are put in a group and arranged according to their colors.

To do this, first, you have to bring out all the items you have. Then, categorize them according to its type—shirts, t-shirts, dresses, coats, jackets, sweaters, pants, skirts, and jeans. Once you have them grouped, start hanging each group on its color. It is better if you can manage to buy the same hangers for the apparels so that your closet looks more organized.

A walk-in closet is all about having a functional area for you to dress up. The key to a successful closet organization ideas is to have a place for each fashion items you have. Maximize the space by using every corner but avoid having hidden spots.

The use of clear containers can also be an ingenious idea for seasonal items that are rarely used. Remember, the easier you can find something in your closet, the less frustrating it would be. So, are you ready to sort your dresses and start organizing?

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