22+ Small Bathroom Ideas (Optimize your Tiny Space)

Many people would think that they would have a problem dealing with small bathroom ideas. It’s because there’s very limited space available. So, you have to be smart to decide which one should be your priority. In choosing each element of the bathroom, you have to consider the space. Actually, there are still many things you can do in a small bathroom. Limited space can be a problem but with these small bathroom ideas, you will find the perfect way to deal with it.

Homogenous Tile Ideas

Amazing Tiles for Small Bathroom

One way to deal with limited space in the bathroom is to tile it all over. Having the small bathroom ideas with the same tile design all over the space, wall, ceiling, and flooring will create a new character to the bathroom. The design and pattern of the tile is the key to achieve a proportional and comfortable look. The same design and pattern would create the illusion of space to the room. It makes the room feels larger than it actually is. This bathroom has the same patterned green tiles with simple lines of artwork to accentuate and make the bathroom atmosphere more impressive. The pattern design makes things different for this bathroom.

Show Off your Shower

Best Shower Ideas with Gold Accent

Having a luxurious bathroom is really a must when you feel like you’re really rich. The element of gold is an essential part of the luxurious room. This bathroom has the gold elements as the accents. There are some golden accessories on each functional item in this bathroom. This bathroom wall is filled with white subway tile all over. The crisp white color gives a wide chance to the gold to shines at its best. In the middle part of the wall, one line of the tile is using gold. It’s a nice accent to the wall. It’s a good way to make an emphasis to this luxurious bathroom. This is one of the most luxurious small bathroom ideas you can apply in your house. Even though space is limited, but the price can be unlimited.

Add Some Mirror

Small Bathroom Ideas with Large Mirror

For your stylish house, try having this stunning design or your bathroom. Adding a mirror is like something you must do for a bathroom. It’s the essential thing in the bathroom. Usually, the mirror is a part of bathroom vanity. It’s always attached with a sink and cabinet. A bathroom mirror is mostly used for grooming, makeup, and other bathroom activity. Without a mirror, the bathroom will feel incomplete. Check out the small bathroom ideas in the picture. It’s got an unframed mirror with the lights behind it. The light became the seamless frame of the bathroom. It’s a sophisticated and modern approach to bathroom elements. The earthy gray color scheme of this bathroom exposes the minimalist style. It’s got a floating with a vanity that works harmoniously with the lighted mirror. The light is also worked to brighten the object in from of the window. The woven basket under the vanity becomes the functional accessories to fill up space. It makes a good extra decoration to play with the thin accessories on the vanity.

Stunning Skylight

Small Bathroom Ideas with Skylight

The natural light from the sky would really brighten the small bathroom in your house. It’s a great element to add in your small bathroom because it would make it airier than ever. You can add stunning skylight into the bathroom by having an open roof above the bathroom. You can cover it with glass to protect from the rain but still getting the light. In this bathroom, the skylight is set to be as stunning as possible. For this small bathroom ideas, the open roof is set above the walk-in shower area. It makes a big impact since the tile is applied high up to the roof. The white subway wall tile up to the ceiling really offers the dramatic atmosphere to your small bathroom. The narrow space inside the bathroom will be much more comfortable. During the day, the natural skylight and white tile will make it feels larger.

Don’t Block your Window Ideas

Give Your Bathroom More Sunlight with Window Ideas

It’s one of the unique tips of small bathroom ideas. Some people feel that they need to cover or block their window. It’s probably because of the privacy they need. Well, it’s actually a good thing not to block your window. Some designers think that natural light is too important for a bathroom especially the small and cramped one. Check out this stunning small bathroom. It’s got a dark brick all over the wall. That makes the bathroom really needs a lot of light. Natural light is the best option to have. Save some space on the wall for a window to provide the lights during the day. You can set it side by side with the mirror. Even though space is limited, this bathroom can still stun its owner. The position of the window seems to be the most important part of this bathroom. It decides the whole atmosphere in it. However, blocking the window is not wrong. You can add a curtain or a blind but make sure it won’t block the light you need.

Dark Nuance Small Bathroom Ideas

Dark Small Bathroom Ideas

Having a dark bathroom is probably something that most homeowner would avoid. A bathroom should be a relaxing place, not a gloomy one. Well, a dark room could be something you need as a homeowner. The dark nuance is not supposed to be applied in a small bathroom. Most designers would recommend avoiding dark colors in order to achieve space illusion for a comfortable place. However, the designer of this bathroom is quite brave. He chose the strong and powerful black color for the bathroom interior as the main color scheme. But, he made a smart move by incorporating the black with other vivid and bright colors. So, the result won’t give a scary feeling when using the bathroom. This dark bathroom is one of the most unique small bathroom ideas you can find out there. For the designer of this room, bathrooms are the place where you can experiment with because you don’t spend a lot of time a day inside. As you can see, this dark bathroom has enough amount of light. It still looks bright enough even without the natural light from a window because it’s got no window. If you need something calmer in your bathroom, black could be a good choice of color.

Down/Under The Stairs

Maximize Your Free Space with Small Bathroom

A space under the stair can be a good space to be used for a bathroom, powder room, or a toilet. But, space is so narrow down there. You have to make use of this space as comfortable as possible. Make sure all the flow is effective and efficient. If you think the space is too small, you can have it as a powder room or toilet for your kids only. I guess it’s one of the thoughtful small bathroom ideas. In designing a small house, you have to make sure that any space is useful and functional. The space down the stairs is sometimes left out or used as a storeroom. Well, you can make it more functional just like that. One thing you need to consider the small bathroom ideas in this space, you have to make sure that it’s generally high enough to be used by everyone. Then, make sure the size of the bathroom elements is suitable for this tiny bathroom. This bathroom has a small and thin vanity with its mirror and a regular size of the toilet. There’s a small thin glass shelf for a decor and towel hook beside the vanity.

Give Some Accent Wall

Bathroom Decor Ideas

An accent on the wall would give an interesting scene to your small bathroom. These kinds of small bathroom ideas are quite easy to apply. The matte black wall is there to dim the brightness of the white wall. Also, the natural wood flooring makes a perfect accent to make your small bathroom more impressive and interesting. Having a wall and floor accent would switch your attention from the limited space to the amazing accents. Any kinds of artwork could make a good impact on the wall in this bathroom. It’s got artwork of an old map. It adds color to the plain dark wall. The natural lights from the window emphasize the impressive look of the map.

Pick a Small Bathtub

Simple Bathroom with Small Bathtub Ideas

The important element of bathroom is the bathtub. You have to choose the right design and size of your bathtub to match it with your bathroom. For small bathroom ideas, it’s good not to waste a lot of space with a large or normal bathtub size. You can go with the small one. This small claw foot tub is one of the best small bathroom ideas you can opt for your bathroom. The narrow space won’t be a problem with this small bathtub. Why you should choose the small bathtub for your small bathroom?

  • It won’t waste a lot of space in such a narrow space.
  • The claw foot bathtub is movable or portable
  • It’s renovation friendly.
  • It comes with a more affordable price
  • it works perfectly in a minimalist style bathroom

More Small Bathroom Ideas

Don’t let a small bathroom be a barrier to creating your dream bathroom – we’ve got all the tips, tricks and expert advice you’ll need.  Have you decided which style you want to use? Remember, the key to remodeling a bathroom is to pick the most suitable one on your budget and taste. Have a great day!

10 Cool Master Bathroom Ideas for Ultimate Relaxation

At the end of the day, all you want is taking a bath. Getting a good bath helps free yourself of the nervous tension. This activity also soothes your sore muscles and increases happiness levels. Those are the reasons you should never underestimate a cozy master bathroom. A great bathroom is not just functional but also has the aesthetic value, because unattractive interiors can disrupt the tranquility of your space. If you plan on designing a show-stopping bathroom, luck is in your hands. We curate remarkable master bathroom ideas for your next redo. You obviously feel pampered spending your time in such a spacious and divine retreat.

Chic Modern Industrial Bathroom

Modern Bathroom Ideas

Think that modern industrial spa is cold and uninviting? Think again. This master bathroom ideas is incredibly splendid. The wall is paneled with hammered metal. Its surface reflects the light from wall sconces.

A freestanding rectangular bathtub sits on the medium-toned wooden floor. It teams gorgeously with the metallic wall. White shag rug is really fluffy and plush. It dries off your feet after a bubble bath.

The floating wooden vanity is super stylish. Plus, it creates a sleek and clean look. It keeps your rolled towels and bath essentials organized. The exposed brick wall adds texture and unique character to the room.

A full-width mirror hung above the subway tiled backsplash offers dimension and depth. The light fixtures cast a bright glow after the sun goes down. Nothing makes the room industrial quite like exposed metal pipe.

Rustic Touch Master Bathroom

Rustic Master Bathroom

Do you love something unforced but opulent? Chances are you will fall for this rustic-style grand bathroom. The shower and bath areas are tastefully separated. As a result, the space is mold free. It also avoids unwanted accidents.

In the shower area, there is a bench made up of concrete and fieldstone. The river rock floor and fieldstone accent wall bring raw natural goodness to the zone. Flagstone shelves display the shower products.

The mirror is beautifully framed with fieldstone. Whitewashed bathroom vanity, black granite top, and sandstone tiles raise a sense of rustic. They give the space rich textures as well.

Unpolished window frames and overhead log beams warm up the entire room. An oval-shaped standing alone tub is backed by an ivory wall, while the orb pendant light steals the show in an elegant manner.

Classy Farmhouse Style

Farmhouse Style Ideas

Who says farmhouse master bathroom can’t be luxurious? As you can see, the French country bronze chandelier hung from the ceiling carves a traditional flair. Silver faucet and tub fittings inject pure luxury into the area.

The neutral space scheme dominates the scene. Mirror makes the space feel bigger than it actually is. Pastel grey farmhouse vanity creates a relaxed feel and a fashionable statement.

Basket-weave white and dark grey pattern floor tiles introduce a visual interest. A white freestanding claw foot tub is such a perfect addition. It lends the bathroom a touch of classic too.

Glass windows let your area bathe in sunlight. Marble floor and vanity’s top boost the room’s splendor. The open cabinet showcases towels and ornaments. White curtains add privacy. What a personal home spa!

Royal Flush Bathroom

Luxury Master Bathroom Ideas

It is one of the lavish master bathroom ideas. You’ll encounter in this space as if you are a royal family member. It features a corner tub built near the glass windows. You can enjoy a scenic view while bathing.

The carved details on the pillars, mirror frames, bathtub, and vanity are beyond astonishing. They instantly catch the eye. Golden silk curtain emanates the regal setting.

White and cream are the major players. These neutral colors infuse a serene atmosphere and romantic vibe into the area. Classic wall sconces, downlights, and crystal pendant light illuminate the entire room after dark.

Golden tub fittings, tissue box, faucet, plate, and Moroccan decoration lead to a fancy character. An antique alarm clock offers a personalized feel. Vases of white flowers spice up the area. Don’t you want this sumptuous retreat?

Wonderful Bathroom Wallpaper

Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Looking for awesome master bathroom ideas? This one is obviously worth a try. Here, the upper walls at right under the ceiling are enchantingly sheathed in black floral wallpaper. It brings drama and definition to the space.

Moreover, the wallpaper prevents the bathroom from being just another stark area. It draws the eye up. The dark wallpaper featuring white peonies and pink roses also emanates the feminine nuance.

The walls are covered in white marble effect tiles. They are durable, elegant and deluxe. Most importantly, you do not have to pay a fortune. Along with white sinks, toilets, and bathtub, they open up the space.

Black and white floor tiles stand out. The frameless glass doors set a modern vibe. If you have jaw-dropping cityscape views, place your freestanding tub in front of the round window. You can gaze outside while soaking in the bathtub.

Homogenous Tile for Master Bathroom

Small Master Bathroom Ideas

In case your bathroom is small in size, you must install geometric patterned tiles from ceiling to floor. They add a pop of lively color to the area as well as produce a uniform appearance. Homogenous tiles result in a visually larger bathroom too.

Furthermore, the eclectic tiles dramatically elevate the bathroom’s design. Needless to say, they make a bold statement in no time. They lend the master bathroom a modern flair.

Since the understated tiles come in deep green shade, use the glass window to keep the area sunny and breezy. It connects you with surrounding nature as well.

Oval-shaped freestanding bathtub and sink contrast with geometric tiles in a captivating way. Stainless-steel shower set promotes an industrial edge. Meanwhile, the downlights provide ample illumination during night bathing.

Focal Point of Tub

Bathroom with Tub

This traditional master bathroom impresses us. It features floor-to-ceiling wooden cabinets with glass doors. They keep the space tidy and clean. Not to mention, the storages introduce a warm and welcoming aura due to their brown tones.

Instead of opting for regular bathtub, you should install the round-shaped one. The camel mosaic tiles on the tub offer the mesmerizingly intricate details.  Both soaking tub and recessed ceiling produce a cohesive appearance.

The orange and brown rolled towels on tray and in basket bring a spa-like ambiance. Then, orange flowers and greenery embellish the bathroom naturally. The space gets daylight from glass window.

Wooden table and stools create a cozy spot for a small gathering with your family. A black metal chandelier suspended from the ceiling develops old-world glamour.  Candles evoke a calming effect; while downlights radiate the dry area.

Extra Storage in Bathroom Island

Bathroom with Storage Ideas

You certainly want a mess-free master bathroom. That’s the importance of having storage space to hold all your bath essentials. As the image shows, the bathroom island comes with open shelving units. They allow you to grab the items easily.

Moreover, the blue and pink rolled towel on granite top bring a fun atmosphere and invigorating splashes of color to the zone. Big custom-made wooden cabinets keep the space from getting cluttered.

Limestone floor, wooden vanity and concrete frame around bathtub embrace the rustic style. An oversized mirror bounces the available light and makes the area more spacious. Two vintage chandeliers cast a yellow glow.

A built-in fireplace is the only heating source in the area. It doubles as the centerpiece. With the presence of fireplace, the bathroom becomes a soothing refuge. Green wall decorations and framed artwork jazz up the space.

Rich in Sunlight Idea

Elagant Master Bathroom Idea

Your master bathroom is on the narrow side? Fret not! In this tiny bathroom, the windows are replaced with skylights. You can use the extra space for wall arts.

The skylights do not only bring the sunlight in but also serve as a wow factor. They make the whole area more comfortable and airy too.

Furthermore, the grey tiles on the floor and walls spectacularly turn the bathroom into a stylish escape. They help the room achieve a minimalist aesthetic and dramatic look.

Floating vanity, white wall decor, ceiling, and standing alone clawfoot tub pair well with the tiles. Wooden storage takes the chill off the copper towel racks. Leafless tree artworks give the room plain beauty.

Walk In Shower Master Bathroom

Master Bathroom Idea with Walk In Shower

Walk-in shower is practical for modern life. It provides functionality, elegance, and comfort at the same time. Other than that, your bathroom feels more expansive than it truly is. If you like this bathroom, here’s how to replicate it.

  • Clad the floor, shower’s wall, bench, and bottom half of the wall in black slate tiles. They add depth and rough texture to the master bathroom. Their low sheen results in a sophisticated appearance.
  • Paint wall and ceiling white. Plus, mount a tankless toilet on the wall. They contrast strikingly with the black tiles.
  • Use glitzy golden hardware to exhibit a sense of grandeur.
  • Install glass windows for a breezy ambiance.
  • Hang floating wooden vanity on the wall to get warmth and coziness.
  • Place the potted indoor plant on vanities top. It rejuvenates the whole area.

Modern industrial, rustic, farmhouse, and royal are several concepts you could apply to your master bathroom. Meanwhile, you could also fiddle with the bathroom aspect, like wallpaper, tile, tub, and storage. Investing in a master bathroom is a wonderful idea because this feature improves your home’s value. Do not hesitate to try our master bathroom ideas. We believe you can’t be prouder of your personal oasis.

10+ Best Bathroom Vanity Ideas for your Next Remodel

From chic contemporary design with a clean and white finish to rustic design with rich in wood features, there are countless bathroom vanity ideas that you can find out there. That’s why it can be daunting to find the ideal one sometimes.

But, you don’t need to be panic! Here I’ve pulled together 10 of my favorites in one complete collection. Whether you need a small single vanity or a set of double ones, I’m sure there’s something here that can splash a style into your bathroom.

Bathroom Vanity with Makeup Station

A double bathroom vanity set with a built-in makeup table has become a trend

A double bathroom vanity set with a built-in makeup table has become a trend lately. If there’s enough space in your bathroom for a double vanity set, you will love this idea for sure.

This dark wood vanity looks great in contrast with its white top. Between the two vanities, there is a built-in makeup table along with its chair.

As a result, you can get out of your bathroom with makeup on! To get the most of it, here are some recommendations for you:

  • To provide enough light, consider install wall sconces or vanity lights around your bathroom vanity. Choose the one that matches the rest of your design.
  • To splash a bit of style, opt for setting one or two vases of flowers on the vanity top.

Convenient Stepstool for Kids

That vanity stool can be helpful for your kids

If there are little kids in your home, choosing a bathroom vanity that comes with a step stool will be a good idea.  That stool can be helpful for your kids to wash their hands and brush their teeth by themselves.

If your bathroom vanity doesn’t come with a step stool, you don’t need to worry. You can build a slide step in the vanity by yourself, too! Instead of bringing in a bulky stepstool into your small bathroom, creating a slide step will be a perfect choice.

The good news is that there are many online tutorials and videos that can help you create this kind of bathroom vanity ideas. Make sure to check out some of the tutorials out there before starting your project, especially if you don’t know where to start.

Cottage Style Bathroom Vanity

Thi country style vanity set will be perfect for any bathroom

This single-country-style vanity set will be perfect for any bathroom. With neutral color and small footprint, it can be ideal for both small and large bathroom. It also has ample storage space for your bathroom essentials.

Along with the vanity, this bathroom has a simple design, boasting the simplicity of country style. If you want to get this look in your bathroom, here are some recommendations to look to:

  • Pair this vanity set with wood-framed mirror for a perfect country style bathroom. Remember that introducing natural materials is a rule of thumb in designing country style bathroom.
  • Use earthy colors. Whether you employ them on your furniture, walls, or even bathroom essentials like towels, just make sure they are matched perfectly.
  • Add natural pieces on your vanity. If you have spare space on the vanity top, consider adding a vase of colorful flowers to bring style to your bathroom.

Custom Nickel Vanity

this nickel vanity is one of the best custom options

If you are looking for a perfect vanity to complete your contemporary bathroom, this nickel vanity is one of the best options. With its clean, sleek appearance, it will be a perfect complement for your all-white bathroom.

In addition to the vanity, you can also add silver to your bathroom by installing nickel faucets. It will be a better choice than a basic chrome faucet finish, especially if you’re looking to something new in your bathroom.

Before deciding to add nickel vanity to your space, here are some of my recommendations to pair up your silver elements to the rest of your bathroom’s scheme:

  • Opt for classic white and gray interiors. If you want to get crisp, clean look with nickel vanity, try to incorporate gray and white color palette.
  • If your bathroom is already set all white, consider adding some textures to your design by displaying some fluffy towels and others.

Elegant Vanity with Gold Trimmings

Gold is a good choice to brighten up a bathroom.

Gold is a popular choice when it comes to metal fixture ideas to brighten up a bathroom. It’s inevitable that gold fixture can create such a chic aesthetic in your bathroom, especially if you apply it in the right way.

This kind of bathroom vanity ideas makes a good example of applying gold in a modern bathroom. You can see there are some gold touches here and there in this bathroom. From the cabinet handles to the mirror frame, gold charms have dominated the space.

For a splash of color, a pot of greenery is set on the vanity top, creating a livelier space. With white walls as the backdrop, this navy vanity has boasted its own charm in this bathroom.

Farmhouse Bathroom Vanity

Introducing a rustic piece of furniture in your bathroom can help you achieve that farmhouse feels in the space. Combining wood and metal with nature element, this vanity will be a great addition for your farmhouse bathroom.

Placing against the subway tile walls, this farmhouse style vanity looks antique and stands out among the neutral backdrop. For additional storage space, woven basket storage is set under the vanity.

Luckily, it’s not impossible for you to go for a DIY project to create this farmhouse-style vanity. Here are some of my suggestions to get one:

  • For a cheaper option, you can consider repurposing old furniture to create this vanity. You can simply paint it in green and distress it for a charming rustic touch.
  • For more style, you can complete the vanity with a white modern rectangular countertop basin.

Floating Bathroom Vanity

Nowadays, a floating bathroom vanity has been a trendy choice for many homeowners. It’s not only modern but also space-efficient. If you are looking for a vanity that won’t eat up your bathroom’s floor space, this idea suits your need very well.

If you’re not sure to apply a floating vanity, here are some good reasons why this is a great choice for your bathroom remodel.

  • For tight space, a floating vanity is a good choice since it doesn’t extend to the floor, making the space appears larger.
  • For a home with kids, seniors, or handicapped members, the free space under the vanity provides room to store a stool or access of a wheelchair.
  • For flexible storage options, a floating vanity offers space for drawers, cabinets, as well as open shelving options.

Graceful Curved Vanity Ideas

If you’re seeking for bathroom vanity ideas that deliver such unique charm in your bathroom, look at this one. With curved vanity, there’s no doubt that your bathroom will come to the next level.

Instead of the ordinary rectangular vanity, this bathroom features a curved one that looks great with its warm white color. On the vanity top, there are only a few elements displayed. A vase of fresh flowers on the vanity top adds a splash of color to this all-white bathroom.

To introduce a luxury charm, the vanity is paired with a large rectangular mirror that comes with a rose gold frame. There are also double sconces to provide ample light in the vanity area. This bathroom vanity is a kind of something that can ‘wow’ your guest.

Modern Bathroom Vanity

A wall-mounted floating vanity like this one is a great choice for anyone who seeks for a perfect element for a modern bathroom. Thanks to its clean, modern look, there’s no doubt that your bathroom will look amazing with this vanity.

Interestingly, this pink and dark gray vanity also has a warm and chic vibe that makes an ideal pair to the light gray walls and floor in this bathroom. The shallow vessel sink also looks amazing along with the decorative vase nearby.

To make the most of this look, here are some of my recommendations that you can take into account.

  • If you’re remodeling, consider redoing the vanity instead of replacing it with the new one. You can consider replacing the sink instead.
  • You can also opt for having more lighting sources around the vanity.

Unique Vanity Unit

Unique Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Are you looking for an exceptional idea for your bathroom vanity? This bathroom has a good example for you. Coming with a unique wooden vanity, this rustic style bathroom is something that you can show off to other homeowners.

If you love to do DIY projects to remodel your home interior, create this vanity on your own. With the right materials and some efforts, there’s no doubt that you can get your dream vanity in no time.

Luckily, there have been a lot of articles and videos coming out on the internet to help you create a perfect DIY wood vanity for your bathroom. Take your time to find the best project out there and create your own bathroom vanity!

That’s all the 10 best bathroom vanity ideas that you can take into account. I hope you can find your favorite vanity from the list above and bring the bathroom to the next level. Good luck!

Best 29+ Bathroom Tile Ideas (Tiles for Floor, Shower, and Wall in Bathroom)

Looking for some bathroom tile ideas to improve the entire atmosphere of your clean-up room? You may want to keep reading this entire article. Whether it’s applied on the floor or wall, you have to make sure that design and pattern matched your bathroom style.

There are so many options of styles and colors of bathroom tile available. The material versatility is the key to make the tile customizable. You can go with a daring tile or a sleek border to refresh the look of your bathroom. Check out these vibrant bathroom tile ideas.

Herringbone Style

herringbone tile ideas for bathroom wall

Herringbone is one unique style of tile. It could be tile on the floor or on the wall. In choosing herringbone tile for your bathroom wall, you have to consider the dimension of the room. You should also consider the budget for installation and material quality.

People choose to have herringbone tile because of its unique pattern. In this bathroom, you can see the grayish herringbone wall tile took over the entire atmosphere of the bathroom. Such a tile pattern is specially designed for the wall, not flooring.

The plain color of the flooring let the charm of the herringbone tile shines brighter. It seems like the herringbone tile in this bathroom is only installed around the bathtub space. It can also be a decorative addition to your bathroom tile ideas.

Honeycomb Bathroom Tile

Honeycomb Tile Style for Wall and Floor of Bathroom

This bathroom has the hexagonal tile on the floor up to the ceiling on one part of the wall. This style of bathroom tile is also called honeycomb. The dark concrete color of the tile dims the brightness of this stylish bathroom. Having the same tile connected to one side of the wall gives a unique feeling to the bathroom. As you can see, on the left side of the wall is applied with white subway tile to balance the light in the bathroom.

This sweet honeycomb tile is one of the popular bathroom tile ideas you can come up with. It offers the timeless and classic look to your bathroom. This style of tile is pretty flexible to be in other types of room. The shape of hexagonal for a tile is well-known for its durability and water-resistant material. In trending bathroom tile ideas, honeycomb tile usually comes with a darker color shade just like what you see in the picture. That becomes a perfect pair with the white-colored wall tile.

Porcelain or Marmer

Porcelain Material for Bathroom Tile Ideas

For you who want your bathroom to be burst with elegance, softness, classic, luxury, and uniformity, marble is the one you should go with for your wall and floor tile. Those effects would turn your ordinary bathroom to be super-stylish. Marble material has a soft characteristic which is very absorbent and it’s very risky to be rusted. So, you have to take good care of your tile by giving high maintenance. You should do enough sealing and cleaning regularly.

Marble is similar to porcelain or marble. You have to avoid having marble tile in the wet area of your bathroom like a walk-in shower because this material is easy to get slippery. Porcelain material is a little bit different from marble. It has less chance of slippery surface. For a wet area, you need to have it full porcelain and the other tiles including wall can go with the marble as the bathroom tile ideas.

Mix and Match Bathroom Tile Ideas

Creative Ideas for Bathroom Tile

Take a look at this impressive bathroom. It’s packed with patchwork tiles that colorized the entire bathroom. It’s one of the most trending bathroom tile ideas that will make your bathroom more unique than ever. This tile design is a result of mix and match project. It works with various patterns that are patched all over the flooring space and some space on the wall. It’s a combination of colors and motifs. Each of the colorful tiles has its own pattern design and colors.

The key to designing this interesting bathroom is the creativity of the designer. There will be no limitation of being creative with this patchwork tile design. Before starting the installation, you may need to prepare great planning and design in order to get the bathroom expressive and lively. As a recommendation: you can just buy the patchworks to splash your bathroom with interesting motifs and colors. The tile products are available in many online sellers that you can easily reach out. If you think it’s not affordable enough you can try to paint the tile yourself.

Small Bathroom with Big Tile

Big Tile for Small Bathroom

If the limited space becomes a problem of your bathroom, you can actually deal it by changing its tile. So, you don’t have to worry about having a small bathroom. The choice of tile and the installation method can create an illusion of a bigger look to your bathroom. This bathroom has large tiles on the floor and wall. It’s opted to give a spacious feeling all over the bathroom. Although the room is small, you won’t feel cramped.

This bathroom has the tile on the wall installed vertically. It’s done to give an impression of the taller bathroom. One important part of choosing the tile for your bathroom is to make sure that the tile on the wall and floor has the same tone of colors. This small bathroom has an earthy gray color for the tiles and white base for the wall. The vanity and toilet have the same tone with the color scheme. It’s one of the easiest bathroom tile ideas you can apply in your bathroom.

White Bathroom Tile Ideas

Bathroom with Classy White Tile Ideas

A white subway tile on your bathroom wall would increase the level of stylish. As you can see, the presence of the tile makes the bathroom become more interesting. The amount of light that comes into the room from the window reflects the white tile. It gives an increased amount of brightness into the bathroom. A white tile is a great choice for your small bathroom because the brighter the room the bigger it feels. The subway tile offers a nice texture and accent to space.

Historically, this kind of tile was first introduced in New York City in 1904 as a wall tile of a subway station. Then, it has become an extremely common tile style for home use. White subway tile offers clean lines and inherently simple style of design as bathroom tile ideas. This white tile is quite popular to be used as the wall tile of the bathtub space or walk-in shower. But, it can also be used as the backsplash tile of your kitchen counter. It’s a great option for a kitchen with farmhouse style.

Decorative Pattern Tile

Decorative Bathroom Tile Ideas

It’s a tremendous walk-in shower tile to draw attention. The well-patterned tile is only installed in the shower space or walk-in shower area. From this view, the decorative pattern tile separates it from other bathroom areas.

It’s one of the bathroom tile ideas that have a unique pattern. It has a distinguished design of pattern which works perfectly as your walk-in shower tile. This impressive tile is the product of Clay Imports which is called Roseton Black Polished Tile. It’s available for $6.90 per piece.

The size of this tile per piece is 8-inch x 8 inch and the thickness is about 5/8inch. To achieve the exact look of that walk-in shower, you need to buy at least 288 pieces of tile. But, it still depends on the size of your shower space.

Blue Mosaic Tile

Sea Athmosphere Bathroom Tile Ideas

Try having such mosaic pattern as your bathroom tile ideas. It would bring the contemporary element for the room. You can have some random mosaic pattern to some areas of the wall to make the areas more stood out.

As you can see, this bathroom did exactly that to emphasize the area. On the wall beside the bathtub, the mosaic tile is more random than the other wall. Blue is a good choice of color for a bathroom.

Getting the bathroom covered with all blue tiles might feel weird. However, you can maintain the calm and comfort of the bathroom by still having some basic colors like white on the ceiling.

Modern Stone Tile

Modern Style Bathroom Tile Ideas

There are two main options of stone you can install in your house. The first one is the natural stone which is mostly used to incorporate rustic room or the one that uses natural elements for decoration. The second one is the modern stone as bathroom tile ideas. The contemporary option is also available for stone. But, it has a less natural look. The appearance of a modern stone is more like artificial. Check out this contemporary bathroom, it’s got a white wall and vanity with dark flooring.

The modern style of stone may be looking a bit artificial but I’m pretty sure that it still adds natural charm into this modern bathroom. People would avoid choosing the stone as bathroom tile ideas. Here are some of the reasons :

  • It could cost a lot of money.
  • The material is easy to get cold.
  • It’s a brittle material. Not strong enough.
  • It’s porous and easily discolored by moisture.
  • Stone is quite difficult to maintain.

More Bathroom Tile Ideas

All of those bathroom tile ideas are enough to inspire you in having an interesting room for body cleaning. Choose one idea that deserves to be in your stylish bathroom.

9+ Smart Bathroom Storage Ideas (Tips for Your Small Space)

Bathroom storage ideas are an essential part of the room. It helps you organize the bathroom stuff to get the room neat and out of the clutter. The bathroom is the space to clean up. So, it’s important to make it as the tidiest room in the house.

The storage will make sure you have no countertop clutter, no towels on the floor, and no electronics scattered around.  In order to achieve a well-organized bathroom, you have to make sure that you give the entire stuff home and keep your daily stuff at your fingertips with these bathroom storage ideas.

Mirror in Disguises

Bathroom Storage Inside The Mirror

A mirror is the essential element of the bathroom. It’s one of the most functional items that fulfill your activity in the bathroom. Mostly, it is part of the bathroom vanity set which is used to help you apply your make up or clean your face. Doing it in front of a proper mirror would be the right thing to do.

In this bathroom, a mirror can be in disguises. The bathroom storage ideas can be so thoughtful. This mirror has hidden storage to keep your bathroom essentials. You can just pull out both of the mirror sides to get the storage shelf.

This mirror has a custom design which you won’t find in many places. It’s one of the most recommended bathroom storage ideas on a budget. This hidden cabinet will make sure that there will be no clutter on your vanity counter anymore.

Back of The Door

Bathroom Storage Behind The Door

If you want an affordable option of bathroom storage ideas that look expensive, this one could be the best one you can have. It’s a smart option to hang a bar instead of using a hook for a towel. It’s a great alternative to prevent the towels from falling to the ground every five seconds.

A towel bar can be installed at the back of the bathroom door. So, it would be hidden when the door is open. It’s got less clutter than a hook. It won’t bother the smooth and clean surface of your bathroom wall. It’s a good addition to a small bathroom.

You can save your bathroom wall space for any kinds of decor such as painting and photographs. Or, you can just leave them all plain and empty to promote a clean atmosphere inside the bathroom. The color of this bathroom reminisces the color of skylight and water. So, it’s guaranteed to offer a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

Seated Bathroom Storage Ideas

Cozy Bathroom Storage Ideas Under Bench

Take a look at this bench seat. Usually, it’s placed at the end of the bed in the bedroom or in the living room. Having this kind of bench inside the bathroom would improve the quality of the room. It’s the useful bathroom storage ideas that have a good size of storage space.

A bench seat in the bathroom can be used as the part of vanity set. It’s a piece of useful furniture that would make you comfortable while doing your stuff in front of the mirror. It can let you take your time as much as you need to enjoy your activity.

Mostly, the bathroom bench is made of wooden material. When it’s added to accompany the vanity, it’s better to add a cushion for a comfortable sitting. Sometimes, homeowners add a bench into the bathroom as additional furniture. Storage space under the bench can be useful to keep your towel, supplies, and other bathroom stuff. If you plan to add a bench into the bathroom, make sure it has such space under the seating for extra storage.

Under Sink Storage

Maximize Bathroom Storage Ideas

If you think you have no space to store your bathroom essentials, there’s always a space under the sink. Having a pull-out metal shelf would result in uncluttered space around the bathroom vanity. For you who have limited mobility, the cluttered space can be a huge hindrance.

It’s the easiest way to make the bathroom more accessible. You can just focus on making it spacious and simple. That additional storage kits under the sink go right into the cabinet units. You can hide all of your supplies away from sight. So, there will be a neat and clean scene left on the counter.

It’s a good option for your cabinet instead of leaving it without the shelf. This shelf will let you have the bathroom stuff more well-organized. As you know, the space under the sink is often left out. So, it’s time to make use of it.

Magnetic Makeup Board

Magnetic Ideas for Bathroom Storage

These bathroom storage ideas would let you do the DIY project. Did you ever feel like you need to organize your makeup but you want to make it both accessible and well-displayed? Well, it is going to be the perfect project for you.

This magnetic makeup board is something you may see often on Pinterest or other blogs. In order to start the project, you’re going to need to focus on searching the cool frame first. You can get some framed pictures with interesting frames from antique stores.

In this picture, you can see the beautiful frame really become the key feature of this magnetic makeup board. Then, you will need to prepare some other materials such as:

  • Galvanized metal
  • Wrapping Paper
  • Paint
  • Tape
  • Circle Magnets
  • Hot Glue Gun

After that, you just need to attach the sheet of metal to fit into the back side of the frame. Then, the metal needs to be wrapped with a wrapping paper with nice patterns, just like a present. Next, you have to paint the frame to the color you like.

The last thing you should do is to glue the circle magnets to stick your makeup on the board. When it’s finished, you can hang it besides nearby the vanity to have your makeup at the fingertips. It can also be an impressive decor to the bathroom.

Bathtub Storage Ideas

Bathtub Storage Ideas

Just by looking at this bathtub, you will see that it’s one of the unusual bathroom storage ideas designers can come up with. Storage space is not only designed to be fitted with the vanity sets or on the wall, but you can also incorporate a storage space as a part of the bathtub.

This bathtub is a product of Aquatica. It’s one of the most contemporary styled bathtubs from Aquatica which is designed in Italy. This bathtub is one of a kind. It’s constructed using the exclusive material of Aquatica.

These bathroom storage ideas are called as the Storage Lovers Bathtub. In Aquatica, this bathtub is available in four different installations. You can choose it to be freestanding, corner fitting, wall-mounted, and niche/nook installation.

The bathtub is packed with a built-in bookshelf on one side of the tub which offers a fabulous look and extra storage space.  An Aquatica bathtub features:

  • Modern unique design
  • Library styled bathtub
  • Fine Matte finish
  • The extreme level of durability
  • Perfect for full body soaks
  • 25 Year limited warranty

Plant Holders Repurposed

Safety First for Bathroom Storage

Plant holders are mostly used in the garden for treating the herbal or decorative plants. Well, this item can be repurposed as other kinds of holders for bathroom storage ideas. As you can see in the picture, one holder is used to hold the curling iron.

People often see the curling iron became the clutter of the vanity countertop most of the time. We, it’s time to clean up the mess and put the iron in the holder. As you can see, it makes the bathroom uncluttered. You can also use it as the holder for your trimmer, and other essentials.

Ladder Organizer Ideas

Ladder Organizer Ideas

It’s one of the most favorite bathroom storage ideas for a small bathroom. This leaning bathroom ladder shelf is pretty popular nowadays because it’s very simple and perfect for decorating on a budget. You can set the shelf to be both as storage and also decoration.

In this bathroom, the ladder is using a dark wood material which has a contrasting look on the white wall. It’s a good way to match with the wooden flooring. With this free-leaning shelf, you don’t have to drill holes in the wall just to make secure the shelf.

You can just leave your wall clean and smooth without any holes. This wooden ladder can also be an easy DIY project you can do at home. It doesn’t require advanced skills of woodworking. It’s an easy way to add a farmhouse look to your ordinary bathroom.

Above Toilet Bathroom Storage Ideas

Above The Toilet Bathroom Shelves

A storage shelf above the toilet is one of the most popular bathroom storage ideas. It’s an easy decision to add a shelf over the toilet because that space is often empty. So, it would be great to make use of that wall space.

You can attach up to three shelf boards to be filled with accessories, woven boxes, and other essentials. In this bathroom, the woven boxes add their own charm to match with the design of the vanity next to them. The shiplap wall became a great backdrop to the scene.

More Bathroom Storage Ideas

Those bathroom storage ideas are very useful for those who struggle with their clutter problems. Storage space is always going to be something important in a small bathroom. In choosing the storage design, the result should clean, neat, and uncluttered.

Bathroom Remodel Ideas (10 Smart Inspiration That You Can’t Miss)

So you’re ready to redecorate your bathroom and need some smart bathroom remodel ideas to get started. The good news is that you have countless possibilities on how to remodel your bathroom.
You don’t always need a big change to transform your bathroom into something more relaxing and stylish. There are actually plenty of ways to redesign and renovate your bathroom even when you are on a tight budget.
If you’re planning to give your bathroom a new feeling and appearance without major changes, here are some bathroom remodel ideas to follow.

1. Glamour Bathroom Remodel

Glamour Bathroom Remodel

Take your modern bathroom design into the realm of glamour look by employing some details like mirrors and shelving ideas. This modern powder room has a hint of glamour design thanks to the unique round mirror and wood panel wall.
Everything is kept simple, yet elegant. There’s no bulky furniture that takes up the space. Instead of a big cabinet to store the bathroom stuff, there is wall-mounted towel rail and rack to keep everything uncluttered.
If you are interested to infuse industrial style to your small half-bath, here are some recommendations on how to make the most of it:
• For spacious feeling, don’t forget to incorporate a mirror to the design and let the natural light come in by opting for a bigger window design.
• To add style, consider adding framed picture.

2. Hidden Storage Remodel Ideas

Small Vanity Remodel

If you want to save more space in your bathroom by integrating hidden storage, you’ll love this idea for sure. Consider swapping your traditional vanity with the one that comes with hidden storage like this one.
This vanity has enough space to store everything you have for a bathroom while eliminating the number of things appearing on the surface. Painted in white, this vanity has made a great complement to the rest of the bathroom scheme.
There are a lot of store-bought vanities available on home improvement store, consider shopping around before you decide to purchase particular piece of furniture.

3. Industrial Lighting Ideas

Industrial Bathroom Ideas

Updating your bathroom lighting can be a good idea to change the mood of your bathroom completely. This industrial lighting is a simple choice with big style to create if you want to take time for a DIY project.
Along with the subway tiles behind the vanity, this industrial-style lighting has brought the bathroom to the next level. Besides, here are my suggestions for installing lighting in your bathroom.
• To provide adequate light in your bathroom, plan for layers of lighting. Opt for a mix of ambient light in the form of pendants or chandeliers, task light, and accent light.
• To maintain harmony in the overall design, it’s best to keep the style of your lighting to match the overhead fixtures.
• To add special ambiance for the tub area, consider adding sconce around it.

4. Shiny Bathroom Remodel

Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas

If you’re searching for an extraordinary way to update your bathroom, this idea can be one of the best. With glamorous metallic tiles on the wall, this bathroom looks fancy and elegant at the same time.
For homeowners looking to an ideal remodel idea to make their room seem larger, this idea will be perfect as well. The installment of metallic tiles not only makes the room looks futuristic but also make it feels more spacious thanks to the reflective effect.
Besides, you can also fit the fixture in the matching style to create an eye-catching look in your bathroom. To get the most of it, here are my recommendations to create a glamorous bathroom:
• For a full glam look, consider employing the metallic tiles all over the wall. If you want a cheaper option instead, try to identify which part of your bathroom is the best to get the look.
• For a livelier feel, incorporate some decoration ideas that can splash a color like a vase of flower or greenery.

5. Saving Your Old Furniture

Lowes Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Replacing your furniture with the new one can be a good idea when it comes to remodeling a bathroom. However, you can also give the old furniture a new look for a cheaper option. As you can see here, the old wall-mounted cabinet looks great in this bathroom.
This is one of the best bathroom remodel ideas that you can take into account if you are on a tight budget. You can simply repaint the old furniture with a new color that matches the rest of the space. You can also consider bringing in old furniture from other rooms if possible.
If you want to splash a color to the plain interior, you can consider repainting the furniture in the contrasting color of the other elements. For example, in this all-white bathroom, you can bring red furniture instead of a white one.

6. Shower Curtain Style

Shower Remodel Ideas

One of the simplest ways to update your bathroom’s style is by bringing in new shower curtain to the space. It’s not only simple, but also a lot cheaper compared to such major changes like purchasing new furniture for your bathroom.
You just need to make sure that the new shower curtain fits the rest of your bathroom’s style. To help you, here are some tips to choose the right shower curtain for your bathroom:
• Go with cotton it possible. It might be more expensive than the other materials, but it is generally a great choice for a shower curtain since it typically holds up the best and is also easiest to wash.
• For less expensive and low-maintenance option, opt for vinyl. It also comes in a variety of colors.
• For the style, try to choose the one that can keep colors consistent throughout your bathroom. Make sure to choose a shower curtain that does not clash with the existing color scheme.

7. Space Above Toilet

DIY Bathroom Remodel Ideas

If you have a narrow bathroom, thinking of remodeling ideas that can save more space will be an excellent choice. Instead of leaving the space above your toilet unused, employ it to give more space for storing your stuff.
In addition to an additional storage solution, you can also add a picture above it to complement the space. For other clever ways to decorate above the toilet, let’s check my recommendations below:
• Instead of a big storage solution like shown above, consider repurposing wine box and use it as beautiful storage container above your toilet.
• To make your small bathroom looks bigger, opt for hanging some framed mirrors to cover the walls above the toilet.
• For a simple, yet functional choice, install a few wood shelves above the toile to add ample storage for your bathroom essentials.

8. Give Some Relaxing Spot (Spa)

Master Bathroom Remodel Ideas

If you need bathroom remodel ideas that allow you to create a more relaxing spot inside your home, you shouldn’t miss this one! By employing a few natural materials and proper planning, you can get pleasure from a spa experience in your own bathroom.
There are some ways that you can do to make the most of it. Here are some of my recommendations on designing one:
• For the flooring, opt for natural material. In this case, you can utilize teak floor or pebble floor tile.
• For the wall, create an exceptional tiling for spa experience by employing roughly textured riles like granite.
• For the fixture, consider using fewer fixtures to create a calm and uncluttered experience. Install the equipment wall-mounted and add a curbless shower to enjoy a rainfall sensation every time you take a bath.

9. Rich Blue Wallpaper

Wallpaper Ideas for Bathroom Remodel

This is another simple idea to bring your bathroom into another level. By applying new wallpaper like this blue one, your bathroom will have a brand new look instantly. This is because the wallpaper can add a special effect for your bathroom.
Since you’re going to install the wallpaper in the bathroom, remember to go for the one that comes with waterproof materials. The good news is that there are a lot of choices available on the market, making it possible for you to get the one that suits your need and taste.
If you want to add a bold touch to the bathroom, you can go for this kind of dark blue patterned wallpaper that contrasts the white elements around the space. For a more feminine touch, you can choose the one with a floral pattern and pastel or beige colors.

10. Unity in Simple Tile

Half Bathroom Remodel Ideas

If you have enough budgets for a bigger change in your bathroom, consider installing this simple tile design on your walls. The bright blue color of this tile makes a great complement to the rest of the space.
To save your budget, you can limit your wall tile by focusing on the space around the shower only and paint the rest. If you have a tight budget and still want to install new tiles, you can do the tiling halfway up the wall only and use paint to finish the rest.

Moreover, you can also think of adding a few random tiles to add a pop of color or pattern without increasing your budget. That’s all a few ideas to redesigning your bathroom. Now, you can choose one of the best bathroom remodel ideas mentioned above or mix up some. Happy remodeling!

25+ Bathroom Lighting Ideas to Light Up your Refreshing Activities

Choosing the bathroom lighting ideas you want should be based on the style. If you have a modern and minimalistic bathroom, then you can go with lights with straight lines and shapes.

The bathroom lighting ideas of your choice should work equally well every time during the day and night times. Lighting is the bathroom element that’s not often mentioned as the main element of the room. But, it has a massive impact on the room.

So, you have to plan it well and make sure all key fitting is illuminated in a proper way. Here are some astonishing ideas to light up the bathroom.

Modern Bath Lighting

modern bathroom lighting ideas

The characteristic of modern design is the clean lines and smooth surfaces with no intricate details. In designing a modern bathroom, the color scheme is the key. Typically, people use neutral colors for their modern room. It can be brown, cream, taupe, and of course white.

This bathroom has its characteristic. The clean lines on the wall with that subway tile and the white furniture create a smooth scene from this point of view. This bathroom is packed with a double-mirror vanity. The medium size of vanity is standing below two smaller mirrors.

Both of the mirrors have the same design which makes it as the twin mirror. Above each mirror has its own modern light fixture. Well, let’s focus on the lighting. Actually, from the outdoor light, the white scheme offers enough lighting during the day for this bathroom.

In order to increase the value of this modern bathroom, the lighting above the mirrors plays an important part to decorate the subway tile wall. The bathroom lighting ideas are also functional in providing lights to vanity.

Farmhouse Bathroom Lighting

For you who want to improve the farmhouse design in your bathroom, you can add this farmhouse bathroom lighting. The chic wooden wall design would blend harmoniously with this lighting design. The design is very friendly to a farmhouse style.

This kind of lighting is also called as wall sconces. It’s a perfect addition for your vanity. Mostly, it’s made of metal or steel. These sconces are painted with the matching color with the mirror frame. It’s very clear that the sconces are there to complete the vanity experience.

The sconces and mirror are also matched with the faucet. So, “Harmonious” is the right word for this bathroom design. The dark painted element in this bathroom adds some industrial vibes to the bathroom.

The shiplap wall has a white color that makes the black-painted elements have more opportunities to shine brighter. That’s what makes this farmhouse bathroom so special. There are a lot of lighting types out there, but sconces are perfect bathroom lighting ideas with farmhouse style.

Industrial Lighting Inspiration

Industrial Style for Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Talking about industrial, this one is the real deal. Industrial style is often chosen as the decoration theme because people just want to have a little bit of that vibes inside the house as you can see in this small bathroom.

It has an industrial look which is supported by the black decorated elements such as the wall towel hooks, toilet paper hook, and the faucet. The industrial look is supported by the vintage wooden vanity.

The main industrial element of this bathroom is the lighting. The bathroom lighting ideas could give significant refreshment to the room. The industrial vibe comes from that dark vanity light which is packed with some Edison bulbs.

The dark wood design on the floor, door, and vanity cabinet is very supportive of your industrial vibe. The lights are not really needed but it offers a great impact to the wall decor.

Traditional Crystal Bathroom Lighting

Unique Bathroom Lighting Ideas

A chandelier is the stylish choice of a lighting fixture. Whether it’s in modern style or classic, a chandelier is well-known to be successful in adding character into the room. This glamorous bathroom looks astonishing with that traditional crystal chandelier.

The chandelier design works so well with the other elements of the bathroom. This bathroom has the French Provencal blue walls which are paired with the brass fixtures. Both of them have an important role in the color scheme of this bathroom.

It’s a unique choice of color for classy bathroom design. The blue walls make a lovely backdrop for the small traditional chandelier. You can set the fixture hanging as low as possible to draw attention as the bathroom lighting ideas.

A classic crystal chandelier doesn’t have to be expensive. The chandelier in this bathroom is available at a more affordable price. The size is small and the design is simple making it perfect for a small but stylish bathroom in your house.

Sweet Chanderlier Lighting

Chandelier Bathroom Lighting Ideas

It’s another option of chandelier you can choose for your bathroom. Some people might think that a chandelier is not supposed to be hanging from the bathroom’s ceiling because, it seems to be designed especially for rooms with less privacy such as kitchen, living room, and dining room.

However, the interior design of a house depends on the personal taste or style of the owner, right? So, you can do what you want to maximize the looks of your space. This bathroom has a vintage Tuscan chandelier hanging from its ceiling.

This kind of lighting could be a cool addition to draw attention in the bathroom. It’s hanging right above the bathtub. It’s the right decision for the bathroom. You can enjoy the view of the chandelier while lying in your bathtub.

The addition of a window blind to cover the sunlight is the right decision for this bathroom. It offers a bigger opportunity for the chandelier to shine. This rustic traditional lighting becomes a sweet addition to the list of bathroom lighting ideas.

Exotic Brass Lighting

The brass element in a room is likely to get a chance of being the magnificent accent. It makes a perfect collaboration with the wall as the backdrop. In the bathroom, brass material is applied on the metal elements like shower faucet, sink faucet, and wall hooks.

In this case, the brass element can also make a significant appearance in your bathroom. Take a look at that exotic brass lighting. It’s one of the magnificent bathroom lighting ideas with a simple design. The brass frame with yellow lighting on bluish-gray walls seems to be enough for this bathroom.

The brass lighting is attached on each side of the vanity mirror. The brass elements are only the small part of this bathroom but it offers such a big impact as the astonishing bathroom lighting ideas.

Illuminating Bathroom Lighting

Illuminating Bathroom Lighting

If you want a bathroom lighting that has a trendy modern look, this one could be something you can consider. It will add the classic and sophisticated look to your modern bathroom. It’s called Elf1 Bath light designed by Illuminating experience.

This Tube LED bathroom wall light offers a simple and sleek fixture for your bathroom. It’s got enough versatility to be used in any style and setting. It will give your bathroom a bright and diffused light to the entire space.

It works perfectly on the sides of mirror vanity. As you can see, it matches with the mirror. It’s one of the best choices of modern bathroom lighting ideas.

Bathroom Lighting Mirror

An LED-framed mirror is another contemporary choice of a bathroom element. Mostly, it comes with a small size and clean lines. It’s a good addition for your small bathroom vanity. It would illuminate the object in front of the mirror clearly.

The light fixture above the mirror is applied to add more lighting if the LED one from the mirror is not enough for the bathroom. But, it’s quite optional having overhead sconces on the vanity. You can eliminate that light fixture because the LED on the mirror is enough.

This well-patterned wall makes a perfect backdrop to the vanity set. These bathroom lighting ideas provide a perfect place to get ready in the mornings.

Ceiling Light Ideas

This box ceiling light is designed by TECH Lighting. It offers an understated style and streamlined look of the lighting. That makes it suitable for any style of bathroom lighting ideas. It’s perfect to be used in wet locations. You can have it like the lighting of your shower space or walk-in shower.

There are many variations when it comes to choosing mounted ceiling light fixture for your bathroom. Here are some of them:

  • Flush / Semi-Flush Lights. It’s designed for a room with a high ceiling. It has a versatile style.
  • Recessed Light: The best choice for a room with a low ceiling. It’s required a more complex installation
  • Utility Lighting: It’s a no-frill light fixture. It’s a great option for garage lighting.
  • LED indirect lighting. These fixtures let you install strips of LED around the ceiling to create a dramatic effect.

Among those ceiling light types, this box ceiling light is listed in the flush lights types. This type has become one of the most popular lighting designs. It provides optimal lighting to the bathroom.

Choosing bathroom lighting ideas can be very tricky. You have to consider the quality and ability of the light fixture. Those ideas are very helpful for you to decide which one suitable for your own bathroom.

9+ Outstanding Bathroom Decor Ideas (That Inspire You a lot)

Some bathroom decor ideas will be very helpful for you to get inspired in decorating your bathroom. When you’re living in a rental apartment, you really want to have a new look to the bathroom. Of course, you don’t want to renovate or redesign the bathroom because it will cost a lot of money.

Redecorating is a very simple solution for that. It’s a great way to get the bathroom a new look. Let’s inspire you with these bathroom decor ideas for a fresh start.

Looks Like Wood Decor

Farmhouse Bathroom Decor Ideas

Wood flooring is not recommended to be used in a bathroom. It’s the room where every element is likely to get wet. The bathroom is the room for cleaning. Most of the wood materials couldn’t handle being wet for a long time. So, people should avoid using wood as the flooring material. In this case, the material is not wood. It’s vinyl flooring that looks like wood. It’s one of the clever bathroom decor ideas you can have for your own bathroom. This is a great choice if you want flooring that looks stylish and will last.

Durability should be the main factor when choosing flooring material. Vinyl material has been the favorite of homeowners. It’s so popular to be used in a room with high traffic areas such as the kitchen and of course, the bathroom.

Wood couldn’t handle liquid as well as vinyl. It has a better ability to resist moisture on its surface. You can choose the design that matches with the furniture in the bathroom. As you can see, this “wooden” flooring looks well blended with the elegant color scheme of the bathroom.

Bathroom Wall Decor

Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas

It’s another simple way to decorate your bathroom easily. You can just add such big canvas art on the main wall of your bathroom. The main wall is the spot on the wall where people will automatically often see.

In this small bathroom decor ideas, the artwork is placed on the wall next to the bathtub nearby the windows. It’s a strategic place considering the bathtub being the main element of this bathroom. It’s a simple abstract artwork in a big frame and a matching color scheme.

The artwork color is so essential for this neutral-colored bathroom because it wouldn’t be as smooth as this one if the artwork has a different bold color. The big window is very supportive to light up the bathroom and improves that charm of the wallpaper pattern and the painting.

Wrap Up a Cold Bathroom

Guest Bathroom Decor Ideas

For this bathroom, textile material can give a significant change in the bathroom. It’s a good choice of decoration considering the easy and efficient character of this material. It’s one of the bathroom decor ideas that can wrap up a cold bathroom. A curtain is a good element for a bathroom with a walk-in shower. It would increase the privacy as you need in the bathroom. Beside protections, a curtain could be a good additional decor that offers a big impact to the whole bathroom design.

You have to consider the bathroom style when choosing the curtain design. This bathroom has a crowded pattern on the wall, so you will need a plain curtain with matching color to balance the scene. This bathroom uses a handmade black trimmed curtain with white cotton duck. You can buy this item with its water repellant liner or you can buy it separately.  With a shower curtain, there will be no water spilling out of shower space anymore.

Bathroom Decor with Natural Experience

Master Bathroom Decor Ideas

If you want a bathroom decor that nails the natural trending, you may want to look at this cool bathroom with natural decoration. There are three main elements of nature that often included as a decoration of a room, plants, wood, and stones or rocks. This bathroom has those three elements. It’s one of the great bathroom decor ideas with the charm of a natural experience. There’s no better way to design a natural room than having a good amount of elements from nature.

As you can see, this natural bathroom works well with plant life, natural wood elements, and rocky accessories. The wooden elements offer a nice timeless look pairing with the greenery at the corner. White is the friendliest color for natural materials because it plays a role as the fresh air and the sky. This kind of bathroom will work perfectly when the house located in the natural surroundings. Some windows would improve the value of this bathroom.

DIY Paint Makeover Idea

DIY Bathroom Decor Ideas

Changing the wall color is the easiest choice to get a new look of your room including the bathroom. If you want a new bathroom, you should begin to choose the color you want. Many people would go with the safest option such as the neutral color scheme. But, that won’t make the bathroom special. If you want to make it as special as yourself, you need to be a little bit brave in choosing the color you like. This bathroom is a great example of freedom of choice. It has a magenta color all over the wall.

Magenta on the wall makes this bathroom so girly. It would be a perfect color for a girl’s bathroom. Psychologically, the color magenta is the color of universal harmony and emotional balance. It’s the result of a combination between red and violet color.

So, if you want to create harmony and balance in the bathroom, magenta is a cool color to choose. Sometimes, people also call this color pink. It’s one of the unique bathroom decor ideas which have paint makeover. In order to dim a bit of this pop of pink, you can add a graphic accent wall with earthy colors. It will give a fun pattern to work in harmony with the whole elements. It also counteracts the color of the wall.

Unsual Tile Bathroom Decor

Bathroom Themes Ideas

If you get bored with the mainstream bathroom design, you might want to go with something different, unique, or unusual. Check out this unusual tile decor. It’s one of the bathroom decor ideas that look so different because only a few people that could come up with this mirrored tile idea.

The mirrored tile right in the bathtub area is unusual. However, it’s a very unique choice for a modern style bathroom. A Mirror is quite important for a bathroom which is only placed nearby the vanity. But now, you can have it all over the bathtub wall.

The reasons to choose mirrored tile wall for the bathroom:

  • It would make the small bathroom feel bigger.
  • You can use the mirror anywhere you want.
  • The mirror is not only for the vanity.
  • The bathroom would be brighter than before.
  • It’s available in some different styles.
  • It adds a unique charm to the bathroom.

Unique Lighting Idea

Spa Bathroom Decor Ideas

You can play with the lighting in the bathroom for a simple change to the bathroom look. As you can see, the lighting of this bathroom looks remarkable. It’s one of a kind. This is something that we won’t find often.

With the recessed fixtures next to the mirror, the reflection goes crazy all over the space. That gives a unique look to the bathroom design. Actually, the modern look of this bathroom is already impressive. That curvy bathtub really changes the experience of using the bathroom. The element of wood also plays an important part in this bathroom with its minimalist style of design. The gray scheme on the wall, ceiling, and flooring become a great base for this bathroom.

Maximize Storage Idea

Small Bathroom Decor Ideas

One of the most functional bathroom decor ideas is storage. It can be both functional and decorative. Bathroom storage is needed to store your bathroom stuff including towel, cleaning/grooming products, and other supply.

Everything needs to be well-organized. So, it’s important to choose the suitable kind of storage in the bathroom. As you can see in this bathroom decor ideas, the storage is provided in a form of space. There’s a built-in space that contains a storage cabinet in a standing space. It’s a good way to have storage in such a small bathroom. it would give spacious space to keep a good flow of the bathroom activity, especially when more than one people use it all at once.

Stylish Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom Accessories Ideas

Take a look at this glamorous accessory that is specially designed bathrooms. It’s the luxurious approach of bathroom decoration. This bathroom accessory set is not that expensive. It looks like something you can find in a hotel or resort bathroom.

But now, you can have it in your bathroom. You can add this as an accessory to fulfill your bathroom experience. It would add glamour to improve the value of your bathroom atmosphere. It’s a small addition but it’s about to make a big impact. If you want to buy these accessories of bathroom decor ideas, you can buy it online from the online stores like Macy’s, Overstock, Amazon, and so on.

Choosing the right one among those cool bathroom decor ideas could be tricky. You have to know what you needed most in the bathroom and don’t forget to consider your personal taste and style in designing the bathroom.