13+ Bookshelf Ideas That Will Make You Fall in Love with Books

Books are hailed as windows of the world from which you can learn many things inside the books you read. A collection of books will be a mess if you don’t know how to store them. Therefore, you need bookshelf ideas where you can exhibit your books collection.

A bookshelf can also make a nice partition wall or a unique decoration in your room. Check out these 13 extraordinary bookshelf ideas that will make you fall in love with books even more.

Bookrack in Wenge

Bookshelf in Wenge

This bookrack isn’t a common one that you see every day. It’s unique obviously, but can’t hold up a large number of books collections, unlike other bookshelf ideas. If you just want to show some of your books collection, this one will do.

  • You can arrange to the pins to create the space for each book that you would like to hang.
  • It’s also possible to have your books hung with different size and position.

The Invisible Bookshelf Ideas

Invisible Bookshelf

Wow, is that magic? Nope, it’s not. It’s another creative bookshelf that you can choose for your room. It’s also quite simple if you’re wondering how to make one like in this picture.

Well, here’s the trick. Just attach an L-shaped metal plate and screw or nail it on the wall. How many you’re going to put or stack up books there depends on how strong the plate is stuck on the wall. Voila!

Industrial Corner Pipe Shelf

Industrial Bookshelf Ideas

This could be something that you might not imagine it before, right? Yes, these are pipelines. I, myself, wouldn’t come up with this brilliant idea of making a bookshelf out of pipelines.

In this picture, it’s shown how you can put your books there. You can create your own design with some more pipelines if you’re worried that the books would fall. The weathered-brick wall adds the exotic element of this one, which also works as a nice background.

Equilibrium Bookcase

UNique Bookshelf Ever

The creator behind this equilibrium bookcase sure loves to balance things in a satisfying way. This bookshelf masterpiece is proof. This style is might be not for you if you have a large number of books because it won’t hold all of them there.

Workstation and Bookshelf Ideas

Bookshelf and Workstation Combo

Whoever creates this amazing bookshelf idea must love to see everything according to its exact size and place. Without books being displayed on it, you may have no idea that this is a bookshelf due to its creative shape that sure is stunning and elegant.

Bookseat Combos

Amazing Bookseat Ideas

This one has a distinctive style that it looks like a rocking chair. This isn’t just an ordinary bookseat, and I would call it as an artwork. It’s simply satisfying to see this bookseat displayed in your room.

Skateboard Shelf

Skateboard Bookshelf

Having a skateboard-themed bookshelf, everyone? Yes, don’t throw your broken skateboard way. Instead, turn it into a bookshelf will be much a better idea. You don’t need a huge one if you only have some books, because it can take up an excessive amount of space.

Retro TV Ideas

Retro TV Ideas

Technology is changing through time. What’s in now can soon become outdated the following day. Make the good use of your broken TV by taking off its screen and use it as storage in which you can save your favorite books.

Little Tree Ideas

Book Tree Ideas

A tree with lots of branches can inspire one to create this fascinating bookshelf. You may also ever see such a design with being attached to a wall with a different position, which is vertical. Both are amazing in a way it draws your attention.

US Bookshelf Ideas

Amazing Bookshelf

Another yet amazing bookshelf is present here. Can you guess what it is? Yes, it’s the map of the U.S. and it looks so real with its detail. You can show to your friend that you can have such a genuine idea of a bookshelf like this.

Stair Bookshelf Ideas

Staircase Ideas

What a brilliant idea of creating a bookshelf along with the stairs! This design is definitely out of the league. This staircase function isn’t only as stairs with which you go up and down, but it also has another function which is as a bookshelf.

This idea of putting these books in plain sight is probably to remind anybody who passes this stair to read as reading different subjects will make you a knowledgeable person.

Open Shelves in the Kitchen

Kitchen Island Ideas

A living room or bedroom is a common place where one might keep his books. But it’s not strange anymore to put them in open shelves in the kitchen.

This will also make your kitchen to be a little bit more interesting. You can wait for the meal ready while reading page by page to get yourself to keep occupied.

Room Divider Bookcase

Room Divider Ideas

Dividing a room is another advantage to have a bookshelf. It can work as a partition wall as well, and it makes a great decoration in the room. That’s what makes people love about having a bookshelf in their homes.

Your room will look much cleaner and cluttered-free rather than to have your books scatter all over the place if you don’t put them on it.

Those are our impressive bookshelf ideas that we’ve compiled for you who have been looking for some ideas to get your room organized and to spruce it up. The ideas are varied, aren’t they?

Either to do some DIY projects or make one customized, you could have a fun bookshelf. Unexpected things like pipes and skateboards could also be involved to be the building material. What fascinating bookshelf ideas, right?

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