10+ Best Bathroom Vanity Ideas for your Next Remodel

From chic contemporary design with a clean and white finish to rustic design with rich in wood features, there are countless bathroom vanity ideas that you can find out there. That’s why it can be daunting to find the ideal one sometimes.

But, you don’t need to be panic! Here I’ve pulled together 10 of my favorites in one complete collection. Whether you need a small single vanity or a set of double ones, I’m sure there’s something here that can splash a style into your bathroom.

Bathroom Vanity with Makeup Station

A double bathroom vanity set with a built-in makeup table has become a trend

A double bathroom vanity set with a built-in makeup table has become a trend lately. If there’s enough space in your bathroom for a double vanity set, you will love this idea for sure.

This dark wood vanity looks great in contrast with its white top. Between the two vanities, there is a built-in makeup table along with its chair.

As a result, you can get out of your bathroom with makeup on! To get the most of it, here are some recommendations for you:

  • To provide enough light, consider install wall sconces or vanity lights around your bathroom vanity. Choose the one that matches the rest of your design.
  • To splash a bit of style, opt for setting one or two vases of flowers on the vanity top.

Convenient Stepstool for Kids

That vanity stool can be helpful for your kids

If there are little kids in your home, choosing a bathroom vanity that comes with a step stool will be a good idea.  That stool can be helpful for your kids to wash their hands and brush their teeth by themselves.

If your bathroom vanity doesn’t come with a step stool, you don’t need to worry. You can build a slide step in the vanity by yourself, too! Instead of bringing in a bulky stepstool into your small bathroom, creating a slide step will be a perfect choice.

The good news is that there are many online tutorials and videos that can help you create this kind of bathroom vanity ideas. Make sure to check out some of the tutorials out there before starting your project, especially if you don’t know where to start.

Cottage Style Bathroom Vanity

Thi country style vanity set will be perfect for any bathroom

This single-country-style vanity set will be perfect for any bathroom. With neutral color and small footprint, it can be ideal for both small and large bathroom. It also has ample storage space for your bathroom essentials.

Along with the vanity, this bathroom has a simple design, boasting the simplicity of country style. If you want to get this look in your bathroom, here are some recommendations to look to:

  • Pair this vanity set with wood-framed mirror for a perfect country style bathroom. Remember that introducing natural materials is a rule of thumb in designing country style bathroom.
  • Use earthy colors. Whether you employ them on your furniture, walls, or even bathroom essentials like towels, just make sure they are matched perfectly.
  • Add natural pieces on your vanity. If you have spare space on the vanity top, consider adding a vase of colorful flowers to bring style to your bathroom.

Custom Nickel Vanity

this nickel vanity is one of the best custom options

If you are looking for a perfect vanity to complete your contemporary bathroom, this nickel vanity is one of the best options. With its clean, sleek appearance, it will be a perfect complement for your all-white bathroom.

In addition to the vanity, you can also add silver to your bathroom by installing nickel faucets. It will be a better choice than a basic chrome faucet finish, especially if you’re looking to something new in your bathroom.

Before deciding to add nickel vanity to your space, here are some of my recommendations to pair up your silver elements to the rest of your bathroom’s scheme:

  • Opt for classic white and gray interiors. If you want to get crisp, clean look with nickel vanity, try to incorporate gray and white color palette.
  • If your bathroom is already set all white, consider adding some textures to your design by displaying some fluffy towels and others.

Elegant Vanity with Gold Trimmings

Gold is a good choice to brighten up a bathroom.

Gold is a popular choice when it comes to metal fixture ideas to brighten up a bathroom. It’s inevitable that gold fixture can create such a chic aesthetic in your bathroom, especially if you apply it in the right way.

This kind of bathroom vanity ideas makes a good example of applying gold in a modern bathroom. You can see there are some gold touches here and there in this bathroom. From the cabinet handles to the mirror frame, gold charms have dominated the space.

For a splash of color, a pot of greenery is set on the vanity top, creating a livelier space. With white walls as the backdrop, this navy vanity has boasted its own charm in this bathroom.

Farmhouse Bathroom Vanity

Introducing a rustic piece of furniture in your bathroom can help you achieve that farmhouse feels in the space. Combining wood and metal with nature element, this vanity will be a great addition for your farmhouse bathroom.

Placing against the subway tile walls, this farmhouse style vanity looks antique and stands out among the neutral backdrop. For additional storage space, woven basket storage is set under the vanity.

Luckily, it’s not impossible for you to go for a DIY project to create this farmhouse-style vanity. Here are some of my suggestions to get one:

  • For a cheaper option, you can consider repurposing old furniture to create this vanity. You can simply paint it in green and distress it for a charming rustic touch.
  • For more style, you can complete the vanity with a white modern rectangular countertop basin.

Floating Bathroom Vanity

Nowadays, a floating bathroom vanity has been a trendy choice for many homeowners. It’s not only modern but also space-efficient. If you are looking for a vanity that won’t eat up your bathroom’s floor space, this idea suits your need very well.

If you’re not sure to apply a floating vanity, here are some good reasons why this is a great choice for your bathroom remodel.

  • For tight space, a floating vanity is a good choice since it doesn’t extend to the floor, making the space appears larger.
  • For a home with kids, seniors, or handicapped members, the free space under the vanity provides room to store a stool or access of a wheelchair.
  • For flexible storage options, a floating vanity offers space for drawers, cabinets, as well as open shelving options.

Graceful Curved Vanity Ideas

If you’re seeking for bathroom vanity ideas that deliver such unique charm in your bathroom, look at this one. With curved vanity, there’s no doubt that your bathroom will come to the next level.

Instead of the ordinary rectangular vanity, this bathroom features a curved one that looks great with its warm white color. On the vanity top, there are only a few elements displayed. A vase of fresh flowers on the vanity top adds a splash of color to this all-white bathroom.

To introduce a luxury charm, the vanity is paired with a large rectangular mirror that comes with a rose gold frame. There are also double sconces to provide ample light in the vanity area. This bathroom vanity is a kind of something that can ‘wow’ your guest.

Modern Bathroom Vanity

A wall-mounted floating vanity like this one is a great choice for anyone who seeks for a perfect element for a modern bathroom. Thanks to its clean, modern look, there’s no doubt that your bathroom will look amazing with this vanity.

Interestingly, this pink and dark gray vanity also has a warm and chic vibe that makes an ideal pair to the light gray walls and floor in this bathroom. The shallow vessel sink also looks amazing along with the decorative vase nearby.

To make the most of this look, here are some of my recommendations that you can take into account.

  • If you’re remodeling, consider redoing the vanity instead of replacing it with the new one. You can consider replacing the sink instead.
  • You can also opt for having more lighting sources around the vanity.

Unique Vanity Unit

Unique Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Are you looking for an exceptional idea for your bathroom vanity? This bathroom has a good example for you. Coming with a unique wooden vanity, this rustic style bathroom is something that you can show off to other homeowners.

If you love to do DIY projects to remodel your home interior, create this vanity on your own. With the right materials and some efforts, there’s no doubt that you can get your dream vanity in no time.

Luckily, there have been a lot of articles and videos coming out on the internet to help you create a perfect DIY wood vanity for your bathroom. Take your time to find the best project out there and create your own bathroom vanity!

That’s all the 10 best bathroom vanity ideas that you can take into account. I hope you can find your favorite vanity from the list above and bring the bathroom to the next level. Good luck!

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