Best 29+ Bathroom Tile Ideas (Tiles for Floor, Shower, and Wall in Bathroom)

Looking for some bathroom tile ideas to improve the entire atmosphere of your clean-up room? You may want to keep reading this entire article. Whether it’s applied on the floor or wall, you have to make sure that design and pattern matched your bathroom style.

There are so many options of styles and colors of bathroom tile available. The material versatility is the key to make the tile customizable. You can go with a daring tile or a sleek border to refresh the look of your bathroom. Check out these vibrant bathroom tile ideas.

Herringbone Style

herringbone tile ideas for bathroom wall

Herringbone is one unique style of tile. It could be tile on the floor or on the wall. In choosing herringbone tile for your bathroom wall, you have to consider the dimension of the room. You should also consider the budget for installation and material quality.

People choose to have herringbone tile because of its unique pattern. In this bathroom, you can see the grayish herringbone wall tile took over the entire atmosphere of the bathroom. Such a tile pattern is specially designed for the wall, not flooring.

The plain color of the flooring let the charm of the herringbone tile shines brighter. It seems like the herringbone tile in this bathroom is only installed around the bathtub space. It can also be a decorative addition to your bathroom tile ideas.

Honeycomb Bathroom Tile

Honeycomb Tile Style for Wall and Floor of Bathroom

This bathroom has the hexagonal tile on the floor up to the ceiling on one part of the wall. This style of bathroom tile is also called honeycomb. The dark concrete color of the tile dims the brightness of this stylish bathroom. Having the same tile connected to one side of the wall gives a unique feeling to the bathroom. As you can see, on the left side of the wall is applied with white subway tile to balance the light in the bathroom.

This sweet honeycomb tile is one of the popular bathroom tile ideas you can come up with. It offers the timeless and classic look to your bathroom. This style of tile is pretty flexible to be in other types of room. The shape of hexagonal for a tile is well-known for its durability and water-resistant material. In trending bathroom tile ideas, honeycomb tile usually comes with a darker color shade just like what you see in the picture. That becomes a perfect pair with the white-colored wall tile.

Porcelain or Marmer

Porcelain Material for Bathroom Tile Ideas

For you who want your bathroom to be burst with elegance, softness, classic, luxury, and uniformity, marble is the one you should go with for your wall and floor tile. Those effects would turn your ordinary bathroom to be super-stylish. Marble material has a soft characteristic which is very absorbent and it’s very risky to be rusted. So, you have to take good care of your tile by giving high maintenance. You should do enough sealing and cleaning regularly.

Marble is similar to porcelain or marble. You have to avoid having marble tile in the wet area of your bathroom like a walk-in shower because this material is easy to get slippery. Porcelain material is a little bit different from marble. It has less chance of slippery surface. For a wet area, you need to have it full porcelain and the other tiles including wall can go with the marble as the bathroom tile ideas.

Mix and Match Bathroom Tile Ideas

Creative Ideas for Bathroom Tile

Take a look at this impressive bathroom. It’s packed with patchwork tiles that colorized the entire bathroom. It’s one of the most trending bathroom tile ideas that will make your bathroom more unique than ever. This tile design is a result of mix and match project. It works with various patterns that are patched all over the flooring space and some space on the wall. It’s a combination of colors and motifs. Each of the colorful tiles has its own pattern design and colors.

The key to designing this interesting bathroom is the creativity of the designer. There will be no limitation of being creative with this patchwork tile design. Before starting the installation, you may need to prepare great planning and design in order to get the bathroom expressive and lively. As a recommendation: you can just buy the patchworks to splash your bathroom with interesting motifs and colors. The tile products are available in many online sellers that you can easily reach out. If you think it’s not affordable enough you can try to paint the tile yourself.

Small Bathroom with Big Tile

Big Tile for Small Bathroom

If the limited space becomes a problem of your bathroom, you can actually deal it by changing its tile. So, you don’t have to worry about having a small bathroom. The choice of tile and the installation method can create an illusion of a bigger look to your bathroom. This bathroom has large tiles on the floor and wall. It’s opted to give a spacious feeling all over the bathroom. Although the room is small, you won’t feel cramped.

This bathroom has the tile on the wall installed vertically. It’s done to give an impression of the taller bathroom. One important part of choosing the tile for your bathroom is to make sure that the tile on the wall and floor has the same tone of colors. This small bathroom has an earthy gray color for the tiles and white base for the wall. The vanity and toilet have the same tone with the color scheme. It’s one of the easiest bathroom tile ideas you can apply in your bathroom.

White Bathroom Tile Ideas

Bathroom with Classy White Tile Ideas

A white subway tile on your bathroom wall would increase the level of stylish. As you can see, the presence of the tile makes the bathroom become more interesting. The amount of light that comes into the room from the window reflects the white tile. It gives an increased amount of brightness into the bathroom. A white tile is a great choice for your small bathroom because the brighter the room the bigger it feels. The subway tile offers a nice texture and accent to space.

Historically, this kind of tile was first introduced in New York City in 1904 as a wall tile of a subway station. Then, it has become an extremely common tile style for home use. White subway tile offers clean lines and inherently simple style of design as bathroom tile ideas. This white tile is quite popular to be used as the wall tile of the bathtub space or walk-in shower. But, it can also be used as the backsplash tile of your kitchen counter. It’s a great option for a kitchen with farmhouse style.

Decorative Pattern Tile

Decorative Bathroom Tile Ideas

It’s a tremendous walk-in shower tile to draw attention. The well-patterned tile is only installed in the shower space or walk-in shower area. From this view, the decorative pattern tile separates it from other bathroom areas.

It’s one of the bathroom tile ideas that have a unique pattern. It has a distinguished design of pattern which works perfectly as your walk-in shower tile. This impressive tile is the product of Clay Imports which is called Roseton Black Polished Tile. It’s available for $6.90 per piece.

The size of this tile per piece is 8-inch x 8 inch and the thickness is about 5/8inch. To achieve the exact look of that walk-in shower, you need to buy at least 288 pieces of tile. But, it still depends on the size of your shower space.

Blue Mosaic Tile

Sea Athmosphere Bathroom Tile Ideas

Try having such mosaic pattern as your bathroom tile ideas. It would bring the contemporary element for the room. You can have some random mosaic pattern to some areas of the wall to make the areas more stood out.

As you can see, this bathroom did exactly that to emphasize the area. On the wall beside the bathtub, the mosaic tile is more random than the other wall. Blue is a good choice of color for a bathroom.

Getting the bathroom covered with all blue tiles might feel weird. However, you can maintain the calm and comfort of the bathroom by still having some basic colors like white on the ceiling.

Modern Stone Tile

Modern Style Bathroom Tile Ideas

There are two main options of stone you can install in your house. The first one is the natural stone which is mostly used to incorporate rustic room or the one that uses natural elements for decoration. The second one is the modern stone as bathroom tile ideas. The contemporary option is also available for stone. But, it has a less natural look. The appearance of a modern stone is more like artificial. Check out this contemporary bathroom, it’s got a white wall and vanity with dark flooring.

The modern style of stone may be looking a bit artificial but I’m pretty sure that it still adds natural charm into this modern bathroom. People would avoid choosing the stone as bathroom tile ideas. Here are some of the reasons :

  • It could cost a lot of money.
  • The material is easy to get cold.
  • It’s a brittle material. Not strong enough.
  • It’s porous and easily discolored by moisture.
  • Stone is quite difficult to maintain.

More Bathroom Tile Ideas

All of those bathroom tile ideas are enough to inspire you in having an interesting room for body cleaning. Choose one idea that deserves to be in your stylish bathroom.

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