9+ Smart Bathroom Storage Ideas (Tips for Your Small Space)

Bathroom storage ideas are an essential part of the room. It helps you organize the bathroom stuff to get the room neat and out of the clutter. The bathroom is the space to clean up. So, it’s important to make it as the tidiest room in the house.

The storage will make sure you have no countertop clutter, no towels on the floor, and no electronics scattered around.  In order to achieve a well-organized bathroom, you have to make sure that you give the entire stuff home and keep your daily stuff at your fingertips with these bathroom storage ideas.

Mirror in Disguises

Bathroom Storage Inside The Mirror


A mirror is the essential element of the bathroom. It’s one of the most functional items that fulfill your activity in the bathroom. Mostly, it is part of the bathroom vanity set which is used to help you apply your make up or clean your face. Doing it in front of a proper mirror would be the right thing to do.

In this bathroom, a mirror can be in disguises. The bathroom storage ideas can be so thoughtful. This mirror has hidden storage to keep your bathroom essentials. You can just pull out both of the mirror sides to get the storage shelf.

This mirror has a custom design which you won’t find in many places. It’s one of the most recommended bathroom storage ideas on a budget. This hidden cabinet will make sure that there will be no clutter on your vanity counter anymore.

Back of The Door

Bathroom Storage Behind The Door


If you want an affordable option of bathroom storage ideas that look expensive, this one could be the best one you can have. It’s a smart option to hang a bar instead of using a hook for a towel. It’s a great alternative to prevent the towels from falling to the ground every five seconds.

A towel bar can be installed at the back of the bathroom door. So, it would be hidden when the door is open. It’s got less clutter than a hook. It won’t bother the smooth and clean surface of your bathroom wall. It’s a good addition to a small bathroom.

You can save your bathroom wall space for any kinds of decor such as painting and photographs. Or, you can just leave them all plain and empty to promote a clean atmosphere inside the bathroom. The color of this bathroom reminisces the color of skylight and water. So, it’s guaranteed to offer a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

Seated Bathroom Storage Ideas

Cozy Bathroom Storage Ideas Under Bench


Take a look at this bench seat. Usually, it’s placed at the end of the bed in the bedroom or in the living room. Having this kind of bench inside the bathroom would improve the quality of the room. It’s the useful bathroom storage ideas that have a good size of storage space.

A bench seat in the bathroom can be used as the part of vanity set. It’s a piece of useful furniture that would make you comfortable while doing your stuff in front of the mirror. It can let you take your time as much as you need to enjoy your activity.

Mostly, the bathroom bench is made of wooden material. When it’s added to accompany the vanity, it’s better to add a cushion for a comfortable sitting. Sometimes, homeowners add a bench into the bathroom as additional furniture. Storage space under the bench can be useful to keep your towel, supplies, and other bathroom stuff. If you plan to add a bench into the bathroom, make sure it has such space under the seating for extra storage.

Under Sink Storage

Maximize Bathroom Storage Ideas


If you think you have no space to store your bathroom essentials, there’s always a space under the sink. Having a pull-out metal shelf would result in uncluttered space around the bathroom vanity. For you who have limited mobility, the cluttered space can be a huge hindrance.

It’s the easiest way to make the bathroom more accessible. You can just focus on making it spacious and simple. That additional storage kits under the sink go right into the cabinet units. You can hide all of your supplies away from sight. So, there will be a neat and clean scene left on the counter.

It’s a good option for your cabinet instead of leaving it without the shelf. This shelf will let you have the bathroom stuff more well-organized. As you know, the space under the sink is often left out. So, it’s time to make use of it.

Magnetic Makeup Board

Magnetic Ideas for Bathroom Storage


These bathroom storage ideas would let you do the DIY project. Did you ever feel like you need to organize your makeup but you want to make it both accessible and well-displayed? Well, it is going to be the perfect project for you.

This magnetic makeup board is something you may see often on Pinterest or other blogs. In order to start the project, you’re going to need to focus on searching the cool frame first. You can get some framed pictures with interesting frames from antique stores.

In this picture, you can see the beautiful frame really become the key feature of this magnetic makeup board. Then, you will need to prepare some other materials such as:

  • Galvanized metal
  • Wrapping Paper
  • Paint
  • Tape
  • Circle Magnets
  • Hot Glue Gun

After that, you just need to attach the sheet of metal to fit into the back side of the frame. Then, the metal needs to be wrapped with a wrapping paper with nice patterns, just like a present. Next, you have to paint the frame to the color you like.

The last thing you should do is to glue the circle magnets to stick your makeup on the board. When it’s finished, you can hang it besides nearby the vanity to have your makeup at the fingertips. It can also be an impressive decor to the bathroom.

Bathtub Storage Ideas

Bathtub Storage Ideas


Just by looking at this bathtub, you will see that it’s one of the unusual bathroom storage ideas designers can come up with. Storage space is not only designed to be fitted with the vanity sets or on the wall, but you can also incorporate a storage space as a part of the bathtub.

This bathtub is a product of Aquatica. It’s one of the most contemporary styled bathtubs from Aquatica which is designed in Italy. This bathtub is one of a kind. It’s constructed using the exclusive material of Aquatica.

These bathroom storage ideas are called as the Storage Lovers Bathtub. In Aquatica, this bathtub is available in four different installations. You can choose it to be freestanding, corner fitting, wall-mounted, and niche/nook installation.

The bathtub is packed with a built-in bookshelf on one side of the tub which offers a fabulous look and extra storage space.  An Aquatica bathtub features:

  • Modern unique design
  • Library styled bathtub
  • Fine Matte finish
  • The extreme level of durability
  • Perfect for full body soaks
  • 25 Year limited warranty

Plant Holders Repurposed

Safety First for Bathroom Storage


Plant holders are mostly used in the garden for treating the herbal or decorative plants. Well, this item can be repurposed as other kinds of holders for bathroom storage ideas. As you can see in the picture, one holder is used to hold the curling iron.

People often see the curling iron became the clutter of the vanity countertop most of the time. We, it’s time to clean up the mess and put the iron in the holder. As you can see, it makes the bathroom uncluttered. You can also use it as the holder for your trimmer, and other essentials.

Ladder Organizer Ideas

Ladder Organizer Ideas


It’s one of the most favorite bathroom storage ideas for a small bathroom. This leaning bathroom ladder shelf is pretty popular nowadays because it’s very simple and perfect for decorating on a budget. You can set the shelf to be both as storage and also decoration.

In this bathroom, the ladder is using a dark wood material which has a contrasting look on the white wall. It’s a good way to match with the wooden flooring. With this free-leaning shelf, you don’t have to drill holes in the wall just to make secure the shelf.

You can just leave your wall clean and smooth without any holes. This wooden ladder can also be an easy DIY project you can do at home. It doesn’t require advanced skills of woodworking. It’s an easy way to add a farmhouse look to your ordinary bathroom.

Above Toilet Bathroom Storage Ideas

Above The Toilet Bathroom Shelves


A storage shelf above the toilet is one of the most popular bathroom storage ideas. It’s an easy decision to add a shelf over the toilet because that space is often empty. So, it would be great to make use of that wall space.

You can attach up to three shelf boards to be filled with accessories, woven boxes, and other essentials. In this bathroom, the woven boxes add their own charm to match with the design of the vanity next to them. The shiplap wall became a great backdrop to the scene.

More Bathroom Storage Ideas

Those bathroom storage ideas are very useful for those who struggle with their clutter problems. Storage space is always going to be something important in a small bathroom. In choosing the storage design, the result should clean, neat, and uncluttered.

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