Bathroom Remodel Ideas (10 Smart Inspiration That You Can’t Miss)

So you’re ready to redecorate your bathroom and need some smart bathroom remodel ideas to get started. The good news is that you have countless possibilities on how to remodel your bathroom.
You don’t always need a big change to transform your bathroom into something more relaxing and stylish. There are actually plenty of ways to redesign and renovate your bathroom even when you are on a tight budget.
If you’re planning to give your bathroom a new feeling and appearance without major changes, here are some bathroom remodel ideas to follow.

1. Glamour Bathroom Remodel

Glamour Bathroom Remodel

Take your modern bathroom design into the realm of glamour look by employing some details like mirrors and shelving ideas. This modern powder room has a hint of glamour design thanks to the unique round mirror and wood panel wall.
Everything is kept simple, yet elegant. There’s no bulky furniture that takes up the space. Instead of a big cabinet to store the bathroom stuff, there is wall-mounted towel rail and rack to keep everything uncluttered.
If you are interested to infuse industrial style to your small half-bath, here are some recommendations on how to make the most of it:
• For spacious feeling, don’t forget to incorporate a mirror to the design and let the natural light come in by opting for a bigger window design.
• To add style, consider adding framed picture.

2. Hidden Storage Remodel Ideas

Small Vanity Remodel

If you want to save more space in your bathroom by integrating hidden storage, you’ll love this idea for sure. Consider swapping your traditional vanity with the one that comes with hidden storage like this one.
This vanity has enough space to store everything you have for a bathroom while eliminating the number of things appearing on the surface. Painted in white, this vanity has made a great complement to the rest of the bathroom scheme.
There are a lot of store-bought vanities available on home improvement store, consider shopping around before you decide to purchase particular piece of furniture.

3. Industrial Lighting Ideas

Industrial Bathroom Ideas

Updating your bathroom lighting can be a good idea to change the mood of your bathroom completely. This industrial lighting is a simple choice with big style to create if you want to take time for a DIY project.
Along with the subway tiles behind the vanity, this industrial-style lighting has brought the bathroom to the next level. Besides, here are my suggestions for installing lighting in your bathroom.
• To provide adequate light in your bathroom, plan for layers of lighting. Opt for a mix of ambient light in the form of pendants or chandeliers, task light, and accent light.
• To maintain harmony in the overall design, it’s best to keep the style of your lighting to match the overhead fixtures.
• To add special ambiance for the tub area, consider adding sconce around it.

4. Shiny Bathroom Remodel

Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas

If you’re searching for an extraordinary way to update your bathroom, this idea can be one of the best. With glamorous metallic tiles on the wall, this bathroom looks fancy and elegant at the same time.
For homeowners looking to an ideal remodel idea to make their room seem larger, this idea will be perfect as well. The installment of metallic tiles not only makes the room looks futuristic but also make it feels more spacious thanks to the reflective effect.
Besides, you can also fit the fixture in the matching style to create an eye-catching look in your bathroom. To get the most of it, here are my recommendations to create a glamorous bathroom:
• For a full glam look, consider employing the metallic tiles all over the wall. If you want a cheaper option instead, try to identify which part of your bathroom is the best to get the look.
• For a livelier feel, incorporate some decoration ideas that can splash a color like a vase of flower or greenery.

5. Saving Your Old Furniture

Lowes Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Replacing your furniture with the new one can be a good idea when it comes to remodeling a bathroom. However, you can also give the old furniture a new look for a cheaper option. As you can see here, the old wall-mounted cabinet looks great in this bathroom.
This is one of the best bathroom remodel ideas that you can take into account if you are on a tight budget. You can simply repaint the old furniture with a new color that matches the rest of the space. You can also consider bringing in old furniture from other rooms if possible.
If you want to splash a color to the plain interior, you can consider repainting the furniture in the contrasting color of the other elements. For example, in this all-white bathroom, you can bring red furniture instead of a white one.

6. Shower Curtain Style

Shower Remodel Ideas

One of the simplest ways to update your bathroom’s style is by bringing in new shower curtain to the space. It’s not only simple, but also a lot cheaper compared to such major changes like purchasing new furniture for your bathroom.
You just need to make sure that the new shower curtain fits the rest of your bathroom’s style. To help you, here are some tips to choose the right shower curtain for your bathroom:
• Go with cotton it possible. It might be more expensive than the other materials, but it is generally a great choice for a shower curtain since it typically holds up the best and is also easiest to wash.
• For less expensive and low-maintenance option, opt for vinyl. It also comes in a variety of colors.
• For the style, try to choose the one that can keep colors consistent throughout your bathroom. Make sure to choose a shower curtain that does not clash with the existing color scheme.

7. Space Above Toilet

DIY Bathroom Remodel Ideas

If you have a narrow bathroom, thinking of remodeling ideas that can save more space will be an excellent choice. Instead of leaving the space above your toilet unused, employ it to give more space for storing your stuff.
In addition to an additional storage solution, you can also add a picture above it to complement the space. For other clever ways to decorate above the toilet, let’s check my recommendations below:
• Instead of a big storage solution like shown above, consider repurposing wine box and use it as beautiful storage container above your toilet.
• To make your small bathroom looks bigger, opt for hanging some framed mirrors to cover the walls above the toilet.
• For a simple, yet functional choice, install a few wood shelves above the toile to add ample storage for your bathroom essentials.

8. Give Some Relaxing Spot (Spa)

Master Bathroom Remodel Ideas

If you need bathroom remodel ideas that allow you to create a more relaxing spot inside your home, you shouldn’t miss this one! By employing a few natural materials and proper planning, you can get pleasure from a spa experience in your own bathroom.
There are some ways that you can do to make the most of it. Here are some of my recommendations on designing one:
• For the flooring, opt for natural material. In this case, you can utilize teak floor or pebble floor tile.
• For the wall, create an exceptional tiling for spa experience by employing roughly textured riles like granite.
• For the fixture, consider using fewer fixtures to create a calm and uncluttered experience. Install the equipment wall-mounted and add a curbless shower to enjoy a rainfall sensation every time you take a bath.

9. Rich Blue Wallpaper

Wallpaper Ideas for Bathroom Remodel

This is another simple idea to bring your bathroom into another level. By applying new wallpaper like this blue one, your bathroom will have a brand new look instantly. This is because the wallpaper can add a special effect for your bathroom.
Since you’re going to install the wallpaper in the bathroom, remember to go for the one that comes with waterproof materials. The good news is that there are a lot of choices available on the market, making it possible for you to get the one that suits your need and taste.
If you want to add a bold touch to the bathroom, you can go for this kind of dark blue patterned wallpaper that contrasts the white elements around the space. For a more feminine touch, you can choose the one with a floral pattern and pastel or beige colors.

10. Unity in Simple Tile

Half Bathroom Remodel Ideas

If you have enough budgets for a bigger change in your bathroom, consider installing this simple tile design on your walls. The bright blue color of this tile makes a great complement to the rest of the space.
To save your budget, you can limit your wall tile by focusing on the space around the shower only and paint the rest. If you have a tight budget and still want to install new tiles, you can do the tiling halfway up the wall only and use paint to finish the rest.

Moreover, you can also think of adding a few random tiles to add a pop of color or pattern without increasing your budget. That’s all a few ideas to redesigning your bathroom. Now, you can choose one of the best bathroom remodel ideas mentioned above or mix up some. Happy remodeling!

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