25+ Bathroom Lighting Ideas to Light Up your Refreshing Activities

Choosing the bathroom lighting ideas you want should be based on the style. If you have a modern and minimalistic bathroom, then you can go with lights with straight lines and shapes.

The bathroom lighting ideas of your choice should work equally well every time during the day and night times. Lighting is the bathroom element that’s not often mentioned as the main element of the room. But, it has a massive impact on the room.

So, you have to plan it well and make sure all key fitting is illuminated in a proper way. Here are some astonishing ideas to light up the bathroom.

Modern Bath Lighting

modern bathroom lighting ideas


The characteristic of modern design is the clean lines and smooth surfaces with no intricate details. In designing a modern bathroom, the color scheme is the key. Typically, people use neutral colors for their modern room. It can be brown, cream, taupe, and of course white.

This bathroom has its characteristic. The clean lines on the wall with that subway tile and the white furniture create a smooth scene from this point of view. This bathroom is packed with a double-mirror vanity. The medium size of vanity is standing below two smaller mirrors.

Both of the mirrors have the same design which makes it as the twin mirror. Above each mirror has its own modern light fixture. Well, let’s focus on the lighting. Actually, from the outdoor light, the white scheme offers enough lighting during the day for this bathroom.

In order to increase the value of this modern bathroom, the lighting above the mirrors plays an important part to decorate the subway tile wall. The bathroom lighting ideas are also functional in providing lights to vanity.

Farmhouse Bathroom Lighting

For you who want to improve the farmhouse design in your bathroom, you can add this farmhouse bathroom lighting. The chic wooden wall design would blend harmoniously with this lighting design. The design is very friendly to a farmhouse style.

This kind of lighting is also called as wall sconces. It’s a perfect addition for your vanity. Mostly, it’s made of metal or steel. These sconces are painted with the matching color with the mirror frame. It’s very clear that the sconces are there to complete the vanity experience.

The sconces and mirror are also matched with the faucet. So, “Harmonious” is the right word for this bathroom design. The dark painted element in this bathroom adds some industrial vibes to the bathroom.

The shiplap wall has a white color that makes the black-painted elements have more opportunities to shine brighter. That’s what makes this farmhouse bathroom so special. There are a lot of lighting types out there, but sconces are perfect bathroom lighting ideas with farmhouse style.

Industrial Lighting Inspiration

Industrial Style for Bathroom Lighting Ideas


Talking about industrial, this one is the real deal. Industrial style is often chosen as the decoration theme because people just want to have a little bit of that vibes inside the house as you can see in this small bathroom.

It has an industrial look which is supported by the black decorated elements such as the wall towel hooks, toilet paper hook, and the faucet. The industrial look is supported by the vintage wooden vanity.

The main industrial element of this bathroom is the lighting. The bathroom lighting ideas could give significant refreshment to the room. The industrial vibe comes from that dark vanity light which is packed with some Edison bulbs.

The dark wood design on the floor, door, and vanity cabinet is very supportive of your industrial vibe. The lights are not really needed but it offers a great impact to the wall decor.

Traditional Crystal Bathroom Lighting

Unique Bathroom Lighting Ideas


A chandelier is the stylish choice of a lighting fixture. Whether it’s in modern style or classic, a chandelier is well-known to be successful in adding character into the room. This glamorous bathroom looks astonishing with that traditional crystal chandelier.

The chandelier design works so well with the other elements of the bathroom. This bathroom has the French Provencal blue walls which are paired with the brass fixtures. Both of them have an important role in the color scheme of this bathroom.

It’s a unique choice of color for classy bathroom design. The blue walls make a lovely backdrop for the small traditional chandelier. You can set the fixture hanging as low as possible to draw attention as the bathroom lighting ideas.

A classic crystal chandelier doesn’t have to be expensive. The chandelier in this bathroom is available at a more affordable price. The size is small and the design is simple making it perfect for a small but stylish bathroom in your house.

Sweet Chanderlier Lighting

Chandelier Bathroom Lighting Ideas


It’s another option of chandelier you can choose for your bathroom. Some people might think that a chandelier is not supposed to be hanging from the bathroom’s ceiling because, it seems to be designed especially for rooms with less privacy such as kitchen, living room, and dining room.

However, the interior design of a house depends on the personal taste or style of the owner, right? So, you can do what you want to maximize the looks of your space. This bathroom has a vintage Tuscan chandelier hanging from its ceiling.

This kind of lighting could be a cool addition to draw attention in the bathroom. It’s hanging right above the bathtub. It’s the right decision for the bathroom. You can enjoy the view of the chandelier while lying in your bathtub.

The addition of a window blind to cover the sunlight is the right decision for this bathroom. It offers a bigger opportunity for the chandelier to shine. This rustic traditional lighting becomes a sweet addition to the list of bathroom lighting ideas.

Exotic Brass Lighting

The brass element in a room is likely to get a chance of being the magnificent accent. It makes a perfect collaboration with the wall as the backdrop. In the bathroom, brass material is applied on the metal elements like shower faucet, sink faucet, and wall hooks.

In this case, the brass element can also make a significant appearance in your bathroom. Take a look at that exotic brass lighting. It’s one of the magnificent bathroom lighting ideas with a simple design. The brass frame with yellow lighting on bluish-gray walls seems to be enough for this bathroom.

The brass lighting is attached on each side of the vanity mirror. The brass elements are only the small part of this bathroom but it offers such a big impact as the astonishing bathroom lighting ideas.

Illuminating Bathroom Lighting

Illuminating Bathroom Lighting


If you want a bathroom lighting that has a trendy modern look, this one could be something you can consider. It will add the classic and sophisticated look to your modern bathroom. It’s called Elf1 Bath light designed by Illuminating experience.

This Tube LED bathroom wall light offers a simple and sleek fixture for your bathroom. It’s got enough versatility to be used in any style and setting. It will give your bathroom a bright and diffused light to the entire space.

It works perfectly on the sides of mirror vanity. As you can see, it matches with the mirror. It’s one of the best choices of modern bathroom lighting ideas.

Bathroom Lighting Mirror

An LED-framed mirror is another contemporary choice of a bathroom element. Mostly, it comes with a small size and clean lines. It’s a good addition for your small bathroom vanity. It would illuminate the object in front of the mirror clearly.

The light fixture above the mirror is applied to add more lighting if the LED one from the mirror is not enough for the bathroom. But, it’s quite optional having overhead sconces on the vanity. You can eliminate that light fixture because the LED on the mirror is enough.

This well-patterned wall makes a perfect backdrop to the vanity set. These bathroom lighting ideas provide a perfect place to get ready in the mornings.

Ceiling Light Ideas

This box ceiling light is designed by TECH Lighting. It offers an understated style and streamlined look of the lighting. That makes it suitable for any style of bathroom lighting ideas. It’s perfect to be used in wet locations. You can have it like the lighting of your shower space or walk-in shower.

There are many variations when it comes to choosing mounted ceiling light fixture for your bathroom. Here are some of them:

  • Flush / Semi-Flush Lights. It’s designed for a room with a high ceiling. It has a versatile style.
  • Recessed Light: The best choice for a room with a low ceiling. It’s required a more complex installation
  • Utility Lighting: It’s a no-frill light fixture. It’s a great option for garage lighting.
  • LED indirect lighting. These fixtures let you install strips of LED around the ceiling to create a dramatic effect.

Among those ceiling light types, this box ceiling light is listed in the flush lights types. This type has become one of the most popular lighting designs. It provides optimal lighting to the bathroom.

Choosing bathroom lighting ideas can be very tricky. You have to consider the quality and ability of the light fixture. Those ideas are very helpful for you to decide which one suitable for your own bathroom.

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