9+ Outstanding Bathroom Decor Ideas (That Inspire You a lot)

Some bathroom decor ideas will be very helpful for you to get inspired in decorating your bathroom. When you’re living in a rental apartment, you really want to have a new look to the bathroom. Of course, you don’t want to renovate or redesign the bathroom because it will cost a lot of money.

Redecorating is a very simple solution for that. It’s a great way to get the bathroom a new look. Let’s inspire you with these bathroom decor ideas for a fresh start.

Looks Like Wood Decor

Farmhouse Bathroom Decor Ideas


Wood flooring is not recommended to be used in a bathroom. It’s the room where every element is likely to get wet. The bathroom is the room for cleaning. Most of the wood materials couldn’t handle being wet for a long time. So, people should avoid using wood as the flooring material. In this case, the material is not wood. It’s vinyl flooring that looks like wood. It’s one of the clever bathroom decor ideas you can have for your own bathroom. This is a great choice if you want flooring that looks stylish and will last.

Durability should be the main factor when choosing flooring material. Vinyl material has been the favorite of homeowners. It’s so popular to be used in a room with high traffic areas such as the kitchen and of course, the bathroom.

Wood couldn’t handle liquid as well as vinyl. It has a better ability to resist moisture on its surface. You can choose the design that matches with the furniture in the bathroom. As you can see, this “wooden” flooring looks well blended with the elegant color scheme of the bathroom.

Bathroom Wall Decor

Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas


It’s another simple way to decorate your bathroom easily. You can just add such big canvas art on the main wall of your bathroom. The main wall is the spot on the wall where people will automatically often see.

In this small bathroom decor ideas, the artwork is placed on the wall next to the bathtub nearby the windows. It’s a strategic place considering the bathtub being the main element of this bathroom. It’s a simple abstract artwork in a big frame and a matching color scheme.

The artwork color is so essential for this neutral-colored bathroom because it wouldn’t be as smooth as this one if the artwork has a different bold color. The big window is very supportive to light up the bathroom and improves that charm of the wallpaper pattern and the painting.

Wrap Up a Cold Bathroom

Guest Bathroom Decor Ideas


For this bathroom, textile material can give a significant change in the bathroom. It’s a good choice of decoration considering the easy and efficient character of this material. It’s one of the bathroom decor ideas that can wrap up a cold bathroom. A curtain is a good element for a bathroom with a walk-in shower. It would increase the privacy as you need in the bathroom. Beside protections, a curtain could be a good additional decor that offers a big impact to the whole bathroom design.

You have to consider the bathroom style when choosing the curtain design. This bathroom has a crowded pattern on the wall, so you will need a plain curtain with matching color to balance the scene. This bathroom uses a handmade black trimmed curtain with white cotton duck. You can buy this item with its water repellant liner or you can buy it separately.  With a shower curtain, there will be no water spilling out of shower space anymore.

Bathroom Decor with Natural Experience

Master Bathroom Decor Ideas


If you want a bathroom decor that nails the natural trending, you may want to look at this cool bathroom with natural decoration. There are three main elements of nature that often included as a decoration of a room, plants, wood, and stones or rocks. This bathroom has those three elements. It’s one of the great bathroom decor ideas with the charm of a natural experience. There’s no better way to design a natural room than having a good amount of elements from nature.

As you can see, this natural bathroom works well with plant life, natural wood elements, and rocky accessories. The wooden elements offer a nice timeless look pairing with the greenery at the corner. White is the friendliest color for natural materials because it plays a role as the fresh air and the sky. This kind of bathroom will work perfectly when the house located in the natural surroundings. Some windows would improve the value of this bathroom.

DIY Paint Makeover Idea

DIY Bathroom Decor Ideas


Changing the wall color is the easiest choice to get a new look of your room including the bathroom. If you want a new bathroom, you should begin to choose the color you want. Many people would go with the safest option such as the neutral color scheme. But, that won’t make the bathroom special. If you want to make it as special as yourself, you need to be a little bit brave in choosing the color you like. This bathroom is a great example of freedom of choice. It has a magenta color all over the wall.

Magenta on the wall makes this bathroom so girly. It would be a perfect color for a girl’s bathroom. Psychologically, the color magenta is the color of universal harmony and emotional balance. It’s the result of a combination between red and violet color.

So, if you want to create harmony and balance in the bathroom, magenta is a cool color to choose. Sometimes, people also call this color pink. It’s one of the unique bathroom decor ideas which have paint makeover. In order to dim a bit of this pop of pink, you can add a graphic accent wall with earthy colors. It will give a fun pattern to work in harmony with the whole elements. It also counteracts the color of the wall.

Unsual Tile Bathroom Decor

Bathroom Themes Ideas


If you get bored with the mainstream bathroom design, you might want to go with something different, unique, or unusual. Check out this unusual tile decor. It’s one of the bathroom decor ideas that look so different because only a few people that could come up with this mirrored tile idea.

The mirrored tile right in the bathtub area is unusual. However, it’s a very unique choice for a modern style bathroom. A Mirror is quite important for a bathroom which is only placed nearby the vanity. But now, you can have it all over the bathtub wall.

The reasons to choose mirrored tile wall for the bathroom:

  • It would make the small bathroom feel bigger.
  • You can use the mirror anywhere you want.
  • The mirror is not only for the vanity.
  • The bathroom would be brighter than before.
  • It’s available in some different styles.
  • It adds a unique charm to the bathroom.

Unique Lighting Idea

Spa Bathroom Decor Ideas


You can play with the lighting in the bathroom for a simple change to the bathroom look. As you can see, the lighting of this bathroom looks remarkable. It’s one of a kind. This is something that we won’t find often.

With the recessed fixtures next to the mirror, the reflection goes crazy all over the space. That gives a unique look to the bathroom design. Actually, the modern look of this bathroom is already impressive. That curvy bathtub really changes the experience of using the bathroom. The element of wood also plays an important part in this bathroom with its minimalist style of design. The gray scheme on the wall, ceiling, and flooring become a great base for this bathroom.

Maximize Storage Idea

Small Bathroom Decor Ideas


One of the most functional bathroom decor ideas is storage. It can be both functional and decorative. Bathroom storage is needed to store your bathroom stuff including towel, cleaning/grooming products, and other supply.

Everything needs to be well-organized. So, it’s important to choose the suitable kind of storage in the bathroom. As you can see in this bathroom decor ideas, the storage is provided in a form of space. There’s a built-in space that contains a storage cabinet in a standing space. It’s a good way to have storage in such a small bathroom. it would give spacious space to keep a good flow of the bathroom activity, especially when more than one people use it all at once.

Stylish Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom Accessories Ideas


Take a look at this glamorous accessory that is specially designed bathrooms. It’s the luxurious approach of bathroom decoration. This bathroom accessory set is not that expensive. It looks like something you can find in a hotel or resort bathroom.

But now, you can have it in your bathroom. You can add this as an accessory to fulfill your bathroom experience. It would add glamour to improve the value of your bathroom atmosphere. It’s a small addition but it’s about to make a big impact. If you want to buy these accessories of bathroom decor ideas, you can buy it online from the online stores like Macy’s, Overstock, Amazon, and so on.

Choosing the right one among those cool bathroom decor ideas could be tricky. You have to know what you needed most in the bathroom and don’t forget to consider your personal taste and style in designing the bathroom.

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