26+ Awesome Kitchen Remodel Ideas (Recommended Style)

You will start to think of having a new look for the kitchen usually when it’s been around for years. When the moment comes, you’ll look for some unique kitchen remodel ideas that can be referred to.

Wanting some changes in the kitchen is quite natural for any occupants or homeowners. It can be caused by so many factors, one of which is boredom. When the kitchen starts to get old, the color faded away, that is when some changes are required.

Kitchen Island Remodel Ideas

Kitchen Island Remodel Ideas

Owing to its substantial benefits, an island is considered a must in the kitchen. Adding one will help you finish your tasks faster. How so? It’s because an island provides you with a large amount of space for food prep.

Therefore, you can have plenty of room to put some ingredients, vegetables, or fruits on it, where continuing the task with ease is allowed.

It can also be a hangout spot and a nice addition to your kitchen where you can have an everyday conversation to people waiting for the meal to be ready while their stomachs rumbling. The other highlights of this kitchen listed as follows.

  • The island comes in a white hue which becomes an easy focal point in this bold grey kitchen.
  • The storage is on the left side which is an ingenious idea of designing an island. It’ll be a lot easier for everyone on both cook and dine sides to access the utensils rather than having the storage facing one side only.
  • The kitchen appliances look so luxurious and classy which bring an elegant ambiance.

Kitchen Flooring Remodel Ideas

Kitchen Floor Remodel Ideas

It is a fact that the flooring style is one of many elements in the kitchen that is deserved to have your full attention. The floor, being everything you see, is the place where your kitchen sits. And it may also be the first thing you would like to impress your guests with.

The island comes in white with some brown chairs to let your guests enjoy your hospitality as well as the nice outdoor view, thanks to the glass partition. The other fascinating facts about this kitchen are:

  • The floor has the exact same dark brown color with the wall, making the kitchen has a bold chocolate-like look.
  • Besides the large partition, there’s still another window on the ceiling that brings bright lighting, which is good because it looks fairly gloomy here.
  • The kitchen is a little bit breezy since it has a spacious space.

Kitchen Backsplash Remodel Idea

Kitchen Backsplash Remodel Ideas

Installing a backsplash is essential to your kitchen especially to the wall. Not only to protect, but it can also prevent the wall to get easily tarnished by liquids. It makes your kitchen look even nicer to some extent as well.

Some options are available when it comes to the materials. You can choose variedly from ceramic to brick or even wood. Pick one that suits your kitchen the most and enhances the look to the whole concept as well.

In this kitchen, the backsplash comes in white with a unique, flower-like pattern that adds some beauty to the wall.

4. Kitchen Countertop Flair Idea

Kitchen Countertops Ideas

Having a glossy surface, this countertop looks so classy with a set of the dark electric stove in the middle. It also has a unique shape that makes the kitchen practical. The sink is located near the window which comes in handy to fight away the boredom while doing the dishes routine.

This kitchen has a strong white accent, so applying a dark color will make a gorgeous contrast and create a monochromatic style.

The built-in island will also give you some benefits, too. Its bench tops allow you to have large space for food prep and it is considered as the best design with high efficiency.

Optimize Overhead Kitchen Storage

Kitchen Storage Remodel Ideas

Kitchen remodel ideas can help you redesign the kitchen with a better layout that can improve your efficiency. Anything in the kitchen you think requires a new transformation should be changed then.

This storage, for instance, is a clever way of transforming your kitchen storing space. Optimizing overhead storage will save some room underneath as you can put more kitchen appliances there, which is very helpful.

A kitchen should be clean and clutter-free and this floor has it. It looks so spotless that you might still be fine lying your body down on it. It also has the same color as the island that infuses a cool look.

  • By optimizing the overhead storage, you can have a nice decoration that is needed when remodeling the kitchen.
  • Adding some plants will bring natural atmosphere here.
  • The floor is finished with ceramic in a grey accent that leaves a relaxed feeling and blends well with the surroundings.

Brainstorming Original Storage

Kitchen Storage Ideas

Some stuff doesn’t take up so much space when it comes in little number, but the amount will gradually increase in days and you will need bigger storage then. This is when you need to think about a new way of storing.

Making use of the room under the sink could be a nice way to tackle it. Creating small boxes that can hold those everyday items as seen here can help you tidy up the kitchen.

This storage comes in handy considering its usage for hiding tiny items without taking a large amount of space. Don’t load it with too many things in it, though, or the hinges will get broken.

7. Add Open Shelving Idea

Open Shelving Kitchen Ideas

Don’t let the corner wall empty, you can try to install some open shelves there. This picture literally shows you how to do that. It looks so well-arranged and so much more interesting.

You have to measure each of its space before sticking them on the wall with brackets that can withstand the weight. Don’t put some heavy stuff because it will collapse down.

The plates, bowls, and jars are nicely set up there according to its sizes, colors, and types. And there’s a plant that gives a subtle touch to this kitchen and creates a tranquil look.

  • You can have some more storage by creating open shelving that can be used for storing kitchen utensils. Paint it with a different color and make a contrast to emphasize it.
  • The shelving really makes this kitchen a clutter-free space and leaves plenty of countertops left for other uses.

Appliance Kitchen Garage

Smart Kitchen Garage Ideas

A kitchen won’t look so special if it isn’t supported by some great appliances. If your kitchen only has a beautiful layout and decoration without having the tools that can enhance your work, that will be pointless.

When cooking meals, you are going to need them to make your task becomes much easier. You should also consider putting those appliances in the right place so you know where to go whenever need them – not too close or far from your reach, either.

This kitchen already has a good layout and spacious space which makes it have an airy feel. You can even put an island there if needed. But if you think it isn’t needed, then, you don’t have to. Do not fail to see these highlights also:

  • With the dark grey flooring, this kitchen seems to have a calm and relaxed atmosphere that blends together with the rest.
  • The windows have a unique design that you can open to let the air flow through.
  • Those two lamps with dim lighting merge with the cool tone of grey and deep green in this kitchen.

Smart Kitchen Workspace Idea

Kitchen Workspace Ideas

The workspace is something that you should put into consideration, too, when remodeling the kitchen. How could you cook or do your job well if a good workspace doesn’t exist? That is why you should pay attention to it.

Make sure the workspace is enough to allow you to put some kitchen appliances, utensils, or ingredients while cooking. When you are in a rush, bad things like spilling liquids out of the pot or blender can happen if you don’t organize the workspace quite well.

Decorating it to have a nice look is also something you shouldn’t forget. With a stunning kitchen look, it will make you enjoy the whole cooking process as it has a lovely, entertaining appearance.

Upgrade Your Appliances Idea

KItchen Remodel Ideas

Kitchen appliances will get obsolete through time, which is why they should be upgraded so that you can have a better experience in cooking. Though it may cost you a fortune, the upgrade is obviously necessary.

Upgrading kitchen appliances can be a nice move, and it is also one of many kitchen remodel ideas that you should follow. Don’t be reluctant to spend some of your savings on new tools to get the kitchen upgraded or renovated.

This one has plank wood flooring while the kitchen cabinet, ceiling, and door are in white. The wall, however, is painted with a yellowish hue and has some unique pattern on it that nearly reach the ceiling.

  • With no island, the kitchen has some considerable amount of space left that makes you free to move around.
  • The floor has wood finishing which brings a warm and welcoming ambiance to the home.
  • The kitchen would look beautiful if you could add some plants or flower to elevate the aesthetic feeling.

To sum it up, remodeling your kitchen could be done by adding an island and open shelving, paying attention to the flooring and backsplash, optimizing overhead storage, or upgrading the appliances.

Kitchen remodel ideas can influence one’s thought on deciding what looks that would fit the whole area. It’s not wrong if you want to discuss it with your spouse before picking one that will suit the most.

10+ Best Kitchen Lighting Ideas for Heart of The Home

The idea of applying dim light in a certain room where is associated with a romantic thing, for example, dining room and bedroom, maybe is the brilliant idea ever. But it can be a big catastrophic if you implement the wrong kitchen lighting ideas. When it is too dark, then it can be dangerous for you.

On the other hand, too much light also not a good idea. That is why lighting ideas for the kitchen are essential. Besides safety reason, lighting also becomes the biggest part of the decoration that you should consider. Here are the best kitchen lighting ideas, special for you.

Modern Kitchen Lighting

Kitchen Lighting on Your Ceiling

If you are into modern design, choose minimalist ornament and trinkets. Same with the lighting don’t pick too many trinkets like a heavy chandelier. Otherwise, simple lighting like recessed downlight offers additional interest and warm finish touched

If your dominant color is black or dark, utilize small pan and crockery cubby will take a cozy look, thanks to the internal lighting. A handle-free lamp into the background area of the kitchen island is grabbing the attention though.

Industrial Style Lighting

Industrial Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Talking about industrial style is always related to the steel surface, brickwork, and bulky vintage equipment. With this uniqueness, no wonder why this style relatively suits with individual personal taste.

Another reason why many people choose this style is that the atmosphere of transforming an old object into something new can build a nostalgic moment.

A pendant light is usually used in industrial style kitchen. The simple, monochromatic, and sleek design can give finishing touch of modern industrial style. It looks so striking when you hang it for two or three above the dining table or bar area.

The canopy of the lighting can be in half-round shaped in black metal steel material. But if your overall kitchen style uses black as the dominant color, the light wooden panel that hangs like vines from the ceiling will offer you a warm complement atmosphere.

Vintage Lighting Ideas

Vintage Lighting Istyle

There is an undeniable fact in term of the aesthetic world: nothing can last forever. However, almost every trend of design is just a full circle. Today’s trend is inspired by the past and will be the same in the future. And vintage is one of the examples.

The first trick to present the vintage vibe is through warm lighting. The light spectrum ranges from warm light (reddish yellow light) to cool light (bluer kind like natural daylight). Choose warm light to give you a classical approach instead of cool light that brings you a more modern atmosphere.

Have both of that taste? Buy light bulbs that the color can change. It makes you easy to arrange the light based on your taste. Professional designers are usually pondering two types of general lighting: direct and indirect.

The difference between both of them is how the light comes through the fixture to the target. When a number of bulbs disgorge lighting straight down to the kitchen room, so it is considered as direct.

Otherwise, if the room is illuminated by several upward-facing shaded lamps, this is what we call as indirect. Better for you to choose the second one to make the vintage style becomes bolder.

Kitchen Island Lighting

Kitchen Island with Uniqeu Lighting

If you think a kitchen is a room for cooking only, then you never understand the phrase “kitchen is the heart of a home”. In fact, many families utilize the kitchen as a place to have informal and heart-warming chit-chat, take breakfast, or just read the latest book recipe.

That is why kitchen island is one of the important things to be concerned. Pendant lighting is good for your decorative needs. Try to use a larger size to upscale the kitchen’s style.

A cluster of smaller pendants which is arranged in a traditional line or various hanging height can give an adorable display for the island. More linear and larger chandeliers or recessed lighting can be another alternative if you are bored with pendant light.

When you choose the hanging light for your beautiful island, take note that it is hung at least 28 to 34 inch above the island. Put it in the center is the most common one based on the reason for lighting distribution.

Kitchen Cabinet Lighting

LED Downlight Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Under cabinet lighting can illuminate the countertops with a high-class taste of design and functionality. While ambient lighting is useful for navigating throughout the kitchen, don’t let shadows appear in the area that needs more light focus.

The installation is also a piece of cake. You can do it by yourself at home. First, think about the plugin and direct wire lighting. What are you going to choose between both of them? Plug in is easier than direct wire.

But direct wire can be more comfortable for a wall switch. Find some handymen if you are not familiar with electrical work.

Chandelier Lighting Style

Beuatiful Chandelier Lighting Design

Put a pretty centerpiece of modern lighting can give you perfect touch of the entire kitchen interior design because chandelier is beyond the source of light. It is part of the design itself. That is why; follow these several tips to choose the best chandelier for your kitchen room.

First, measure the width and the length of your kitchen before pointing finger on your favorite chandelier. To determine the proper diameter, slightly too big is still okay rather than too small. Then, calculate the length of chandelier. If the ceiling is high, the chandelier shall be tall also.

A foyer chandelier is in ideal height when it is hung about 7 feet off from the floor. The chandelier is a complement of the design, so don’t detract the theme by it. In term of picking the model or color, you have to consider what theme you want to uphold in your existing kitchen.

If you want to make rustic vibe, you can make it from twigs or faux antlers. If you love shabby chic, you can pick chandelier with black or white finish with additional antique glass sconce shade.

Downlight Kitchen Ideas

Super LED Downlight Lighting

Applying downlight for kitchen ideas is a sophisticated way to brighten your room. If you are into clean lines design with simple lighting, it will be your best option. Moreover, it saves your space though. Before you are sure, think about several things.

First is the height of the ceiling. The light in the downward direction is in a cone shape. That cone shape of light is usually crossing for approximately 30 inches from the floor. That is why you have to carefully calculate the height to maximize the effect of dramatic light.

The taller of ceiling you have, the brighter lamp you will need. The location of downlight from the wall also needs to be considered. It needs roughly two feet away from the edge of the wall upon the ceiling.

It will be better if you can avoid any shadow. Then, give space to your downlights evenly across to the room for establishing a balanced look.

Exposed Wires Ideas

Exposed Wire on Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Last but not least, choose the bulbs. Many types are available in the market for you. You can choose LED bulbs since the efficiency to reduce energy consumption is unbelievable.  LED tape light is also a great option. It can be used for under the cabinet. Besides the easiness to install, you can cut it to make it fit.

The ultra-low profile will be beneficial for accent mirror or another wall hanging. The available color is white, color and color changing strips. Xenon bulbs, fluorescent, and dimmer can be chosen to bring you warm tone vibes. The incandescent of xenon gas bulbs can be prolonging the bulb’s life.

You can mix xenon bulb or fluorescent for your dim light. The function of using dimmer is you can easily control it and pick a color of light that is suitable for your mood.

Kitchen Lighting with Skylight

Kitchen Lighting Combo with Skylight

The ceiling is basically not the main attention in term of interior design, whereas kitchen skylight can be great practical addition which offers you another layer of light. And the kitchen is a room where will get the most benefit from this because the kitchen requires ambient and enough lighting.

And skylight can reduce your dependency on artificial light. Besides the necessity of decent light, the other function of skylight is creating an illusion from a small and narrow kitchen onto brighter and more cheerful.

Even though the function is slightly the same, but skylight can’t be normal window replacement. It is because the distribution of sunlight is way more equal throughout the room. There are several styles you can use for skylight kitchen design.

  • A slopped and vaulted ceiling is a wonderful idea if you want a dramatic look and timeless appeal. Not to mention if your attic feels so congested because of your slanted ceilings, the only way to open it up into the view outside and to make it well ventilated is through skylight.
  • You can put one of plenty of creative ideas to make your skylight not so boring. For example, get the rustic vibes by traditional kitchen with heavy wooden beams surrounding skylight.To make it more modern, combine simple skylight with kitchen shelves on the worktop will make it chic with abundant of light.
  • Want to add up skylight on your existing kitchen? It is still possible as long as you consider the insulation and placement of your workstation. Don’t make your source of light ruin the ambient.

In conclusion, there are various ideas of how to install kitchen lighting. Applying a certain style, installing at specific space, choosing a particular type, or complementing with an additional feature are some of the ideas.

So, which one of these kitchen lighting ideas that you’re going to pick?

31+ Kitchen Island Ideas (Enhancing your Kitchen’s Functionality)

If your kitchen is lacking display, storage, or function area, try to go for kitchen island ideas. This design can solve all those problems and beautiful doing it. Putting a kitchen island is the best choice for anyone who wants to have great storage, display, and functionality at the same time.

Besides that, having a kitchen island also offers you a lot of benefits such as extra seating, adding more kitchen amenities, adding storage area in addition to cabinetry, etc.

Moreover, you don’t need to worry about the cost and design because the material options for kitchen island are endless and there’s a lot of kitchen island ideas. Here we’ve collected some that may interest you.

Double Duty Modern Kitchen Island

Double Duty Kitchen Island

This double-duty modern kitchen island is perfect to put in your kitchen if you have a small kitchen layout and want a modern kitchen looks with the island. It is an effective solution for storage, cooking, and even as a dining table.

The combination of wood on floors, steel from furniture’s frame and fixture, and hanging lamps will surely bring a country and rustic feeling to your kitchen. Meanwhile, it also brings a cozy look and warmth.

Marble as the material for countertop and stool also makes it even great and give luxurious look. Modifying your kitchen island by providing more space and storage will make your kitchen looks more efficient and multi-function.

Beauty Farmhouse Kitchen Island

Farmhouse Style Ideas

Blending calm feeling of vintage and natural feeling of farmhouse style will make your cooking activities delightful. Furthermore, it will be more entertaining and perfect if you also add great natural lighting into your kitchen.

Wooden kitchen island and open shelving is a great option if you want to give farmhouse and rustic feeling to your kitchen. The beige color of shelves paired with the white color of the wall, furniture, and cabinets also gathered vintage flair.

Moreover, the island has a towel holder, shelves, and cabinets to hold all your essentials. There are numerous storage options that give you a place to store all you need when cooking or preparing a meal.

This kitchen island idea is best for you who want to have a rustic, farmhouse, and vintage look in the kitchen. The island has wheels so you will able to move it in other rooms. Adding plants as the final touch is also perfect to enrich all those styles.

Minimalist Kitchen Island Ideas

Minimalist Kitchen Decor

A minimalist kitchen island is the best option for anyone who wants to have a simple kitchen. Mostly, there is two option of the minimalist kitchen island. Those are design wise and space wise. You can choose one of it or combine them.

This one is a minimalist design and space. The island has a sleek design with under counter storage system. The sleek design makes the island minimalist in both models and space.

Moreover, the island is extended in one side as a dining table. The seating enhances the main function of a table while the island still provides its function.

Great combination of wood and concrete as the material of countertop gives your kitchen more characteristic and helps you to divide space configuration in the table.

Luxurious with Marble Material

Marble Kitchen Island

If you have enough money to spend on your kitchen, you can go with this idea. Marble countertop adds a luxurious look to your island and gives value to your home. Moreover, marble is durable and tough. So it can handle any extreme cooking situation.

Marble countertop is famous for its resilience of the stone. Although it is a bit pricey, it will last a lifetime if you properly cared for it. So you can’t go wrong with marble for its durability and gives home value.

Combining marble with wood as the worktop gives it a rustic look to your island which functions as a dining table. The island has the same finish with the rest of the kitchen. So it looks cool in design and has a good sense of balance.

Large Airy Kitchen with Wheeled Ideas

Kitchen with Wheel

Are you tired of the same old cabinets in your kitchen? Then, adding this island into your meal haven and cooking will be a nice idea. You don’t even need to worry if your large kitchen will lack space if you added it because it is movable. It has wheels!

Not only movable but it also has a place to put the seating away. So it will save space and keep your kitchen neat. You can pull out the seating when needed and enjoy your meal there.

A large airy kitchen with a wheeled kitchen island is an inventive idea for space maximization and flexibility.

Kitchen Island with Extra Storage

Kitchen Storage Ideas

An island is the best choices if you think your kitchen is lack of storage and space. Add an island makes you get many benefits and solves your problem both in storage and space.

If the main problem in your kitchen is lacking storage, this idea is perfect for you. It has many options for storage area. Under countertop, there are three layers of storage area which able to hold many things and you can even use countertop too.

In term of design, the island made of marble and wood. While the wall and rooftop have a wood accent which bring the kitchen an intense rustic feeling.

The eating area also makes the island become multi-function. It can be the storage, preparation, and dining area at the same time.

Functional Kitchen Island with Sink and Stove

Functional Kitchen Island

Mostly, an island has a function as an additional space for the meal preparation process. But, this kitchen island ideas offer you more than just a prep area. It provides a lot of space to do almost all you need in your kitchen.

  • The existence of sink and stove : The main activity that people commonly do in their kitchen is cooking. This idea provides you cooking and prep area so you can do those jobs on the kitchen island.
  • Prep area and eating area : Creating a kitchen island with dining table is great to enhance your family bond. This island style has a prep area that also allows you to use it as a dining table. You only need to add a stool or chair that suits the other decorative element.
  • Storage space with shelves : Adding an island to your kitchen also means that you have more space to utilize. The space below countertop is normally used as a storage space. You can design it to store all your stuff.

Attractive Round Shape

Round Kitchen Island Shape

Craving other shapes of kitchen island besides rectangle and square? This round island may interest you. The round shape is the best option to choose if you want to make your island as kitchen centerpiece and being stand out.

Not only being stand out but also round shape island make your working flow in the kitchen more flexible. It’d be even better if one side of the island used as a dining area.

Hence, the family member will be able to face each other and have a small conversation while one is preparing the meal and the other is waiting to eat together. It surely will give you a fascinating cooking and eating experience.

Foldable Kitchen Island Ideas

Foldable Kitchen Island

Looking for simple and cheap kitchen island ideas? Then this one might inspire you: a small foldable island made of wood with wheels. You can’t get better than this.

It has three layers. The countertop offers you prep area and shelves under countertop allow you to put your essentials. It even has a towel and knife holder although has a small size. Having this foldable island will be a plus for you who like to do outdoor cooking.

Because it is light and foldable, you can bring it anywhere without many efforts. It even doesn’t need large spaces to store. The best options for anyone who wants to have a practical and multifunction wheeled island.

Professional Kitchen Look

Amazing Kitchen Ideas

An island made of wood and marble with prep area, baking area, and cooking area is really amazing. You get not only one area for your kitchen but three. It also provides under countertop cabinets that allow you to store all your cooking essentials.

Make it even awesome. All of those areas and storage gives your kitchen a professional look like in a restaurant.

Even professional with the existence of stainless steel appliances paired with warm marble floor, hanging storage of cooking equipment, and stainless steel cooker hood.

The wooden wall open shelving also able to blend goodly with the rest of the kitchen area and make the design looks even great. So, if you want to make a kitchen island with a professional and luxurious look and have enough budgets, consider using this idea.

Having an extraordinary kitchen island is one of the best opportunities to make your kitchen one of a kind. Nowadays kitchen island gains much interest of the people. They are attracted to the appeal of the kitchen island, for example, of its looks and functions.

Before looking for kitchen island ideas, it would be better if you calculate how many budgets that you have. Considering that is the major thing that you should concern. Hope these kitchen island ideas that we’ve collected may inspire and help you to crave your dream kitchen island.

10+ Awesome Kitchen Cabinet Ideas That Will Long Last

When designing or remodeling the kitchen, most homeowners tend to overlook kitchen cabinet ideas. In fact, they are an important part of the kitchenette. They house pantry essentials and affect the look of your cooking area.

If you find your kitchen dull and uninviting, it is the right time to replace old cabinets with something new. They make your meal preparation easier and transform the space from drab to fab.

Picking out the cabinets may be a tricky and daunting affair. No worries. We have gathered up some marvelous kitchen cabinet ideas below. We believe you get the functional storage that meets your expectation.

Blue Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Blue Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

As the timeless color, blue navy always works nicely on the kitchen cabinetry. It produces natural drama, elegance, and sophistication. Plus, it seems stylish and glamorous. This dark blue shade won’t get out of style.

Here, the sleek navy cabinets are tastefully attractive. They make a bold impression too. Along with white cabinetry, they create a nautical flair. The contrast between the navy and white cabinets is super astonishing.

White ceiling, backsplash, countertop, kitchen island, and walls develop a clean setting. Metallic refrigerator, faucet, and cooking stove showcase high gloss. They give the area an industrial edge.

Wooden cutting board, floor, open shelves, and stools warm up the space. Three pendant lights radiate the room in an ambient way. A vase of white flowers perks up the entire space. This cooking area is so fresh, right?

Simple White Kitchen Cabinet

White Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

It is one of the kitchen cabinet ideas that we truly admire. You probably think white cabinets are stark and lifeless. But, they will become a hot trend for years. Not to mention, they go well with any color and style due to its versatility.

In this picture, the milky white cabinets carve a modern appeal. They expand the small area. As a result, the kitchen visually looks more spacious. The cabinets lend an airy and a sunny atmosphere too.

The white subway tiles on the backsplash add personality and texture to the kitchenette. White ceiling and walls convey openness, purity, and serenity.

Glass window allows the sunlight to brighten the whole room. The silver hardware promotes an industrial charm. Wooden floor, beige granite countertop, and white flowers embellish the kitchen.

Two Tone Kitchen Cabinet

Two Tone Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

In case you get bored with your existing kitchen, why not give it an improvement? Having two tone cabinets is definitely the best way to abandon uniformity. They deliver a splendid twist to your cooking area.

You can use a light color on your upper cabinet and a rich shade on the lower one. The pastel grey and teal blue cabinets catch the eye in a split second. They generate a lasting and stylish appearance.

The backsplash, ceiling, countertop, and walls are painted white. They let the cabinets take the center stage. A black kitchen appliance pairs perfectly with the teal cabinet. But, it contrasts with white countertop.

Golden hardware boosts a sense of luxury. Metallic orb pendant light, stainless-steel faucet and electric kettle lead to the industrial aesthetic. Meanwhile, medium-toned wooden floor exhibits an intimate ambiance.

Modern Kitchen Inspiration

Modern Kitchen Design

If you want to own a modern culinary space, forgo dark-stained wooden cabinets because they result in a traditional style. We recommend you to opt for exotic wooden cabinets instead.

As seen in the image above, the grey wooden cabinets have alluring striped grain. They do not only offer smooth texture to the kitchenette but also create a focal point and high-end appearance. The units also freshen up the area.

Pale grey laminate wood floor teams fabulously with the streamlined cabinets. White ceiling and countertops and cabinets make for a ravishing contrast. The limes add a splash of energizing color to the space.

The kitchen is also outfitted with stainless-steel backsplash and highly polished appliances. They are chic and sumptuous at the same time. Plus, you can clean up the splatters, spills, and grease easily.

Black Industrial Kitchen

Black Industrial Kitchen

For you who are not a faint-hearted person, give this idea shot. Black is a big thing these days. It goes with everything. That’s the reason you should enter the dark side. We guarantee it won’t disappoint you.

This culinary space blows our mind. Look at those black cabinets. They bring a healthy dose of drama to the room. Other than that, the units introduce depth and elegance.

The cabinets act like the cool backdrop for metallic hardware. White worktop, wall, and cabinetry contribute to the refined interiors. They complement the kitchen appliances, stools and floor as well.

A couple of retro pendant lights cast a radiant glow after dark. The glass door, windows, and skylights keep the area bright. Corrugated metal ceiling evokes an industrial charm. What a welcoming and cozy room!

Rustic Kitchen Style

Rustic Style Ideas

Deciding between classic and rustic designs is a hard job. So, why not incorporate them into your kitchen? In this picture, the pastel grey aged wooden cabinets with molding promote a farmhouse vibe as well as country cottage atmosphere.

Pastel grey handles offer an old world charm. Drinkware collections inside the kitchen cabinets are such perfect additions. Since the cabinets come with glass doors, you can notice them quickly.

The wooden floor and countertop emit inimitable warmth. They flatter the cabinets nicely. The ceiling and exposed wooden beams magnify a sense of rustic. A vintage chandelier steals the spotlight.

Underfoot is a French-style floral rug. It pampers the feet and spices up the cooking area at once. Chinese blue & white porcelain jars and plates bring the ancient feel to the zone. Well, the kitchen is rich in textures and cultures.

Grey Kitchen Cabinet

Grey Kitchen Paint Ideas

Speaking of kitchen cabinet ideas, grey is the leading and desirable neutral hue. It even has got more popularity recently. If you love something chic and soothing, but still make a mesmerizing statement, these are our tips.

  • Paint your kitchenette’s ceiling and walls white. This color helps open up the space. So, the room does not seem cramped and gloomy.
  • Install wooden floor. It injects a casual and warm atmosphere into the room.
  • Hang pastel grey cabinets on the wall. For the lower cabinets, you must get them up of the floor.
  • Cover the backsplash with white hexagonal ceramic tiles. They make the area more interesting.
  • Put a geometric grey rug on the floor. It creates a coordinating look.
  • Place a potted plant on the countertop. The greenery provides a natural setting.
  • Illuminate the area during the nighttime with downlights.

Scandinavian Mood Kitchen

Scandinavian Booster Mood

The Nordic design is taking the whole world by storm. If you plan on using this style in your culinary space, we fully support you. We promise you will enjoy cooking in such a clutter-free kitchen.

Here, the kitchenette features white flat-panel cabinets. Their well-defined lines and sharp edges embrace a modern flair for certain. The ceiling and grid-like backsplash look simple yet charming.

The glass window lets the daylight stream into the cooking area. Downlights, under-cabinet LED strip lights, and hanging bulbs radiate the kitchen when the dark falls. Monochrome patterned square floor tiles act as the centerpieces.

Minimalist black armchairs can be tucked away under wooden dining table. The open shelves and butcher block countertop are beautifully rustic units. Potted succulent and greenery invigorate the room. What a tastefully organized kitchen!

Under The Stairs Kitchen Cabinet

Unique Kitchen Cabinet Design

Dwell in a small home? Don’t fret! You can create functional storage by adding cabinets to the awkward space under your stairs. We guarantee you will think your kitchenette is not that confined.

From ceiling to the floor, all are made up of wood. Unlike the other kitchens, you can adorn your culinary space with an unfinished wood because of its clean and rustic look.

The kitchen island and staircase on the casters are easy to move. White countertop and glass worktop pair pleasantly with the wooden furniture.

A unique pendant light keeps the cooking area from feeling ill-lit and unattractive. The oversized windows connect you with nature; while a vase of blooming flowers titivates the area.

Stylish Contemporary Ideas

Contemporary Kitchen Design

Are you a big fan of contemporary design? This idea won’t fail to amaze you for sure. You can fill your kitchenette with color cabinets. They lend the cooking zone a personality and modernity.

The matte black open cabinets add definition, depth, and drama to the entire room. Plus, they give the space an airy ambiance. There are red and metallic cooking appliances. Since the cabinets come in the rich tone, the other elements stand out.

A roll-out red cabinet is located between two black cabinets. It instantly brightens up the entire area and exudes a happy mood. This furniture also stores dishes, small kitchen appliances, and spice jars neatly.

Vibrant yellow serving tray and red drinking glasses are popping up against the grey countertop in a striking way. White floor, wall and slim cabinet handle rival the bold elements. A combination of deep and bright colors couldn’t be lovelier.

There you have some wonderful ideas for your kitchen cabinet! The ideas range are apparently wide, from applying certain colors, like blue and white, to giving a touch of a particular style, such as modern and industrial.

Hopefully, our kitchen cabinet ideas tempt you to upgrade your cooking area. Keep in mind that you must consider your family’s needs, budget, kitchen’s shape and size before revamping the kitchen. Let’s achieve your dream kitchenette!

37+ Brilliant Kitchen Backsplash Ideas (Upgrading your Cooking Mood)

Backsplash, especially in the kitchen, can increase the enjoyment ratio while you spend your time there. Only a simple tiny decoration but brings significant effect for you. Nevertheless, the method to apply it is simple and will not bother you. The problem is, sometimes people are a little bit confused on specifying which pattern of backsplash that will perform best on the existing kitchen design. This kitchen backsplash idea will help you to do so.

The backsplash has diverse materials you can choose, from weeny glass mosaic tile to the more traditional way. If in the past you needed many experts to build your dream come true kitchen because of the difficulties level, but right now you can do this backsplash by yourself like your personal project.

Modern Wood Style

Wood Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Almost all kind of wood and plywood are widely used in home décor or architecture structure. I am sure you have been familiar with the wooden staircase, hanging wall accessories, and furniture. But maybe you will not agree if wooden stuff is used for the kitchen due to the vulnerability of humidity.

Fortunately, modern finish and various types of plywood can handle this issue. The usage of sleek wood backsplash provides you contemporary look and natural feeling with extra warm ambiance. Shades and textures are available in so many variations.

You can maximize the small space of backsplash with contrast idea between rustic glamorous touched and wooden backsplash. Additional light toward the cabinet and make it matches with the countertop shelves will support your outstanding backsplash.

Artistic Fabric Backsplash

Fabric Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Sometimes the more rarely idea, the more they will be interested to try. It happens also with backsplash idea. Have you ever imagined fabric underneath glass is something that can be astonishingly beautiful?

If you want a simple idea that can be done by yourself, then it is truly your opportunity, especially if you are an out of the box person on earth.

Does your kitchen relatively have one solid dominant color? If yes, you can choose big motives of fabric or full flower image. If your kitchen uses a monochromatic theme, then you can be freer in term of choosing the motives. Let your backsplash be the most notable center of attention!

Marble Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Marble Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Who says that marble is only suitable with grandma’s house? Even though it is considered as old school, but this eye-catching look can be a great alternative to the ubiquitous high-end kitchen.

The uniqueness of the motive combined with green cabinets and raw wood shelves will produce rustic farmhouse atmosphere that we ever can’t get enough of.

To avoid the too complicated and too busy impression, you can finish the countertops and the backsplash with light white and grey marble color. Using the same material between countertops and backsplash can maintain the continuity and give the opportunity to other elements inside the room shine.

Simple Ceramic Kitchen Backsplash

Stunning Ceramic Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Since the main idea of using kitchen backsplash is to protect the wall around sink and stove from acid or any other dirty stuff, so it has to be fit in every budget allocation. If you are in love with stone but facing the trouble of price, ceramic tile will be better for you.

Different from natural stones that almost bring the same vibe, ceramics offer you countless opportunity to explore your idea. From sophisticated minimalist to chic vintage, rustic to futuristic, you can find everything you want. Don’t be afraid to choose the most outrageous option because this is going to be essential to define the entire look of your lovely kitchen.

Before you choose the pattern, better for you to mix and match it with the current style of your kitchen. Thanks to technology that will not let you confuse with this problem. Ceramics right now can be designed to favor metal surface or marble to get classy specific looks but still on budget.

  • Pay close attention to the basic cuts, designs, and styles of ceramics. Diagonal tile gives you unique looks but will require more tiles to be applied into kitchen backsplash. Prepare the additional cost carefully. Laser cut tiles can give you different feel when it is joined elaborately like jigsaw puzzles. And lastly, the most popular one is subway tiles that offer you clean-cut look.
  • Since the varieties of designs are available to be chosen, don’t forget to consider the harmony between countertops shelves, floor, wall, and furniture. There are two tricks you can follow. First, pick the surrounding décor then stick with it.

For example, reddish tiles will perfectly blend with brown cabinet. Second, opt out from the dominant design and choose the sharpest contrast as an outstanding ornament. Blow everyone mind every time they come to your kitchen.

Mirror Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Mirror Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Are you obsessed with mirrored wall like French café or just want to add up illusion of more space? Yes, mirror for kitchen backsplash idea is the answer.

The accent of mirror will perfectly work with various difference of aesthetic because of its ability to create dimension, emphasize texture, and reflect natural light.

If small mirror is enough, you can make it fun by using a colored mirror as complementary your palette. It still reflects the light, though, which is great to manipulate smaller kitchen to look bigger. Choose a hue which works with your color palette, gives warmth and richness than an ordinary plain mirror.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

stainless steel kitchen backsplash ideas

Take a look at your kitchen very carefully. Is it dominant with steel surface, bulky vintage equipment, and brickwork? If yes, then your kitchen is categorized into industrial ideas. To make it perfect, additional stainless steel backsplash will help a lot.

Stainless steel kitchen backsplash idea absolutely reminds us with ordinary restaurant or professional master chef kitchen. The function of implementing stainless steel is to make it into wet free space, especially in the sink area that always has high humidity.

Even though it looks luxurious and glamorous, actually it has an affordable price compared to stone or tile backsplash.

The durability of stainless steel material fits for you who always seek for long-lasting product; particularly the ability to reduce the risk of fungi or mold will strengthen its durability without requires any hassle maintenance.

Basic Brick Backsplash Inspiration

Brick Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Natural stone like travertine, granite, limestone, slate, or onyx is an overwhelmed popular choice to upgrade your kitchen looks. People choose stone rather than any other option is usually because of the variety of aesthetic colors, diversity of finishes, and quite long lasting wearing.

Most people spare more space behind the sink until the stove to provide satisfactory protection to the wall. Although the quality to make the wall more protected is usually unquestionable, but some types of stone will absorb more moisture than others. That is why not every type of stones is ideal for sink and stove that frequently get wet.

In term of color, it usually ranges from cream or pale white to reddish brown. To keep the harmony of color, you can establish a uniform effect with stone which has close similarity color within large section. Other facts that you need to consider more before picking up one of those stones are:

  • Choose stone kitchen backsplash idea only if you want to get a professional designer looks. It can be fallen over that offer you more sophisticated smoother look, rustic, brushed and polished touch. This finishing look provides incomparable effect for your kitchen.
  • As long as you clean it regularly, this stone will not give you additional problem. Especially for natural stones which are so susceptible to acid in food and beverages. Use a soft stone cleaner which has the ability to remove grout and dirt without damaging the stone

Solid Glass Kitchen Backsplash

Glass Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Solid glass tile expresses a strong message of delicate urbanity. Especially if your ideal kitchen style is modern style, you need to consider this. Don’t worry if the solid glass will be out of date in the future because glass never out of style.

The style that is being a trend in Europe currently is hitting exposure and popularity across the US. If you hire a contractor to do your home renovation, probably you will get offering in color variation. Instead of solid color, you can opt to clear glass custom painted.

It will minimize the risk of damage or chip once applied. Besides avoiding damage, clear glass is the perfect option if you want your sink to be visually clean and shiny.

Actual Chalkboard Backsplash

Chalkboard Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

From long decades ago, the chalkboard has already well known to be part of home décor tricks and proven to be applied everywhere. If you want another option that is budget friendly and beyond unique, you will be happy to consider this option.

On the other hand, chalkboard can become your personal space in the kitchen. Draw anything you want, write recipe or list as you want, or just playing with your kids by utilizing this bright idea.

Besides the easiness way to decorate backsplash with cheap material, you can clean and repaint it anytime you want. It helps a lot too to remind you what spices that need to be bought soon, or label the jars name on your kitchen.

More Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

To sum it up, the range of kitchen backsplash inspirations are so wide. You could opt for one of these materials: marble, wood, fabric, ceramic, stainless steel, brick, and solid glass. You could even choose to install mirror or chalkboard to be the backsplash.

So, have you chosen one of the kitchen backsplash ideas above? In a nutshell, even though the function of backsplash is to maintain the wall from water but it doesn’t mean we can let it be boring without any decoration. It is your time to make your kitchen more astonishing than another room in your home!

6+ Best Small Bedroom Ideas (Maximize Limited Space)

There is nothing more pleasing than to come home from a long day to your comfortable bedroom. As a personal space, a bedroom should be relaxing and well-arranged to your needs. But, what if you have limited space? Without the right small bedroom ideas, your sanctuary might feel cramped and even uncomfortable.

No need to worry, we have collected some of the best small bedroom ideas for you to try. Now, take a look around the room, and see if one of these tips matches your decorating style.

Keep It Bright by Accommodating a High Ceiling

Small Bedroom Ideas with Bright Ceiling

A high ceiling can give a visual impression of a large room. A standard American house usually measures around 9 feet from ceiling to floor. You may need to remodel the room if you want to have a higher ceiling measurement. There are at least three ways to add the height to your room:

  • Vaulted Ceiling : One of the most common ideas is to vault the room which involves removing the ceiling up to the roof level. After remodeling, the shape of the ceiling would follow the arch of your roof, giving extra space to breathe. Decorating the new vaulted ceiling with rustic beams or industrial lighting may also be a good idea to give the room a bit of style.
  • Tray Ceiling : Another way to increase the ceiling height is to create a tray ceiling. The ceiling is recessed on the most part of it, forming a three-dimensional effect of a larger bedroom. With this kind of ceiling, you can play a lot with the paint color.
  • Coffered Ceiling : A tray ceiling has another variation known as the coffered ceiling where the recessed part is created in grids. Though it can be a great focal point for the room, sometimes a coffered ceiling reduces the space instead.

These small bedroom ideas aim for the ceiling to be remodeled to give the area more air and light circulation—establishing a feeling of a larger bedroom.

Apply a Dark and Bold Style

Dark Bedroom Color Schemes

Forget the myth that dark colors absorb lights, so it makes a room appear smaller. With the right combination, you can actually enlarge a room by applying a dark and bold style. For example, blue navy is a great color to combine with beige or white. In some cases, a darker paint color hides the fact that the room is indeed small. Paint the wall with the navy blue and keep the rest of the decoration bright to create a contrast.

If you want a more matured look, try a combination of coffee brown with a hint of grey. It adds intimacy and warmth to the room so it can still be small but extra cozy. The best thing about playing with colors is that you can actually change it whenever you want to. To help you decide the combination, use the color wheel of the paint brand you are using.

Make Use of the Storage under Bed

Bedroom Storage Ideas

Storage can be a problem when you have a lot of stuff to keep. To deal with this, you can create a bed frame with storage under it. You might think to slide in some plastic containers under the bed and keep it out of sight, but there are many ingenious ways to have both the function and the look of the storage.

  • Decorative Baskets : There are many types of basket materials that you can use under the bed. For example using wicker baskets made from pandan, rattan, or straw can give a tropical look to your small bedroom ideas. If you want something cleaner, try wire baskets in neutral colors like white or black. Letting the baskets exposed on open shelves under the bed would definitely decorate the room.
  • Sliding Drawers with Dividers : It is indeed easier to keep things in drawers than on shelves. Everything is hidden, so the room stays tidy all the time. While the space under the bed can be extensive, you may want to add dividers to keep things organized inside the drawers.
  • Bed Skirt for Coverage : You don’t want to spend a budget on bed frame replacement? Make the most of the space under the bed by using containers with a lid. To keep the room pretty, use bed skirts with the same color as the bed sheet as it covers the things perfectly.

Magnify the Room with Mirror

Bedroom with Mirror Ideas

One of the most heard small bedroom ideas is to place a wide mirror on one side of the wall. While this might be true, you don’t have to make the mirror as wide as possible. In fact, there are other ways to install the mirror in your bedroom.

Several tall and slender mirrors placed between particular distances on a wall can do the trick for the bedroom. Another idea is to create artistically tiled mirrors on one side of the bedroom wall—it can be squared, beveled, or an arrangement of hexagons.

Otherwise, placing a wide mirror behind the headboard can always be a good idea. There are actually many other ways to install the mirror. It can all depend on your bedroom style and a dash of creativity.

Add Creative Wallpaper

Bedroom Decoration Ideas

Creative wallpaper with bright colors and light pattern tend to illuminate the bedroom. It is advisable to keep the color combination simply consists of dark and light colors to add more depth. One to try is a subtle floral pattern with pastel colors combined with white. Look for a simpler type of floral pattern rather than the realistic flower pattern.

Black and white city line or white clouds on a blue background can also be some of the patterns to consider. With a bold pattern like those, it is better to place the wallpaper only on one or two sides of the bedroom.

Leveling Bedroom Ideas

Adorable Levelling Bedroom Ideas

Leveling can be one of the best small bedroom ideas for teenagers and adults. It is mostly applicable when you have enough ceiling height. Raise the bed up to the level of a bunk bed and make use of the space under it.

Space can be used as a working space, a walk-in closet, a reading nook, or a simple lounging area. With this kind of modern bedroom, you can have additional space for more than half of the size of your bedroom.

Have you decided which style you want to use? Remember, the key to remodeling a bedroom is to pick the most suitable one on your budget and taste.

Top 7 Master Bedroom Ideas (Amazing Tips and Inspiration)

What’s a master bedroom ideas should feel like? For some people, the bedroom is their safe place. It should look good as well as providing all the things they need to relax. Thus, it is essential to really put a thought in decorating the master bedroom.

To help you in creating that comfortable feeling on your bedroom, here are some amazing master bedroom ideas that you can apply to your home:

Liven Up the Wall

Wallpaper for Master Bedroom

Wallpaper is not out of date. It can still be something that brightens up the room. Instead of imagining a bedroom with old style wallpaper, there are actually thousands of patterns, colors, and textures to choose. Soft flower patterns, geometrical lines, or Mediterranean style are some of the patterns that you can try.

To start with it, pick a wall that would be your focal point. It can be behind the headboard or on the window side. Not applying wallpaper on all sides of the wall creates a subtle touch rather than overwhelming the bedroom with the pattern.

Colors like soft lavender with a touch of grey or pearly white may give the room a delicate shine. If you are planning to place it on the headboard side, try to match the colors so that the furniture blends well with the wallpaper.

Pick a Lux Carpet

Lux Carpet for Master Bedroom

One of the master bedroom ideas to apply is to place a suitable carpet for it. A perfect carpet installation can definitely add personality and depth to the bedroom. There are other benefits that you can get in carpeting the whole bedroom area:

  • Sound Insulation : placing a carpet in the bedroom dampens the sound that may be a nuisance for your resting time. This can be effective especially if you need a quality sleep and the bedroom is located upstairs.
  • Adds Warmth : if you are living in an area that has extreme weather change in winter, having a carpet would warm up the bedroom. The thicker the carpet is, the warmer your bedroom would be.
  • Soft for Children : having little children means that you have to pay extra attention to their movements. While ceramic or parquet flooring can harm the children if in case they fall down, the carpet would provide an adequate cushion, so you don’t have to worry about it.
  • Easy Maintenance : different from wood or vinyl floor that needs to be regularly stripped and polished, carpet can be easily vacuumed to clean. However, you need to keep a carpet cleaner solution to handle more stubborn stains.

Stylish Headboard

Stylish Headboard Ideas

While a conventional headboard might function just as a headboard, being creative with it could create an amazing focal point for your master bedroom. More modern and contemporary headboards can be one of your master bedroom ideas.

  • Hanging Rug : Create a stylish headboard by hanging a patterned rug on the wall. It gives a soft yet bold look for the focal point behind the bed. For comfort, make sure that the rug does not have too much texture and easy to clean from dust.
  • Floating Bookshelf : Are you a bookworm? Having a couple of books ready above your head might be a good idea. A floating bookshelf would be the perfect choice to apply the idea to your headboard. Plus, nicely organized books lining on a shelf is a delightful view for anyone who likes to read.
  • Fabric Panel : Whether you are buying or making it by yourself, a fabric panel never goes out of style. You can create a contemporary mosaic, use a modern pattern on the fabric, or tuft it with big for a different and unique look for the headboard.

Bright with Natural Light

Best Natural Light Ever

What can be more peaceful than to feel the sun straight into your bedroom every day? Natural lighting will not only brighten the room, but it is also healthier for you. To have this luxury in your bedroom, add some large windows to your bedroom.

One basic rule in having windows in the bedroom is not to place it on the opposite side of the bed unless the window is facing a terrace or balcony. To add privacy, keep layers of a sheer curtain and opaque drapery. On sunny days, you can let the sun come in through the sheer curtain without losing any comfort.

Cozy Sitting Area

Beautiful Sitting Area

Extra space in the master bedroom can be transformed into a cozy sitting area. Place in a couple of sofa, chaise loungers, or a small sofa in one corner of the bedroom to add function and spice up the area.

If you are the kind of person who loves to read, installing a reading light or a coffee table beside the chairs should be an amazing addition. Some people also like to throw a blanket on the sitting area in case you fall asleep while enjoying a book or the view from the bedroom’s window.

However, it is not recommended to force creating a sitting area when the space is actually limited. If it is possible, you may want to have a sitting area on the balcony or the terrace that connects to the bedroom.

Paint it White Master Bedroom

Elegant Master Bedroom

White is not always boring. In fact, it is a neutral color that gives a sense of serenity and coziness. While a plain white shade might be too bright for the room, you can actually opt for other shades of white for your master bedroom ideas.

Colors like rosy white, ivory white or linen white should have the effect of brightening the space without blinding the whole ambiance. Rosy white, for example, is easy to match with other soft hues of pink and taupe.

Meanwhile, ivory white has the slightest shade of yellow to add brightness and warmth to the bedroom. Some linen white paints even have the texture to live up space. you can combine it with soft brown and white to keep it on the same theme.

The perfect master bedroom ideas would be the one that matches with your personality. If you already have a partner, you can combine each of your taste and needs to create a comforting space for both of you.

23+ Kids Room Ideas (Creative Design and Decor for Kids )

While adult bedrooms may function as a place to rest and a source of comfort, a kid’s bedroom should be more than that. They will be likely to spend more time in their bedroom to play, read, study, and learn about new things. Being creative with your kids room ideas would give them a space to cultivate their imagination and thus shape their personality.

How to do it? Well, the first thing you have to do is to bring out the kids in you. See what your kids are into and provide them with safe, stimulating activities inside their bedroom.

Wall Climbing Bedroom

wall with climbing points will be an exciting feature to put in a bedroom

Whether you are decorating a boy or a girl’s room, a wall with climbing points will be an exciting feature to put in a bedroom. To create this, you can simply install climbing points on a concrete wall or put modular climbing panels on one of the walls. It is advisable that you consult to a wall climbing professional to decide the safest area to install the points.

For added safety, cushion the floor with a soft mattress covering the climbing area. If you have smaller kids, consider making an angled climbing wall so that the chance of falling over is smaller. The points should be installed strong enough that it can also hold adults’ weight.

Last but not least, think about the height of the climbing spot. When you want it only as a fun activity, don’t challenge the kids by creating a full-length floor to ceiling climbing wall.

Let Them Have Fun with an Indoor Playground

A playgroom could be a place where your kids can play and learn.

A playground could be a place where your kids can play and learn. If you have enough space, building an indoor playground for them can be a positive move. The key to a perfect indoor playground is that it should hold their attention and provide various activities. There are some crucial features that need to be included in the area:

  • Bookshelves and Reading Nook : Books are a source of knowledge. It sparks your kids’ imagination and also stimulates their cognitive skills. Creating a comfortable nook with organized bookshelves should be on your list in making a fun playground for kids A reading nook can be simply made from a comfortable lounging sofa or mattress with some throw-pillows on it. It should be comfy and has adequate lightings to help your kids read better.
  • Art and Craft Corner : An art and craft corner can be placed near the study desk, or you can have a special area for it. The fact that every kid likes to experiment with art and craft should inspire you in encouraging their creative side. Remember to provide organized storage for the art supplies like papers, paints, and other utilities.
  • Toy Organizer : To keep the area tidy, you need to have enough organizers in the playground area. To do that, you can use separated containers for each type of toys. Containers usually have lids, and your kids will also find it easy to tidy up their own toys.

Inspiring LEGO for Kids Room Ideas

Lego is considered as one of the best educational toys for kids.

Been around since 1958, Lego is considered as one of the best educational toys for kids. It builds motor skill, encourages cooperative playing, and train the kids’ problem-solving skills. Whether you are decorating a girl or boy’s room, a Lego theme can be one of kids room ideas to try.

There are many Lego décor that you can find online. You can also set up themed Lego murals like Star Wars Lego or create Lego-themed furniture for the room. If your kids are a Lego collector, displaying some of it on an organized shelf will be great décor.

Colorful and Patterned Kids Room Ideas

choosing a colorful theme for the kids room ideas, you are creating an energetic and cheerful room

Color determines the ambiance of a bedroom. By choosing a colorful theme for the kids room ideas, you are creating an energetic and cheerful room for them. Below are some tips to help you choose the right combination of colors.

  • Use a Color Wheel : Buy a color wheel on an art supply store or at a paint store. The color wheel usually shows the primary, secondary, and tertiary colors. Choosing one primary color and two of its secondary colors should be an easy pick. The most effective way is to put several color side by side and see which one looks good and applicable.
  • Start with Your Kid’s Favorite Color : Boys tend to like colors like blue, black, and bright orange, while girls often choose pink and violet. You can ask them which one is their favorite color and combine it with other colors from the color wheel. However, most kids don’t really care about color coordination. To deal with this, their favorite color should be in the focal features while other colors compliment.
  • Soften It Out with Neutral : To avoid having too much crashing colors on a bedroom, you should always soft the theme out with neutral colors. Beige, white, and wood tones should be applied to the furniture to keep the theme balanced.

Magic Indoor Tree House

Creating a faux tree house inside their bedroom can be an amazing idea

If there is one thing that every kid loves, it must be a tree house. Creating a faux tree house inside their bedroom can be an amazing idea especially if you have boys that share their bedroom. Using features like a rope bridge, ladders, and hammocks, you can have outdoor fun inside.

What about safety? To help you with this, make sure you install a cushioning carpet on all over the floor. Boys tend to play physically, and it can minimize the chance of harm when they are running around the bedroom.

Simple Fun Chalkboard

kids room ideas with full of creativity

If you have toddlers and kids around, chances are that you have experienced messy doodles on your walls. With a giant chalkboard inside the room, you would not have to deal with it anymore. To make a fun chalkboard corner, you can simply buy chalkboard paint in a supply store.

The creative kids will love having this kind of corner as they can freely draw anything on the DIY chalkboard. Still, you have to be aware of the use of chalk in younger kids as it can be harmful.

More Kids Room Ideas

The perfect kids room ideas should be the one that is creative, imaginative, and safe at the same time. To have the right theme and feature, you should also see the personality and the needs of your kids so that they can enjoy their time in the bedroom.

10+ Unique Headboard Ideas for Your Amazing Bedroom

Impressive headboard ideas can entirely transform the look and vibe of your bedroom. As you might have been already aware of, the headboard can also be the focal point of your bedroom along with the bed.

The good news is that your choices are countless when it comes to headboard! You can go for such a simple, store-bought kind of headboard or opt for an affordable DIY one to make an instant change in your room.

If you feel puzzled, don’t panic! Here I have 10 best headboard ideas to help you get started!

Full of Memory Headboard Ideas

Quick Easy Headboard Ideas

If you love to collect your photos and want them to be part of your bedroom decoration, why don’t you make them as your headboard? Instead of the usual store-bought, upholstered kind of headboard, it will give your room more personalized charm.

More interestingly, you have limitless choices on how you hang the photos, making it a perfect decoration for your whole bedroom. From lots of possibilities, I have some fun ways to do so:

  • You can go with this heart-shaped photo college and use black frame and black-and-white photos or shape it in the form of the letters of your name.
  • To make it simpler, make a photo collage poster instead. It will be perfect if you don’t have much time to assemble those photo prints manually.
  • For more unique decoration, hang the photos with wooden planks. You can simply tie the photos to the planks and hang them vertically over the head of your bed.

Chevron Reclaimed Wood Headboard

wood headboard ideas

If you want to bring the warmth of rustic style but can’t give up the modern beauty of your bedroom, this chevron reclaimed wood headboard will be a good option. For a cheaper option, you can try a DIY to create this headboard from used materials.

Imagine how wonderful it is to have some abandoned wood pallets to transform your bedroom into something exceptional in your own style. To create this kind of headboard ideas, you can start by forming the headboard frame and then assemble the pallets into a chevron pattern.

Luckily, there are lots of online articles and videos detailed on how to create this type of headboard. You can look to those tutorials first before getting started.

Creative Mural Headboard

Creative Headboard Ideas

A creative and unique wall mural can make a great headboard in your room. With matching color like this one, you can trick the eye for a real rattan headboard. If you don’t have any time to paint the mural yourself, you can consider getting wallpaper sticker as an alternative.

To get the most of your headboard, there are some factors you need to match between your bedroom and the wall mural:

  • Consider using some decorative details to fit the style of your wall mural.
  • Keep the wall mural style match the rest of your bedroom elements such as bedding and furniture.
  • For more stylish vibe, match the pillowcases with the wall mural as well.

Quilted Leather Headboard

Headboard Ideas

This extra long headboard isn’t only a décor piece, but also a functioning piece of furniture. If you want to go with a more traditional yet exceptional one, you can try this quilted leather headboard. Its design is perfect to deliver elegance, comfort, and casual charm.

You can explore this kind of headboard by matching the color with the shades of your bedroom. You can opt for a darker color to add a nice contrast in your dominant-white bedroom.

For the upholstery’s material, you can go with linen or velvet instead of leather. No matter king or queen size, small or large bedroom, ad addition of extended headboard can always boost the elegance of your space.

Femininity Headboard

Headboard Ideas for Girl

Bring a sense of femininity to your bedroom by adding a lovely floral pattern on your headboard. This idea will be ideal for girl bedroom or for your bachelorette bedroom!

Don’t be afraid to infuse your personal taste to design this kind of bedroom. To help you create one, here are some recommendations that I have.

  • For an inexpensive solution, consider buying a floral-patterned fabric and then install it on the headboard. In addition to the fabric-made pattern, you can also add floral artwork as a lovely headboard.
  • For less maintenance and seasonal change, employ a fake flower to enhance your feminine side.
  • If you like neutral shades, but want to bring some floral vibe to your room, try to fit flower appliqué on your headboard.

DIY Wooden Headboard

Reclaimed Wood Headboard Ideas

Give a vintage charm to your bedroom by fitting in a wooden headboard! This extra large headboard will become a significant object in your room, creating a chic focal point for the rest of the space.

You can explore the kind of finishing you’ll want to apply depending on your taste. You can simply let the wood show up its natural charm or stain it in the color that you like.

There are a lot of tutorials on how to build this kind of headboard ideas on the internet. Here are some of my recommendations on the headboard design to consider.

  • For a more extraordinary look, use wood rounds instead of the pallet to create the headboard. It is very simple since you can simply arrange the wood rounds over a plywood frame.
  • For a splash of color, create a colorful, rustic plank headboard. You can design it to take up the whole wall above your bed for a big statement in the bedroom.
  • For a less expensive option, consider repurposing barn doors to create a rustic headboard. It will be an easy beginner product which is budget friendly too!

Vintage Furniture Headboard

Vintage Headboard Ideas

This is another good idea for you who want to bring vintage flair to your bedroom. Instead of a brand new headboard, this idea encourages you to repurpose an old bed frame for your modern bedroom.

There are unlimited choices on what kind of old bed frame that you can apply to your bedroom. You can also consider whether to refinish the frame or let it be to show its vintage character. To make the most of it, make sure the size of the bed frame fits your bed’s wide.

Besides, you can also bring one or two décor pieces that match your new “old” headboard. If you prefer other styles than rustic, you can go with French-style headboard instead. You can simply use brass headboard to deliver a big touch of antiquity while keeping it simple.

Sporty Headboard Ideas

Headboard Ideas for Boy

Do you or your boys love sport very much? Then, why don’t you bring something in this fun theme to the bedroom? When there can be a lot of ways to infuse this theme into the bedroom, implementing the idea through a headboard will be an extraordinary choice.

From physical sports gear to the bed-to-wall sport’s artwork, there are many ways to implement any kind of sport to your headboard ideas. Here are some recommendations that I can give to you for this idea:

  • For a more physical idea, you can use unused gears for your favorite type of sports to design a headboard. You can assemble the headboard by employing hockey sticks, paddles, or baseball sticks.
  • For boosting the style, you can select an exciting and lively color for the other elements inside the room including your beddings and furniture.

Hanging Rug Headboard Ideas

headboard ideas DIY

Just by simply hanging a rug or another tapestry, you can dramatically change the mood of your bedroom thanks to the detail of the cloth. Besides, it’s also a perfect way to display it if you’re looking for a way to maintain your rug’s condition.

When choosing the rug, you should remember to get the one that fits the size of your wall and bed. Besides, you may need to use another thing than the nail to hang it since it can damage the rug by the time. Here are my recommendations on how you should do it:

  • You can utilize store-bought carpet clamps to hang your rug on it.
  • You can take advantage of casing and rod. Stitch a fabric on the backside of the rug first to accommodate the rod’s size. Then, slide the rod through the fabric and hang it on the wall.

Bookshelves That Double As Headboards

Book Rack Headboard Ideas

Calling for all bookworms who need an additional place to store their favorite books! Transforming a bookshelf into headboard will be perfect to maximize the space of your bedroom.

In this case, you just need to make sure that the bookshelf is wider than your bed. Here I have two choices for installing a bookshelf as your headboard.

  • Existing: you can simply put a wall-mounted bookshelf on where the headboard should be and attach it by using brackets to the bed.
  • Alternative: if you’re willing to have a bit of work, attach the bed and bookshelf to the wall to create a nook for your headspace. Then, combine the bed and the bookshelf.

That’s all the 10 best ideas to bring your headboard to the next level. Now, it’s time for you to choose one of these headboard ideas and design your own eye-catching headboard. Happy decorating!

32+ Amazing Closet Organization Ideas (The Secrets of an Organized Room)

Have you ever woken up in the morning, preparing to go out, and later got frustrated because you can’t find that favorite dress or shirt of yours? That kind of problem may never happen if your closet is well organized.

Still, an orderly closet organization ideas would depend very much on how much space you have, and how many dressing items you want to put inside. Before you start rearranging your closet, take a look at these tricks below.

Light It Up

Good lighting makes up an closet organization

Good lighting makes up an area. It creates depth and dimension while making it easy to find stuff inside. Your walk-in closet may have the size of a small bedroom, but with more hidden spaces. Thus, a single main fixture at the center of the ceiling may not do the job well.

There are at least three types of lighting you need inside the closet:

  • Main Fixtures : Since you will have much stuff inside the closet, you may want to put several fixtures on the ceiling. Ideally, the fixtures are placed every 4-by-4 foot space. The best type to choose is the recessed fixtures so that it doesn’t interfere with any shelving installation.
  • Shelves-Illuminating Lights : There should be shelves and racks on your closet. To help you find things easier, place several illuminating lights above each installation. Consider using wireless LED lightings to avoid the use of too many electrical wirings inside the shelves that can be dangerous.
  • In-Floor Lighting : Some closet may have lower racks for shoes and bags. To light these spots, you can use in-floor lightings. These types may also be wireless so you can easily tape it on the floor on the low shelving area.

Open Shelving Closet Organization

Open shelving gives a clearer view of what is inside the closet organization

Open shelving gives a clearer view of what is inside the closet. One thing to remember, you need to put the right measurement for these shelves. It’s not only about how much space the shelf can hold but also your comfort in reaching out for stuff.

It is advisable to make the shelves not any deeper than 14 inches to avoid losing things far on the back of it. The standard height of 10 inches may be enough to keep most fashion items. Since it consumes less space, the use of open shelves is definitely better than having too many drawers in the closet.

If you don’t want to struggle to find items, it is better to keep the shelves above the cabinet heights than to place it down below. The spaces lower than your knee can be used to place clear containers for the things that you don’t really use.

Seating Area for Dressing

Seating area on the area would give a luxurious feeling

Once in a while, you may need to sit to put on some shoes, or picking up dresses. Placing the seating area on one corner of the closet or in the middle of the area would give a luxurious feeling. Furthermore, the seat itself may double-functions as storage.

The seating area can be placed in the same spot with a body-length mirror. Otherwise, it can also be arranged near the vanity. There, you can check your appearance before going out. If you live with a partner, more seating area might be needed especially when both of you have the same routine of getting dressed. In that area, you would want brighter lighting, so using bright white bulbs around the mirror should do the trick.

Mirrored Closet Organization Ideas

Mirrors on the cabinet doors can be a great idea

What’s a dressing room without a mirror? If you have enough space, you can definitely spare a corner for a large mirror. Otherwise, placing mirrors on the cabinet doors or side can be a great idea.

For a more modern-looking closet, there is no “too many mirrors”. Besides serving its purpose, mirrors in a closet organization also illuminate the whole area. It gives an illusion of a larger space for a cramped closet. Whether you are choosing a framed or borderless mirror, both of it can work the same function for your closet.

Dressing Island Point

A dressing island may function as storage

An organized closet can utilize a dressing island especially when it has space. A dressing island may function as storage for accessories like belts, ties, socks, watches, and jewelry. Some people who keep luxurious items on their closet also use the island to keep their valuable item. Remember to install a safety lock if you want to use it the same way.

To keep everything simpler, the top of the dressing island can also be made as a display with pullout trays for accessories. You can find the items easier, and the accessories are free from dust.

Though this type of furniture is rarely sold in stores, you can always find the right design on the internet and ask a handyman to make it for you. Design a particular storage system for each accessory you have so that everything is organized in its place.

Color Coordination

Coordinating the colors in your organization would make it way easier to find matching things

Ever heard of “put alike things together” in organizing items? Coordinating the colors in your closet organization would make it way easier to find matching things. For example, coats are put in a group and arranged according to their colors.

To do this, first, you have to bring out all the items you have. Then, categorize them according to its type—shirts, t-shirts, dresses, coats, jackets, sweaters, pants, skirts, and jeans. Once you have them grouped, start hanging each group on its color. It is better if you can manage to buy the same hangers for the apparels so that your closet looks more organized.

A walk-in closet is all about having a functional area for you to dress up. The key to a successful closet organization ideas is to have a place for each fashion items you have. Maximize the space by using every corner but avoid having hidden spots.

The use of clear containers can also be an ingenious idea for seasonal items that are rarely used. Remember, the easier you can find something in your closet, the less frustrating it would be. So, are you ready to sort your dresses and start organizing?