10+ Amazing Above Ground Pool Ideas (Easy to Install)

Cooling off in a pool is always great especially on a hot and humid day. Nothing is more enjoyable than swimming in your own pool. It gives you optimum privacy and comfort. You can also get a huge array of health benefits. If you have some issues such as budget, space, and soil, an in-ground swimming pool seems out of reach. The only one the best way to go is an above ground pool. It is modern and low-maintenance. We curated some above ground pool ideas for you. They are as fabulous as the traditional ones. Check these out!

1. Oval Shape Above Ground Pool

Oval Shape Style Ideas


If you love an in-ground pool, give this idea a try. The oval-shaped above ground swimming pool really looks like its counterpart, an in-ground pool. It allows you to maximize your tiny backyard as well.

In case you like playing water volleyball with your friends or family, there is no reason not to opt for an oval pool. The volleyball net poles will attach perfectly to the pool’s narrow sides.

As you can see, the grey swimming pool is beyond stunning. Thanks to the decorative and embossed patterns. The gravel and mini angel statues match delightfully with the pool.

The topiary plants and grass spruce up the pool area. Tall bushy trees purify the air and double as the natural backdrop. They do a fantastic job in screening your backyard too.

2. Big Rounded Above Ground Pool

Big Rounded Above Ground Pool Ideas


These days, a prefabricated pool is increasingly popular. It does not need a great amount of money. Plus, it can be constructed faster. As the pool is manufactured in the factory, it generally has high quality.

In this example, the kit raised pool is made of resin and steel. It comes in the light grey and becomes an awesome fit for a small backyard. This circular pool offers an ample room and creates a united feel at once.

You can install stairs with handrails that lead to the pool. Along with reclaimed wooden steps, they make your family members enter as well as exit the pool easily.

The pool is also surrounded by green grass and planted trees. They tastefully landscape around the swimming pool area and produce a relaxing ambiance. Lastly, the wooden fence encloses the backyard pool with style.

3. Above Ground Pool with Glass Wall

Above Ground Pool Ideas


Glass wall is actually used by swimming coaches to observe the beginners. Now, it is taking all the rage. Because this design trends result in a striking outdoor decor.

In the picture above, the elevated pool employs a transparent wall. It lets you enjoy breathtaking views from inside the swimming pool and outside. The glass wall helps you realize your infinity edge pool too.

The water overflows the glass wall in an impressive way. Meanwhile, a simple integrated deck with stairs lends the pool zone an ultra-modern look. There are a pair of comfy lounge chairs to sit on.

Streamlined concrete fence generates an uncluttered appearance. The bare trees heighten a sense of rustic. Grass and potted plants around the pool bring some life to the outdoor space. LED lights cast a soft glow when the night falls.

4. A Brick Deck Above Ground Pool

Ground Pool with Decking


Even though adding a deck to the raised pool is optional, we urge you to do so. The deck can be a nice spot to sunbathe and relax after swimming. It also helps cover unwanted sight.

Here, we have an above ground swimming pool that is encased by a medium-toned wooden deck. The deck itself is made up of wooden bricks. This kind of decking offers a contemporary look and warms up the whole area.

A beige legless chaise lounge on the deck is perfect to chill out by the swimming pool on a sunny day. Frameless glass doors around the pool work as the windbreaker.

The steel stairs, wooden pool steps, and fence promote a rustic-industrial charm. Grass, potted greeneries and planted flowers pamper the eye. They also round out the swimming pool.

5. Tropical Above Ground Pool

Above Ground Pool Ideas


You have been dreaming of tropical vacation for so long. Why not choose the elevated pool design, then? The raised enclosure is delightfully built for the pool. This fenced-in swimming pool creates a private spot for you and your family.

Moreover, the wooden deck is such an easy way to integrate the pool with landscaping. It blends harmoniously with the surrounding nature. Both the deck and fence exhibit an intimate atmosphere.

Two adjustable black beach chairs are placed on the deck. They deliver a seaside atmosphere and laid-back setting at the same time.

A deck statue transforms the pool into an artsy escape. The big trees add a pop of invigorating color to the space. Palms and the other tropical plants liven up the entire pool area. Welcome to a tropical paradise!

6. Above Ground Pool with Sea Light

Above Ground Pool with Amazing View


If you live by the sea, the soil digging as well as excavation sound impossible. That’s why you must build a raised pool with deck. You can see a scenic view while taking a dip in the pool.

This swimming pool boasts a red wooden deck, square hot tub, and steps. The natural stone tiled-floor, gravel, and stone bricked wall produce a rustic character.

Other than that, the concrete pool is resurfaced with blue mosaic tiles. They do not only create a distinctive look, but also give whimsy and definition to the outdoor space.

The mosaic tiles also match splendidly with the sea and sky during the daytime. They convey cleanliness, elegance, and freshness. Black lounge chairs decorate the pool with sophistication. We wish we could hit this pool.

7. A Very Simple Above Ground Pool

Above Ground Pool Ideas


Do you work with a small backyard? If you do, try this idea at home. A round elevated swimming pool is certainly basic. Unlike the other above ground pools, it has no deck. As a result, it does not take up much space.

The pool is painted blue. This color evokes a soothing ambiance. Not to mention, it brightens up the backyard zone.

Move over the pool siding, you can spot custom wood around the pool. It makes the pool look like a giant modern barrel. Plus, it lends a polished look in no time. The wooden fence is such a rustic addition.

A wooden chair comes with plaid cushion. You can sunbathe and lounge on it comfortably. To keep the starkness at bay, grow grass and plant trees. They add a finishing touch to the scene.

  • The advantages of this above ground pool are easy to install and suitable for the fairly tiny backyard.
  • Whereas the downside is sometimes it seems unattractive due to its simple shape.

8. Spacious Deck with Hot Tubs

Above Ground Pool and Hot Tubs


Perhaps, you think a swim spa is only situated in the resort area. No, that is not true. This image above shows that you can have the spa-like pool in your large backyard.

Since the pool comes in pastel grey, it calms your mind. It is equipped with separate hot tubs. A mini wooden hot tub transports you to Japan instantly. When not in use, the bigger one is neatly covered.

The wooden deck is installed around tall trees. As a result, the area appears shady, welcoming and breezy. Wooden fence, deck, and stairs are undeniably rustic. But they make the whole backyard area warm.

You can quickly notice a table and chairs too. These units inject the vacation feel and a luxurious air into the backyard. Lastly, grass and potted plants complete the pool area.

9. Semi Underground Pool

Semi Underground Pool


Just because the backyard is uneven, it doesn’t mean you can’t turn your dream pool into a reality. To overcome the issue, you must build a partially-in-ground pool. It allows you to take advantage of both worlds.

In addition, it is also well known as the optimum pool. The oddly-shaped underground retreat above is visually gorgeous. For easier access to the swimming pool, incorporate stairs and steps into it.

The grass, stone bricks and gravel strikingly landscape around the outdoor swimming pool. Meanwhile, bushy trees revive the area and please the eye.

A concrete deck serves as the gathering spot. During summer days, you can gather with your loved ones and see a serene lake view.

10. Fancy Lighting Ideas

Amazing Lighting Pool


This above ground swimming pool is so mesmerizing. Look at the details! We promise you love spending time with your family. You definitely enjoy a breezy and romantic night in the pool.

If the elevated pool fascinates you, it is the time to have one in your own backyard. Just follow the steps below.

  • Add stairs with handrails to the pool. They help you and your family enters as well as exit the backyard sanctuary.
  • Install solar garden lamps. Not only are they environmentally friendly, but also illuminate and highlight the terrific areas of the backyard. The light fixtures improve your backyard’s security too.
  • Use gravel and river rocks to landscape around the pool on a low budget.
  • Grow grass and plant trees to refresh the outdoor space.
  • Place potted vivid flowers around the pool. They instantly steal the attention.

There are plenty of ideas to choose from related to the above ground pool. Some ideas come from the shape, like round and oval. Some others come from the materials involved, like glass and brick.

You do not need to pay a fortune for an appealing above ground pool. Just implement one idea or two and you will thank us later. Last but not least, take your raised pool to the whole new level with water features.

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